This is what I think of John Munch, what I believe him to be. I apologize if this seems odd to you, but please read and review. Opinions, comments, and criticism is greatly appreciated. Enjoy.

Many think of him as a dark angel

Dressed in all black with dark glasses too

But really he stands for truth and justice

He's a detective who works for the SVU

For a living he tracks down the worst criminals

Together with his partner Odafin "Fin" Tutuola

He works with the other detectives sometimes

Including the famous duo, Elliot and Olivia

His conspiracy theories drive everyone nuts

From J.F.K. to the nation's government

Underneath it all, he's a good-hearted man

Because he's the dark angel heaven sent

He's been married and divorced many times

Afraid of never finding his true love

Someone who is able to match his wits

Who, like him, is sent from heaven above

By now you have probably figured out

The man that I just described for you

That man in black, his name's John Munch

The dark angel who seeks the truth

Hope you liked it. Once again, please read and review.