I don't own Gremlins or any other reference to literature/tv/movies. Also, NO FLAMES!!! And This fic is partly based off the novelization which goes deeper into the minds of the Mogwai. Please Read and Review! Enjoy! Chapter 2 coming soon.

Chapter 1 Gizmo

Poor Billy, poor naive Billy. He doesn't understand what he's gotten himself into. True we all look cute and cuddly when we first hatch, but I've seen this happen before. Only once, but that is enough to strike fear into my heart.

Only four years before I was brought across the sea by my original master there was an outbreak. My sister, Giyanza, tried to escape. Unfortunately she thought that swimming across was the way to do things. Just imagine the terror inflicted on our original home.

Billy doesn't understand, and who can blame him. He can't even understand me when I try to talk to him. I have too many thoughts, can you blame me when they all come out at the same time. This English language is a lot harder to grasp then I thought. His father isn't any better. That man, though quite funny, is not the smartest man to walk the planet.

In my time here, when I'm not rounding up the other Mogwai, I spend my time watching the interesting box in Billy's room. It is quite humorous. Everyone in it is always in some sort of predicament, but none are so severe that they can't be solved within an hour or less. Billy has been letting me watch it when I want, but he isn't to keen on letting me watch it late night though.

The other Mogwai are going out of control. They are acting like they run the place. So far we've only lost one to the sunlight, Billy's mom didn't realize just how light intolerant we really are. Oh well, it's not like that evil thing is much of a lose anyway.

Oh, I'd better write later. The others have found Billy's paint sets.

Okay, I'm back. I may not have helped to stop the mess, but I did help to clean it up. The others weren't even considering cleaning. They were more interested in seeing how much more they could add to the mess. Now we have five little rainbow colored creatures darting about the house. When is Billy going to get home!

I'll never understand this "school" thing. Why do humans need to go somewhere to learn when it is so much easier to pick things up as you go along! I've been doing that my whole life and I know everything I need to. Humans are known for having a strong thirst for knowledge though. Only book learning seems to quench it.

Oh, this time I had better go for real. They just found Billy's ant collection.