I've decided to make my first parody of Kingdom Hearts. What would happen if Square-Enix decided to have Nintendo, be a part of the Kingdom Hearts epic instead of Disney? Well you're about to find out. Sora, Riku, and Kairi and Ansem are still the original characters and the Final Fantasy Characters still makes their cameos in this story. There will also be scenes from Final Mix. Also, there will only be three original Kingdom Hearts worlds. (You'll find out why later) And I apologies to any, if you have done this type of story before or have it posted it up. Reminder that I don't own Square-Enix or Nintendo and I do not plan on copying any stories. This is the Prologue Chapter the Awakening.

Prologue: The Awakening

For years many of us have wondered, what is out there, are there other places out there besides the world we live in. No one has been able to find that answer. A young boy of 14 was floating under water. He looked unconscious, but slowly opened his eyes. He had brown spiked hair and blue eyes. He wore a red jumpsuit, a blackish-greyish coat with a hood around his upper body, a blue belt around his waist, wearing grey gloves with his fingers showing out, a neckless with a crown on it, and big yellow shoes. As he floated down, he looked up at the sky trying to wake up.

"I've been having these weird thoughts lately," he said to himself. "Like, is any of this for real, or not?

He continued floating down as his eyes fully opened. When they did, he was no longer in water, but was on a beautiful island and stood on the sand part. The island had large palm trees, with a wooden looking shed, and a miniature waterfall in the back of the island. The sunlight made the boy shield his eyes as he noticed another boy standing in the water, staring out at the horizon. He wore a yellow sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, black and blue color shoes, and black gloves and blue gloves. His white hair flowed as the breeze blew in.

While the boy looked out, giant tidal waves rose up and landed in the water. The boy with spiky hair felt unsure about going to the white-haired boy or not. The white hair boy turned to the brown haired boy and put his hand out to him. The brown haired boy ran to the white-haired boy and a giant tidal wave hit them both. The boy began spinning under water, but then he noticed the white-haired boy still holding his hand out to him. The brown haired boy tried to grab the white-haired boy's hand, but the water pressure pushed him away from the white-haired boy.

He then floated up and came out of the water gasping the air. He looks around and notices the sunset, and then he looks on the island and saw a young girl waving to him. He waves back happily as he ran to her. The young girl had long red hair and blue eyes. She wore a white tank top, a purple skirt with shorts underneath it, a blue belt around her waist, and white shoes. The boy walked up to the girl and smiled at her. The girl giggled at the boy, but then looked up and noticed a figure falling and a meteor shower is in back of him. The boy and the girl's mouths widen as they look up. To the boys horror, he saw that the figure was him, passed out. All of a sudden he fell back as the girl looked down at him falling.

He kept falling until he fell into the water. He floated slowly down in the water until he landed on the ground. He looked around and began to take a step, but then a bright light flashed, shielding the boy's eyes. A bunch of birds flew up as the boy looked up seeing them fly away. He looked down and noticed he was on a giant circular platform with a picture of a woman wearing an orange and red type of uniform, with a giant green eye lens, and a gun on her right arm.

"So much to do..." called a voice.

The boy looked up at the at the sky, feeling unsure and nervous. He never heard the voice before. His heart was beating rapidly, and his breathing became rapid.

"W-who's there?" the boys asked nervously.

"...so little time." continued the voice.

"What do you mean?" the boy asked in confusion.

"The door is still shut," the voice responded. "Do you think you are ready?"

"Huh?" the boy asked with a confused look.

He looked ahead and noticed a light beaming down from the sky. He wasn't sure what to do. Everything that was going on was very confusion. He wondered if he was dreaming, but he decided to go along with this game. Taking a deep breath in and out, he bravely walked forward to the light, slowly but surely.

"Don't be afraid," the voice said softly. "Take your time. Are you ready?"

The boy glared at the sky again, "Um...I think I am."

All of a sudden, a flash of three lights surrounded the boy, startling him. As the light dimmed three white pedestals emerged from the ground. As they appeared, he noticed three weapons materializing in front of him. One of them had a sword while the other had a staff, and the last one had a red shield. He looked back up at the sky, raising his eyebrow in quirk.

"The power sleeps within you," the voice explained "It gives you form, choose the one that will decide your destiny."

"So, I need to choose?" the boy asked the voice. However, there was no response from the voice. "Hey, he didn't answer me!

Shrugging his shoulders, the boy jumped onto the pedestal with the sword and picked it up. He held the blade up towards the sky and examined it. He noticed that the handle was yellow and there was a red circle in the middle with what appeared to be a shadowing of a mushroom. He lightly tapped his finger on the blade, feeling the sharpness from it. He then heard the voice again

"The power of the warrior," the voice explained " Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction." The voice paused for a moment and then resumed. "Is this the power you seek?"

"Why not?" the boy decided with a smile.

He was then startled again as the sword disappeared from his hand, with small red sparks gently floating up into the darkness of space.

"Your path is set," the voice informed. "But you must now choose something to give up."

"You mean I have to give up a weapon?" asked the boy with a groan "Er, I guess the shield."

The young man walked off the pedestal and leaped onto the one holding the shield. He picked up the shield on the pedestal and looked at it. It was red and it also had a shadow of a mushroom. He began to wonder why the mushroom shapes appeared on each item. Looking over to his left, he saw the staff which also had a blue mushroom shape on the edge of it. The voice was heard yet again.

"The power of the guardian," the voice said. "Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all. Is this the power you give up?"

The boy was unsure, but lightly shrugged his shoulders, "I guess...so."

As he finished saying that, the shield disappeared from his hand. The boy moaned, still not getting any answers to his questions. He wanted to know why all of these events were happening. What was the whole purpose of this?

"You've chosen the power of the warrior, and you've given up the power of the guardian," The voice said. "Is this the form you chose?"

He was still a bit un at ease, but decided to go along with it, "Sure."

The next thing he knew the pedestals fell down and the area began vibrating. The floor then shattered and he fell down the endless area of darkness. He felt the force of gravity pulling him down through the endless abyss of darkness. He was lost in the darkness, unable to struggle free, barely able to breath fresh air. It felt like someone was grabbing him and choking him to death. For a few minutes he fell through it, wondering if it would ever stop.

Finally, he looked down and saw the same platform, but with a different picture of a blonde woman who wore a pink dress, and pink gloves. Behind her was a picture of three golden triangles, one on top and two below next to each other. The boy landed on the platform and then saw the sword that he selected earlier appear in his hand.

"Whoa! How did that happen?" the boy exclaimed as the sword materialized in his hand.

"You've gained the power to fight" the voice said.

Shrugging his shoulders, the boy gripped the handle tightly with both hands and swung it. He heard the wind blow from the incredible force he gave it. He swat it a few more times, putting effort into each swing he took. He then rested the blade on his shoulders and grinned with glee.

"Not bad, huh?'' the boy chuckled with pride.

"Not bad at all," the voice said impressed. "But you must remember to use that power to protect you and others from them"

"Who's them?" the boy asked suspiciously.

He then saw a creature of darkness appear from the ground. It walked on four legs, had an antenna like part on its head, and had yellow eyes. It looked on with its eyes of evil at the boy, who nervously stepped back, memorized by what he was seeing.

"What on earth is that?"

Without thinking, the creature smacked the boy down onto the ground. Quickly getting to his feet, the boy quickly swung his sword at the creature, knocking it aside with a hard blow. The creature felt a piece of its body cut off from the sharpness of the blade. The boy quickly charged at the creature and slid his sword under it, and pushed up, knocking it into the air, sending it halfway into the sky. As it fell, the boy slashed at it again, defeating it for good.

The boy wiped his forehead, sighing with relief.

"I knew those sparring lessons with Riku would pay off." the boy sighed.

Unknown to him, more of the strange shadows appeared behind him. They slowly crept on him, taking small steps so that the boy wouldn't hear them, eyeing their pray closely. He looked around to see if anymore were going to attack him, when he heard the voice call to him in panic.

"Look out!" the voice cried.

The boy quickly turned and saw more shadows running at him. Drawing his blade, he charged for the creatures of darkness. He swatted at one, but it leaped over him, landing behind. It swatted at him, but the boy leaped over the attack and brought his sword down. He stabbed the creature in the back, destroying it instantly, unaware of the other two. They both leaped into the air and rammed their heads into his back, knocking him down.

The boy quickly retaliated and slashed both aside with his sword, sending them spinning across the room. While they were on the ground, the boy ran at them and slashed them both away, easily defeating the heartless again. He stood up and sighed with relief again, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. All of a sudden, he looked down to see a dark wave appearing on the ground. The boy felt as if a strong undertow was pulling him under an ocean. He tried to struggle his way out, but the force was too strong.

He used all of his muscles to try and pull himself free, but it was no use. He fell into the darkness, feeling like he was suffocating. He continued to move his body around in fear, trying to struggle his way out. Finally, he awoke from the darkness and hoped that this nightmare has ended, but he then noticed he was on yet another platform with a portrait of some hearts. It had a pinkish-reddish color to it.

"Oh, great!" he said with a groan.

He then saw a door appear on the other side of the room. Curious, he walked over to the door and tried to open it. Unfortunately, the door was shut tight. He used every ounce of strength, but found it to be no use. He left go of the handles and placed his hands on his hips, even more confused.

"Wow, that door is really hard to open!"

Turning around, he saw a red treasure chest appear on the other side of the room. Once again curious, he returned back the part he started and scanned over the chest.

"Hey, there might be something inside." he said intrigued.

For some reason, he easily could open the chest, but as it did, a light flashed before his eyes, causing him to shut them for a brief moment. As he opened his eyes a few seconds later, he noticed the chest was gone, leaving him dumbfounded because of that. He then looked up to notice a huge wooden block has appeared in front of the door.

"Show me how strong you are" the voice said.

The boy pushed the box around, but then for no apparent reason, he destroyed it. He noticed a potion on the ground and picked it up and saved it for later. He then noticed the door glowing. He ran back to it and then it began opening by itself. A bright light came out of the cracks of the door, and the boy shielded his eyes from the extreme brightness.

He bravely walked into the light and arrived on a wooden platform of the same island he was at before. He noticed three of his friends there. One was a boy with yellow shirt, yellow pants, and had a blue ban around his head, and he also had funny looking hair with a spike going up. Another one was a young boy who wore greyish shorts, a yellow shirt, had blonde hair and wore sandals. The last person was a young girl who wore a yellow dress and had long brown hair.

"Thank goodness the dream is over." the boy sighed with relief.

"Hold on, the door won't open yet." said the voice out of nowhere.

The boy smacked his forehead in frustration, "Oh, no!"

"First, tell me more about yourself." the voice concluded.

Wondering if he was still dreaming, he approached the girl, trying to act as casual as possible.

"Hey, Selphie!" the boy greeted his friend. "How are ya?"

"What's most important to you?" Selphie asked the boy.

"Beg pardon?" he said raising his eyebrow.

What was she talking about? What did she mean by what's most important to him? Didn't she know him a lot longer than that.

"I said, what's most important to you?" she said raising her voice.

"Are you feeling okay, Selphie?" the boy asked slightly tilting his head.

"I said, what's more important to you?" she yelled.

"Um, I guess being number one." the boy said with fear in his voice.

"Is being number one such a big deal?"

"O-okay," the boy stuttered nervously.

He walked away from Selphie and walked over to the boy with the funny spike in his hair.

"Hey Wakka! What's wrong with Selphie?" the boy asked him. "She's acting real weird."

"Hey, man, what to you want outta life?" said Wakka with a Jamaican type accent.

"Oh, no! Not again!" the boy sighed sadly

"You okay, man?" Wakka asked

The boy shook his head, I'm fine. Well, I guess to see rare sights."

"To see rare sights, huh?" Wakka asked.

The boy walked to the final person, hoping he may be able to shed a little light on the problem.

"Tidus, what's going on?" the boy greeted the last boy.

"Hey, what are you afraid of?" Tidus asked.

"Better just answer the question," mumbled the boy. The then spoke out loud. "Getting old...I guess."

"Is it really scary to get old?" Tidus asked.

The voice then spoke up again, "You're afraid of getting old. You want to see rare sights. You want to be number one. Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one."

"Well, I guess I can deal with that." the boy nodded with a smile.

"The day you will open the door is both far off and very near." the voice said.

"If I hear about that stupid door thing one more time, I'm going to kick that guy in the shin." the boy muttered to himself.

All of a sudden, a bright flash appeared in his vision for a brief moment, but soon subsided. He was now on another platform with a picture of a woman wearing a crown. She had blonde hair, wore a pink dress, and held an umbrella. Around her were little mushrooms creatures that had a white oval shaped like heads, red dots on them. They wore a blue vests, not buttoned and white pants. The boy walked in and noticed he was surrounded by more shadows.

The boy shouted, "Better take care of these guys!"

The creatures attacked the boy, but he quickly rolled out of the way and kicked one of them back. Another one attacked him, but the boy slashed at it, turning it into dust. Two more came at him and knocked him down to the ground. The boy quickly got up and dived at one of the shadows and destroyed it.

Two more charged at him, but this time he was ready. The boy quickly rolled under the shadows and did a counter slash, destroying them. The boy jumped into the air and landed his sword on the final two destroying them for good. All of a sudden magic stairs with beautiful mural colors painted on them appeared. He noticed that they were leading up to another platform.

"Follow these stairs to set your path" said the voice.

"My path?" the boy asked in confusion.

Deciding he had no choice in the matter, the boy bravely walked up the stairs and arrived on a portrait of a purple fox who wore a white loin cloth and a white bra and held a staff in her hand. He noticed another white light beaming down from the sky and walked up to it, glaring up at the light.

"The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes." the voice said.

The boy looked down to the ground and noticed his shadow was very tall. The unthinkable then happened, it came to life and rose from the ground. The boy jumped back in fear as the shadow transformed into a giant creature.

"What is that?" the boy exclaimed as his shadow transformed.

"But don't be afraid..." the voice whispered. "And don't forget..."

"How can I not be afraid of that thing?" the boy thought with a gulp.

The boy ran away from the creature, but he reached the edge of the platform and almost lost his balance, but regained it and turned back and saw a giant creature with the same eyes as the shadows, starring down at him. It had wavy hair and a giant cut out heart on it's stomach. Realizing he couldn't go anywhere, the boy took his sword out and ran at the creature. It threw a giant punch at the boy, but he quickly rolled out of the way. He struck the creature's hand causing it to growl in pain.

The creature grabbed the boy and slammed him into the ground. He got up, panting heavily from all the damage. He still had enough strength to continue the fight though. He ran at the creature again, but the creature punched the ground, calling out more little shadows. They attacked the boy, but he slashed through them, blocking and clashing with them. He then began doing combos on the hand of the creature. The creature continued to growl and then smacked the boy aside with his other hand.

"There has to be an easier way to beat this guy!" thought the boy to himself.

He then noticed the creature was getting on it's back and it shot white beams out of it's heart shaped stomach. The boy snapped his fingers, arousing with an idea.

"That's it!"

The boy dodged a few of the beams by rolling around. He finally jumped into the air and when the creature fired a beam at him, he deflected it back hitting the creature in the face, causing it to screech in pain. The boy smirked as he thought the creature had been defeated, but then it quickly knocked the boy's sword out of his hand and he fell down. A dark wave began covering the boy. He tried to escape but couldn't get free. The boy screamed as he struggled. Fear engulfed the boy's body. He got scared, feeling as if he was dying.

"But don't be afraid.." the voice said. "You hold the mightiest weapon of all... so don't forget..."

He heard the voice one final time as everything went black. His body could no longer move, he could no longer breath, everything turned into nothingness. The only thing he heard was the voice once more, whispering in the darkness.

"You are the one who will open the door." the voice echoed.