A/N: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Version.

Epilogue: The Never Ending Story

Thanks to the brave efforts of three heros, piece and prosperity has been finally restored upon every single world. Though the worlds have been separated, many who have met the keyblade master and his friends never forgotten their brave acts and deeds. Kairi still waits for Sora and Riku's return from her island. Everyday after school, she would head out to the island and look up at the sky, hoping with all her heart that they would come back. Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie also worry about the two, but know that they will return if they don't lose hope.

Isle Delfino has returned to a sunny, peaceful, beautiful island. The town slowly made its recover from the incident with the Mario imposter and has gone onto bigger and better things. Opening a second theme park, and still being the number one vacation paradise on the planet. However, the citizens honor Sora's group for saving the town.

The Mushroom Kingdom has finally returned as well, meaning Peach has returned back to the castle. Toad Town has returned to a small, subherb little town nestled next to the castle. Since Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth haven't returned, everyone has been sad. At the front of the castle, Princess Peach held a important meeting for the towns folks. In appears that Bowser has returned and may attempt to kidnap her once again.

"We must double our efforts in this war against the koopa tribe," Peach announced. "Since Mario and Luigi are gone it is now up to maintain piece in this vast kingdom of ours." The citizens murmured to themselves worryingly. "I have faith in you my people, we must work together as one." She sadly put her head down. "Mario would have wanted it like this." She then looked back up, a determined look in her eyes. "That is why we must fight together! We fight or die trying! Who is with me?"

The crowd roared into cheers and applause, hearing the words of their mighty ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach headed back into the castle, sorrowing descending upon her. Daisy awaited her arrival, fearing her pain as she too lost the love of her life. Peach took Daisy's hands, tears pouring down her face.

"You miss him, huh?" Daisy asked. Peach nodded. "I miss Luigi, too. It won't be the same without that klutzy guy of mine. Mario is alive and I know he'll be fine. He may be trying to find a way back to you right now."

"And when he does come back," Peach smiled, looking up at Daisy. "He's going to get a kiss and a big piece of cake. I won't lose faith in him now. I pray for Sora, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth, too." That night, Peach walked out onto the deck, looking at the stars. Folding her hands together, she too, just like Kairi will be waiting for the love of her life to return. "Return home my love."

The other princesses of heart also returned home as well, their loved one awaiting them. Samus continues her never ending battle against the space pirates. The female warrior travels throughout the land, fighting against the most diabolical creatures in space. She remembers her new friends Sora, Luigi, and Yoshi, showing you don't need to be a bounty hunter to be a hero. Dixie has returned to the swinging jungles of Kongo Bongo, getting embraced by Diddy Kong who missed her dearly.

Sadly, the kremling crew has returned and King K. Rool has been up to his old tricks again. Donkey Kong however always foils there plans again. He has also become the new ruler of Kongo Bongo and is happily married to Candy Kong. Cranky is proud of his grandson though he still isn't very bright. The other day he was eating a banana, when he threw the peel away. Cranky then entered, slipping on it.

"You knucklehead!" Cranky cried.

Donkey Kong also remembers the adventures he enjoyed with Sora and company. Zelda has returned to Hyrule along with Navi, and Link was overjoyed to see them both. When Zelda told Link her secret, he almost had a heart attack because of it. Also, Link finally returned the Ocarina of Time to Zelda, ending the nightmare of Ganondorf. She kissed him on the lips, revealing her love for him. Link decided to settle down in a small village nestled between the twilight of Hyrule. He still goes to visit Zelda all the time and remembers the epic battles he faced along with Sora's group.

Krystal and Fox have gone on a few dates after their adventures at Hallow Bastion. Sometimes those dates would be interrupted by new mission from General Pepper, the Commander-in-Chief of Corneria's defense systems. However, their love life never got in the way of their missions, and Fox knew being the leader of the Starfox team was difficult at times, but knew he had to protect his love ones and make his father proud, who died at the hands of his arch-enemy, Andross. Fox and Krystal worked well together and they never forgot their new friends.

Tooty, Kazooie, and Mumbo Jumbo have returned to their home world called "Isle O' Hags" Banjo, a big bear with yellow shorts was happy to see his sister and Kazooie again. Little did they realize that the evil witch known as Gruntilda was coming up with a sinister plan that may take a year before it gets into motion. Kazooie also hopes that she will one day be able to introduce Sora to Banjo.

The other summons have also returned home; Ness has returned to Onett, being embraced by his friends. He hopes that Sora is alright, and hopes to meet him again someday. Marth continues his battles back in his home world, fighting against the evil dragon Medeus. Mr. Game and Watch has also returned to his world, where he currently switches between jobs, from being a fireman to making sure oil doesn't hit the ground.

Station Square has begun to rebuild itself by the citizens. Sonic and Tails has received a metal of honor for their brave work in saving Station Square. Amy, as always continues to chase after Sonic like the crazed fan girl she was. Tails has worked more independently, going on his own adventures, working on new additions to the Tornado. Knuckles watches over the Master Emerald, a task he knows is destined to do for the rest of his life. Dr. Eggman still tries to come up with plans to take over, but Sonic always foils the plans. Everyone remembers what Sora and his friends did to help stop Eggman's plans.

Goombario was happy to see his family again. He missed them so much, but he knew Toadsworth was still out there somewhere, as well as his role model Mario. He would go on to do great things in the future. Goombario's friends also returned to their homes as well, their loved ones worried to death about them. Olimar, Louie, and the Pikmin have returned home as well. With all the money he received from his studies and discoveries, he opened a dome where the multicolored creatures could run free for eternity. Tom Nook, his sons, Rover, and others have also returned to their world, working together in their surreal world to maintain piece.

Back in Dreamland, Tiff has spent a lot of time with Kirby, teaching him more about the English language. King Dedede has also been up to his old tricks, trying new ways of getting rid of the hero of Dreamland. As always Kirby foiled his plans with the help of his friends. The three blade knights have also started a new life in Dreamland, taking in the scenery of its extraordinary beauty. Meta Knight also helps defend Dreamland from the forces of evil. Tiff and Kirby miss Sora's group and hope to see them again someday.

Captain Falcon continues to race, attracting hundreds of fans to come to see him at the F-Zero tracks. The Elite Mobile Task Force continues their battle with bad guys all the time. They even have a new recruit who came from the past named Rick Wheeler. They all remember Sora's group and their part in the downfall of Dark Million.

Ash continues his journey to become the greatest Pokemon master of all time. On his journey he travels with his life long companion and best friend Pikachu. He has entered a new competition, the Hoenn league, traveling to collect new badges and capture new Pokemon. Jessie, James, and Meowth always try to capture Pikachu, but end up getting blasted away. Giovanni has begun a new project to create a machine that is suppose to resurrect the dead. At this point, no one knows if this is true or not. Ash also remembers his experiences from the Human vs. Pokemon tournament. He'll never forget Sora's group.

As for Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, and Sephiroth, they have returned home, though no one knows what ever happened to the one winged angel after his scuffle with Cloud. The warrior himself never revealed the answer, and kept it like that. In the library, they looked around the castle, starting to plan a way to resurrect Hallow Bastion to before it was destroyed. Leon was impressed with Sora, who beat Ansem.

"He really did it, Leon," Yuffie said excitedly. "He won! I knew that little guy had it in him!"

Leon smiled, "Sora really is a strong fighter. I had my doubts at first, but I realize now that there was nothing he couldn't do." He closed his eyes, dropping his head a bit. "It won't be easy to forget him."

"I miss him, too." Aerith nodded agreement. "He will always be close to our hearts."

Cid and Cloud walked into the room, looking at the library. This was the first time Cloud saw his home world. He was amazed at seeing his home world after nine years.

"Hey, we should get working on rebuilding this dump." Cid announced. "Hallow Bastion can't rebuild itself you know."

"Agreed," Leon nodded. "Come everyone!"

Everyone but Cloud and Aerith left the library to began their plans. Cloud looked at Aerith, his heart opening up to her. He formed a smile upon seeing her. Aerith had tears streaming down her face and ran into his arms, holding him closely.

"I was so scared for you." she whispered.

"I know, but I'm here now..." Cloud comforted. "He may have been my darkness, but you are my light, and I'll never lose my light again."

She looked up at him and kissed him lightly on the cheek, Cloud blushed at this, his knees quivering a little bit. A feeling of love was something he's never experienced in his entire lifetime. Now, he wanted the memories of his dark past to fade away forever. He wanted the light to comfort him, he wanted to learn the meaning of joy, happiness, and friendship. He hugged her again, a tear finally streaming down his face. He was a changed man and he had a yellowed shoed young man to thank for all his help in discovering the truth.

As for Riku and Mario, no one knows their current location at this time. Some say they found a way out of the door of light, while others think the darkness absorbed them. One thing was sure though, they were both alive and trying to find someway to go home and restore piece.

And as for Sora, after being separated from Kairi he was reunited with Luigi, Toadsworth, and Yoshi. They were overjoyed to have their friend back, but were wondering why they didn't return to their homes. They knew that something was wrong. Was the door sealed incorrectly? Was it the right door? Did they not have all the requirements? Whatever the reason, they knew they wouldn't stop searching no matter how long it took.

Their journey continued as they walked down a giant green field on a yellow pathway. It was long path that led down a long field of endless green grass that extended for miles and miles. They didn't know how they ended up here, nor did they know how long it would be before the trail ended. They walked in silence for a long time. They were thinking about their current predicament and how to solve it. Sora had his hands behind his back, looking at the blue, clear sky.

The sun was nice and warm for them as they strolled for a long time. Toadsworth was on Yoshi's back since he was too old to walk long distance. Sora looked at the endless fields, seeing no sign of a town or sign. Silence was upon them for a long time until Luigi finally spoke up.

"This is just great," Luigi moaned. "I'd rather get a reward of Peach's cake then this."

"You don't like her cake?" Sora asked.

"No, I love her cake, but a reward for cake doesn't sound fitting," Luigi replied. "We save her life by risking our necks and that's all we get." He then got angry. "I just can't believe this! We finally found my brother and your friend, and for what? To watch them disappear before our very eyes?" He then started ranting. "This was all for nothing! This wasn't suppose to happen!"

"Sadly, not all quest end in a good way, Master Luigi." Toadsworth pointed out. "Many quests have led to disasters, sacrifices, and other tragedies. Not everything works out like they should."

Sora nodded in agreement, "I'm just as upset about this as you are, man. I mean, I got separated from Kairi. I miss her so much." He then smiled. "But we should be lucky to have each other. I'm glad I got to see you again."

"Yoshi is too." nodded Yoshi in agreement.

"This is worse thing that has ever happened to me." Luigi said sadly. He then remembered all of the times he fell down. "Okay, second worst."

"Luigi, do you remember what you told me when we first met?" Sora said. Luigi shook his head. "You told me not to frown, no sad faces. No matter what the circumstances."

"He's right, Master Luigi," Toadsworth nodded agreement. "We must keep an upbeat attitude about this whole situation. Simply being depressed about it will only make things worse."

Luigi looked at his friends, their faces full of happiness. They were telling him to look on the bright side of the situation. He knew that Mario wouldn't want to see him like this. Luigi smiled at the others, feeling his confidence rising. Luigi wasn't going to let this get to his head.

"You're right, kid." Luigi smiled with enthusiasm. "We can't give up now! If we keep an upbeat attitude, we'll find my brother and your friend faster than Sonic the Hedgehog can run."

"That's the spirit!" Sora cheered. "Never give up!"

"Let's-a-go!" Luigi said excitedly. The four walked down the path again, their excitement building. They knew there was no turning back and no stopping them now. However, they were still lost and had no idea what to do. "Um, so what do we do now?"

Sora put his hands behind his head, "The only thing we can do is find Riku and Mario."

"Yes," Toadsworth agreed. "I say that shouldn't be so hard."

Yoshi then stopped, realizing something.

"But, uh, how we find giant door to light?" Yoshi asked dumbfounded.

The others paused for a movement, realizing they had no leads or anything to even finding Kingdom Hearts. The four dropped their heads down in disappointment, sighing heavily. Sora then heard something rustle in the bush. Yoshi got scared and coward behind Luigi. Sora looked up, noticing a bush with something rustling in it.

"What that?" Yoshi whimpered.

"Relax Yoshi," Toadsworth said calmly. "It's just probably a lost creature of the woods in a bush."

The four then heard someone sneeze.

"Wow, that creature sure does have a way with sneezing." Luigi said with a raised eyebrow.

"Who goes there?" Sora shouted at the bush.

"There's nobody here, go away!" said a high pitched male voice. The four heard that voice somewhere before. "I mean...um...chirp...chirp?"

Luigi walked over to the bush, "Nice try. You have to get up pretty early to fool Luigi."

Luigi opened the bush and gasped to see Bowser Jr in it. Bowser Jr screamed at seeing Luigi and quickly jumped out of it, doing a cannonball onto the ground. Luigi got startled and jumped back to the others. The young koopa landed flat on his feet.

"Hey!" he screamed. "Don't you know it's not nice to sneak up on a little innocent koopa like that?"

"And you actually know what the word nice and innocent means?" Luigi asked rhetorically.

"Shut up!" Jr snapped. He then growled at them. "You big bullies killed my pappa!" He then started crying. "How could you be so nice and kind? My dad was the most evil, lowest, dirtiest down father I ever had!"

Sora started to take pity on the young koopa. Even if they were enemies, Jr was still a little kid raised by an evil creature. He was told the difference between right and wrong, mostly understanding the wrong parts. Sora stepped forward, trying to help the child.

"Look, you're dad tried to destroy everything." Sora explained. "We weren't just going to sit there and do nothing."

"Silence!" Jr growled. "I shall avenge my pappa's death by destroying you four."

"It's pointless." Luigi groaned. "You're not even a waste of our breath."

Jr laughed manically, "You foolish plumber! It's not always the strongest that wins, but sometimes it's the smartest."

"I hate to admit it, but even the son is smarter than the father." Luigi whispered to Sora.

"Wow, he's that dumb?" Sora whispered in surprise.

"Kid, you have no idea how stupid the king of all koopas is." Luigi responded.

"So, mortals, prepare for my reign of terror!" Jr shouted. He then went behind his back, pulling out something that left everyone baffled. It was a white envelop. "Behold!"

The four then started laughing hysterically. He was going to fight them with a letter? A piece of paper? How sad, they thought.

"Oh, Yoshi so scared," Yoshi laughed mockingly. "What Jr going to do, run over and beat Yoshi with it?"

Luigi was cracking up so hard from seeing Jr like that. As he finally calmed down, he noticed something distinguished on the letter. He noticed a red mushroom printed on it. Luigi gasped in surprise upon seeing it.

"Hey, that thing on the letter," Luigi called to everyone. "Look!"

The others noticed it too. Yoshi and Toadsworth gasped in surprise upon seeing it while Sora looked on in confusion.

"What's the matter?" Sora asked Yoshi in confusion.

"That mark on letter is Mario's seal!" Yoshi exclaimed.

"Only Master Mario uses that kind of seal!" Toadsworth gasped.

Jr made an evil grin, "Ah, I knew that would catch your attention."

"You runt!" Sora angrily said. "Do you know where Mario is then?"

Jr started laughing, "Like I'd tell you losers! If you want to know so badly then you'll have to catch me first." He then ran for it, running as fast as he could. "So long, suckers."

At that moment, most expected the four to run after him with seriousness, but they were smiling. In fact, they were enjoying every moment of it. They knew that the journey would never end, but they would enjoy every minute of it. Life, it offers the greatest of things. Even in the darkest hours a light can shine through, the joy of it, the feel of it. As long as they looked at the bright side of things, nothing could stop them from completing their mission.

Luigi, Toadsworth, and Yoshi looked at each other excitedly. There was a whole new adventure just around the corner, and with a new lead, things started to look good. Sora happily ran forward, ready to go after the son of the koopa king. He turned to his friends with his famous smile, gesturing them to come on.

"Let's go guys!" Sora said excitedly. "There's a whole new world out there just waiting to be explored!"

The four ran at full speed, running down the narrow path as they chased after Jr. They laughed merrily as they ran down the path. They felt the joy in their eyes, the wind blowing in their faces, their hearts pounding from all the running. As they continued to run down the path they all cheered loudly, showing the happiness they were experiencing of a new adventure.

"Onward I say!" Toadsworth shouted.

"Yoshi!" Yoshi cheered.

"Here-a-we go!" Luigi cheered.

Sora simply chuckled with his famous smile as they ran on and on. Far ahead, they noticed the path extended forever, but that wouldn't stop them from their journey. A long journey that will lead them to new adventures. Sora didn't know what awaited for him on the horizon, but whatever it was, he would be ready to face any challenge, along with the keyblade and his friends. As they ran into the sunset, Sora could have sworn he heard a familiar voice.

"Remember Sora...you will be the one who opens the door to the light."

And thus, Sora's journey ends for now. However, one thing was still left unsolved. It haunted him that night as he rested his head against a rock. The air was calm and crisp, a fire was started as the four were circled around it. Luigi and Toadsworth yawned, indicating they were tired. The fire would remain lit to keep them warm through the night. Sora looked at the sky, the stars twinkling away, showing its incredible beauty.

Luigi and Toadsworth both fell asleep right next to each other. They were already snoring loudly which annoyed the boy. He chuckled lightly, realizing that there snoring sounded exactly the same. In fact, Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth all sounded like each other, how bizarre was that? It was like one person talked through all three of them. Yoshi snuggled up into Sora's arms, happy to see his friend again. He gently licked Sora's face, the boy giggling lightly.

Sora stroked Yoshi's head with a smile. He noticed Yoshi making a big yawn right in front of him. The dinosaur was very sleepy as Sora's gentle strokes comfort him. Yoshi's eyes became heavy from the soothing strokes, and soon enough, he fell right asleep. Sora looked back up the sky, admiring the stars. He was thinking about the strange hooded person he met at Hallow Bastion. Who was he? What were his strange words? He looks just like you, he thought. A word that he couldn't throw away like yesterday's trash.

Sora felt tired. He was very weary from his incredible day, and he soon fell into a restful sleep. His body relaxed, feeling his back rest against the ground. It felt so good to have his eye closed. He soon began to dream, but this wasn't a dream like anything he ever seen before. It wasn't a good dream or a nightmare, but it felt real. It was undescribable what he saw. Events that seemed to lead from one to another. It was dark, sinister, something that lead him into more riddles as he witnessed another side of another story.

It began in darkness, Sora was seen at a crossroad of the same dirt path they have been traveling on. He looked at the night's sky, staring deeply into space. He then looked at the path. He looked like he was making a choice about which path to take. Darkness appeared in his mind surrounded by a mist of fog, with white words appearing around the darkness.

Utter Silence

The darkness appeared again, only for a short moment. Soon it zoomed out on what appeared to be a piece of paper of some sort. Zooming further out, it turned out to be a message in a clear bottle, gently floating in water. Words appeared out from the opening of the bottle.

A Fragment Tale

A World Without You

The Eyes Will Close

The bottle slowly drifted up to shore, gently pressing against the sand. It was a beach that was unlike anything seen before. In the back, the moon illuminated the beach with a pale light. The beach itself was surrounded by sinister looking, giant branches that bent halfway over the area on each side. On the water were giant stones with giant, pointed ends that stood tall like a building.

In the background were dark, gray mountains standing tall, as far as the eye could egg. A giant rock a bit bigger then the size of an actual person rested on the warm sand's bottom. All of a sudden, the middle seemed to flash with what appeared to be a heartless symbol. The flash lasted for about a glimpse of a second and then, it disappeared. After it disappeared a shrouded hooded figure appeared, out from behind the rock.

He appeared to be the same person Sora encountered from Hallow Bastion. He was focused on something as he looked ahead. The wind blew lightly through the area, giving off a cool breeze. The wind sightly blew the figure's hood up, revealing his eye. A strange yellow eye that resembled the sinister yellow eyes the heartless have. The figure slowly walked towards the beach, very slowly, his feet lightly tapping the sand.

Words again clouded the mind.

Something So Natural

A fuzzy faded out the words, which the fade itself was like a television fuzz from when a cable line is disconnected. A flash revealed a giant city, a city of darkness. Skyscrapers surrounded every inch of the giant city. One who looked up would be breathless by how big it was. It was like the sky couldn't be seen at all. It was nighttime, the neon lights kept the town alive. Many of the lights in the windows were also lit up.

It was raining in this city of mystery. It poured hardly, the drops hitting the puddles on the ground, creating small waves with each drop. Some of the neon lights sparkled from the rain. Strangely, nobody seemed to around at all. Excluding the rain it was pretty quite, not a soul around...or so to thought. In the distance, another shrouded hooded figure appeared from a distance. He wore the same zippered up, dark cloak like the other one. This one was different, his face could be seen, but his eyes were covered by his fair blonde hair. He seemed to be around Riku's age, perhaps a little older.

He wore brown shoes and his feet seemed to resemble that of Sora's gargantuan feet. He slowly walked through the town, his feet stepping on the puddles. He heard the loud booming sounds of the thunder bellowing throughout the city. He felt the pressure of the raindrops through his hood as he walked to the center of the city. He looked around the area as if he was expecting someone. As he reached the center of the city, he looked up at one building that stood out. It was a giant building with many T.V. monitors above it.

On the bottom floor of the building was a giant opened door, a bright light flashing out of it. There were two stars on each side of the building that went down each end of the building. Around it were gargoyle like statues and above it was neon lights with a star in the middle. The young man could hear sounds rustling around the area. He slightly looked to his left, noticing a small dark wave appearing on the wet ground.

Soon a shadow heartless came out of the dark wave. However, they weren't the same shadows Sora first encountered. These shadows seemed to stand on both feet, their muscles much more bigger then their previous forms. Their antennas were also much longer. What seemed to start as one lone shadow called a NEO shadow seemed to end up being hundreds of them. They appeared from all sides of the area, covering every ground.

They were ambushing the young man from all corners. It was a thousand to one in this battle. The man appeared to be calm though, he was even smirking, licking his lips. It seemed this person was up to the challenge on taking on an endless number of them. He stood his ground, his face showing a sense of alertness. Looking up again the person noticed somebody else up there. The person who was up there was another figure, but unlike the others, this one wasn't wearing a hood, but still wore the zipped down jacket.

He had familiar long white hair like Riku. Was it Riku? It wasn't too sure as a blindfold covered his eyes, but this person seemed to see, considering he was watching the hooded boy's every movement. The young man turned his head back to see he was totally surrounded. The odds seemed slim for the mysterious person. One of the shadows got on its hands, as if ready to pounce. It them leaped towards the hooded figure with its deadly sharp claws out.

As it got close the hooded man lightly smirked, ready for the attack. The shadow was just about to get to his face when the boy quickly drew something from out of his coat, slashing the heartless into pieces with a quick horizontal slash. He held the weapon he drew with both hands, gripping the handles tightly. That weapon was non other then a keyblade, the Oblivion keyblade to be more precise. The heartless all started running at the young man, attacking will all their might.

The boy stood calmly, watching the shadows approach him. He didn't seem too worried. One leaped at him again and he gave a hard vertical kick at it, knocking it into air. While in the air, the boy threw his keyblade into the air, slashing the heartless into oblivion. Two came at him and he quickly did a jump split, kicking both heartless in the chest. His keyblade came back down and he caught it with one hand, and then quickly, he brought it down another one.

One swiped at him, but he did a back flip over the attack. While flipping over he noticed more coming at him. As he landed, he did a one-hundred and eighty degrees turn and slashed a row away. A few more jumped at him, but he quickly put his keyblade up, blocking the attacks. He pushed the shadows off of him, sending them crashing into others.

The man slashed his way through a group, slashing away with hard blows. One swatted at his chest, but he moved his chest in. He then slashed at the one attacking him, cutting it into pieces. Looking up he saw four more attack him from the sky. He quickly bolted backwards, just missing the four from attacking. He leaped forward, keyblade tightly gripped in his left hand. He slashed through the four, cutting them into pieces.

One rammed him in the back, sending him sliding across the floor. The boy quickly jumped up and landed next to a stop sign. He slashed at another one that came at him. He then spun around the stop sign, avoiding another one. His back was pressed against the sign, but he remained calm. Looking over his shoulder he saw more coming at him. The boy quickly spun around again to face them, the creatures leaping at him.

Quickly, the man ducked under their attacks and countered with a slash. More attacked from the air and he quickly threw his keyblade into the air, destroying the creatures of darkness. He then grabbed onto the metal pole of the stop sign, and pushed himself up. He then spun around the pole, running on the heartless that came near him. He then used his hands to slowly make his way down the pole, while still running around the heartless. As he finally landed on the ground, he slid under the heartless, getting away from them.

He stood up and saw another one come at him, ready to strike when the keyblade quickly came from the sky and slashed it to the ground. Because of the hard impact, the keyblade bounced back up, giving the boy a chance to grab it, and quickly do another one-hundred and eighty spin, slashing another one away. He saw another one attack from behind, but he did a hand stand and pushed off, landing back in the center of the city.

The heartless ran at the boy again, ready for another assault. One jumped at him, but the unexpected happened; from his other hand, the young man drew another weapon that slashed the heartless away. It was never possible. Something no one has ever seen before has finally happened. The weapon that the hooded person drew was another keyblade, the Oathkeeper. This person was able to wield two keyblades at once. He spun his keyblades around, slowly walking towards the heartless, the creatures of darkness scarcely backing off.

The duel wielder released the grip on his keyblades, letting them spin around near his hands. He then perfectly grabbed the handles and clashed his blades together, electricity sparkling out of them. Meanwhile, the blindfolded person stretched his arms into the air, his face looking up at the sky. The rain passed as the clouds in the sky moved away, revealing a meteor shower that poured down from the sky.

A giant heartless symbol in the shape of purple fire surrounded the hooded man which caused the shadows to slowly back away. The blindfold figure slowly slid his blindfold off, getting a good chance to see the hooded figure below. The duel wielder slowly looked up at the blindfolded figure, glancing at him for a few moments. He then spoke up with a harsh tone in his voice.

"Where's Sora?" he demanded.

Looking back down, he saw another shadow leap at him again. The boy groaned, growing a little annoyed. He put the Oblivion out, causing the heartless to trip over it. The duel wielder spun around as it fell, putting the Oathkeeper out, cutting it in two. Another one jumped at him, but he quickly spun around, destroying it with his keyblade. Another one attacked from behind, and the duel wielder swatted it into the air with one keyblade, as he stabbed another that came towards him with the other keyblade.

The Memory Beyond

The boy side stepped two that came at him and countered with two over the shoulder attacks, destroying them both. They started to attack him again, the man slicing and dicing at them with everything he got. He kicked one away that came at him and he jumped into the air with a spin, destroying a group that came from the air. Landing, he tripped one with his foot and spun around with another slash.

One smacked him across the area, sending him crashing into a wall, ruble exploding from it. As the dust cleared the wall revealed a giant hole. The duel wielder jumped out from it, unfazed. One kicked at him, but he blocked it with one. He turned to kick another one who leaped over, sending a kick at the boy, who did a cartwheel over the attack. He jumped onto a small deck on one of the buildings, landing with both feet. Looking over the deck, he saw the heartless scale the building.

One landed on the deck with him, throwing a punch, but the boy jumped onto the round table, avoiding the attack. He noticed one fired dark red beams at him. Thinking quickly, the duel wielder jumped off table and kicked down on the leg of the table, causing it to spin into the air. The man quickly grabbed the leg and held out the round part as the beams hit it, shielding him from the attack. He quickly jumped off the deck and landed on the ground again, noticing the shadows jumping off like a water fall.

The man leaped back as they attacked again. He quickly bolted forward, spinning his body, slashing away at all of the heartless. He then looked up to see three jumping into the air. He quickly did a back flip and landed on the ground. He quickly leaped up, just narrowly dodging their attacks. The heartless quickly looked up, seeing him in the air. They quickly jumped into the air after the duel wielder. Soon more circled around him as they slowly floated into the air.

He slashed one, then another from the opposite side, then again. He then threw his keyblade like a boomerang, killing the remaining heartless that moved in a circle. As it spun down, he grabbed it and bent down onto the ground, and leaped back onto the giant building's entrance, landing between the two stairs. He stood back up, taking a moment from the fighting. The boy showed no sign of weakness or even breaking a sweat. He noticed the shadows were crawling on the statues. Looking out, he saw hundreds of heartless from every corner surrounding the entire part of the city.

Something so simple

The duel wielder looked up at the top of the building, remembering the blindfolded person from earlier. The blindfolded boy looked over the edge to see the duel wielder, his white hair blowing in the wind, a small smirk appearing across his face. The hooded figure looked at the boy with the blindfold like for a few moments. He then continued moving.

He then nimbly jumped onto the building and ran right up it, defying the laws of gravity. He held the keyblades out at his side as he began to pick up speed, the heartless not giving up their pursued against the keyblade wielder. The heartless appeared on the building, trying to block his path. The keyblade master was not too worried though as he slashed through them. More and more join in the chase as he continued to slash through the swarm.

His feet pounded the ground, he felt the wind in his face as he went faster and faster. His heart was racing, he started to feel the sweat. Meanwhile, the blindfolded boy walked out to the edge of the building, looking down at the duel wielder, a smirk appearing across his face.


"Where's Sora?"

"We must find him."

The duel wielder held the Oblivion keyblade out as a line of NEO shadows appear before him. They all leap at him and the boy throws it at them, cutting through them piece by piece. This was the blindfolded boy's chance to act as he dove off the edge of the building.


Ansem's other report

"A creation born of ignorance."

The keyblade spun past the monitors as it reached the top. The blindfolded boy began to fall off the building. On the way down he caught the keyblade with his left hand and continued to fall. He began to pick up speed as he fell faster, the wind pushing against his face.


Behind the Darkness, Door to the Light.

The two figures slowly come at each other at the screen. As they get closer, they exchange glances at each other. However, it was hard to tell what their emotions were for seeing each other. The blindfolded boy also noticed the duel wielder replaced Oblivion with the kingdom keyblade.


The Secret Place

"His voice...It's left of me."

"This time...I'll fight."

The two figures finally passed each other, one still running on the building while the other fell. It became even more strange as flashbacks of the events taking place here began to shop up. It showed the giant building with the meteor shower.


A world between A forgotten world

The gathering

The next images showed the blindfold boy putting his arms into the air, the hooded figure surrounded by the heartless symbol, the hooded figure talking. Warping back to the present, the blindfold boy continues to fall. Another flash, revealing more strange phrases and numbers.


The third enemy Nobody

"Who is nobody, you ask? They are the nonexistent..."

The duel wielder continues to run up the building. More flashbacks appeared, including a flash of blue crackling energy from the duel wielder clashing his keyblades together. A black and white scene of Sora from his opening dream opening his eyes, a quick red flash, Sora leaning his head back in the same scene.


"What took you so long, Kairi?"

"Can we do it? Against that?"

More flashbacks with the two mysterious figures passing each other, black and white image of Sora falling with a meteor shower behind him; Riku holding his hand out, Kairi looking up. Another flash shows the strange beach from the beginning of the dream. The hooded figure from the rock walks up to another hooded figure who sits on a giant stone.

A T.V. fuzzed faded to another black and white scene of Sora, more red energy, the blindfold boy falling.


"We have come for you my liege."

"You are the source of all heartless."

A fuzzy fade of the duel wielder running up the building, more black and white Sora, the blindfold boy falling again.


The Thirteenth Order




"Bro, are you out of your mind?"

Flashes of Kairi and Sora reaching out to each other, raindrops hitting the ground, the duel wielder looking up at the building, Destiny Islands where an older Kairi with longer hair watches for a meteor fall down from the sky.



The Third Key

The blindfolded men feel down the rest of the way, killing heartless as he went.


End of the World

"What is this place?"

"Is this the answer you've been looking for?"

"This is the world's true form."

"Maybe our journey meant nothing after all."

The blindfolded man is about to hit the ground.



A flash of darkness appears again, revealing one final message.

"We'll go together."


A spire was seen with lightning brightening the place. A shrouded figure spun in from the sky and landed with a flash, revealing it to be Mario, wearing the same clothing as the other hooded figures, his trademark hat under the hood. He held his keyblade out with his left hand, an evil glare in his eyes.

Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Version.

The darkness fades up, revealing the hooded figure from the beach again. He approached the other hooded figure who sat on a rock. The figure on the rock stared at the glowing moon, he seemed to be in deep thought at the moment. The other hooded figure with the glowing eyes awaited patently for him to respond. Everything was quite, too quite. The wind blew lightly through the area. Finally, the hooded figure on the rock turned to the glowing eyed one.

"Ah, I see you have returned." the first hooded figure said. "Did you go to meet him?" The second one nodded. "You noticed then? A shell?"

"No," responded the second one. "I think it's the true form."

The first hooded figure mumbled something, but was not heard. However, words appeared in the darkness again.

"He looks just like you."

The darkness faded into an endless ocean that extended far as the eye could. The clouds in the sky covered the darkness. Something floated in from the darkness, a figure who flew at a fast pace. That figure was Sora. He flew over the ocean, his body unconscious. He was lifeless as he flew through the endless ocean. He flew away from view until he was long gone. The words appeared one final time.

"Everything is coming back to me, the true..."

Sora gasped as he quickly sat up, his breathing was hard, his heart pounded at a high speed. He knew right away that it was all a dream. He looked around to see the sun slowly starting to make its way into the horizon. He saw Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth, enjoying a nice, peaceful sleep. Sora rested his head on the rock again, trying to remember that strange dream. But something was wrong, he couldn't even remember the dream he just woke up from.

It was like someone reached into his memories and stole his dream. Sora tried to remember what it was, but the only thing he could think of was the hooded man from Hallow Bastion. He took a slow breath, his lungs filling up with air, his heart rate going down. He finally closed his eyes again, realizing that he shouldn't worry. He knew that their was a whole new journey awaiting him, and he would be ready to face it.

He fell back asleep, not dreaming about dark clothed people, but dreamed of his childhood fantasies, the places he longed to travel to. He got deeper into his dreams and started to dream of all the good times, remembering his new friends, and new worlds they've encountered. And thus, Sora's journey ended for now, knowing that a light will always guide him no matter where he goes.

The End

A/N: This was my first ever completed story. I feel a sense of pride right now as I sat there typing the Epilogue chapter. I hope you enjoyed this story as I was proud to present it. I thank you all for your kindness and I hope you enjoyed this story. Good-bye my friends, till the day we meet again and may your lights stay strong.