Gosh...it's been forever since I attempted an Invader ZIM fan fic...or is a ZIMzode? I wonders...anywho, Enjoy; and, of course, IZ is not mine; it's Jhonen's...

Gir happily skipped into the house, nursing a gigantic chocolate bubblegum slushie. The music from the club still echoed in his synthetic mind, and the robot hummed it merrily.

Master, I'm back!

There was no response. Gir continued humming as he made his way down to the room he suspected his master to be in. His suspicions (or rather, guesses) were confirmed; Zim was indeed in the lab, seated in front of the huge monitor.

Master, Master...the little robot chirped, I's home now!

Gir leapt over the chair, plopping into Zim's lap. Gir squrimed happily and looked up at his master.

Zim was asleep, still in disguise; at least wearing the wig. Gir sat there, smiling for a moment, before his face contorted in thought.

Master doesn't usually sleep; Zim does not....Master must be tired...I will help him..

Gir poked one small metallic hand at the bottom of Zim's wig and pulled the hair piece off. Zim's antennae instinctively stood up and flexed forward.

Gir giggled. He climbed onto his master's head and rubbed the spot just behind the antennae. Zim twitched in his slumber, one clawed hand reaching for his head. That clawed hand relaxed, resting upon Zim's shoulder.

Gir grinned, then laughed. Then, his face contorted once more in thought.

Lensesess...Is Master still wearing them? the little robot thought. Gir hopped down and carefully lifted one of Zim's eyelids. Bright white and a dot of purple greeted Gir. The little robot's brow was furrowed in concentration, trying to extract the offending plastic. After a few tries, he was sucessful.


Uh oh...

He'd awoken his master in the process.

Zim's voice rose to a growl, and he looked menacingly at the "s.i.r. unit" before him. Gir scrambled away, whimpering. The little robot clung to a fat wire and started to cry.

I was only helping, Master...

Helping? Helping with what, Gir?

Yous still looked like the humans...and you was asleep. I was helpin', honest.

The Invader sighed, and said nothing more. Gir cautiously approached the chair again, waiting for Zim's approval to climb back up onto the chair. The Invader nodded, and Gir gleefuly snuggled himself next to his master, and promptly fell asleep.

Zim didn't acknowledge anything for a while, but when his work was done, he stood up from the chair and looked upon Gir.

The Invader cracked a half-smile and shook his head, picking up the robot from his chair. The pair ascended in the elevator to the living room.
There you go..it's not really all that fluffy or anything...just sort of a cute little scene that wouldn't leave my brain alone.