Yet again, I don't own any of the references in this fic, nor do I own Gremlins. This is just good fun. Enjoy Billy's chapter!

Chapter 3 Billy

Okay, I think I may have caused a problem. Strike that...I know I caused a problem. The mogwai are now in these freaky green coccoon things. Mom found them this morning and now I am really freaked out.

My clock said that it was before midnight! What could have gone wrong. I've failed everyone, I broke the rules. Gizmo is really freaked. I wish I could understand the little guy. Maybe he would know what to do. I don't knowhow he could help though. He seems just as scared as I am.

I've got to go. I need to go see if the Professor has had any luck figuring this out.

Okay, I'm back and way more freaked than before. These things have hatched. They've gotten loose and I don't know what to do. Mom's already managed to kill a few of them but the leader, the one that I think is supposed to be the old Stripe, got away. I know where he must be headed. The pool. These things are smarter than we give them credit for being.

I've got to get to Kate. I have to warn her before they get to her. She's already freaked out enough about it being Christmas and all.

Oh no...we just got a call from the Futterman's. Something is going on over there.

These things are way smarter than any of us would've guessed. They drove Mr. Futterman's snow plow through his house! I've left Mom with them, they're good people. Now I just have to get ahold of someone to warn them. The police wouldn't help.

I don't know what to do...

Author's Note:
So, what did everyone think? This is chapter 3! I know, I know it's short, but please forgive me! Diary entries usually are pretty short, especially when you're trying to write and save the town at the same time. Chapter 4 will be Kate's diary so I'll try and get that up! Enjoy! Read, review, no flames!