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There was something about Widow's Vale, something familiar that I just couldn't quite put my finger on, almost as if I have lived here before, but that was impossible. It was definitely different to where I used to live; Widow's Vale wasn't a bustling city like Manhattan. It was a quiet town, quite picturesque.

"Almost there" my dad said. I smiled at my family and then continued to look out of the car window.

About a month ago I turned 16, I have long blonde hair that hang down below my shoulders in ringlets and cute little braids, I have these cool blue eyes, as well as full lips and a perfect nose. I wouldn't say I have the perfect. In my old school I was considered one of the most popular girls in school, head cheerleader, captain of the pep-squad, and adored by all the boys, but I had to leave it all behind.

Because my father had just got a new job, he had moved the family from the city of Manhattan to Widow's Vale upstate New York.

I had to admit we weren't the most perfect of families, but we were good, my dad, the hard working business-man, Jack Preston, my out-going, party animal of a mom, Kathryn, or Katie as she liked to be called. Those two were such opposites of people; it was hard to believe they were a married couple still close and in love.

And then there was my 14 year old little sister Halle, who was too beautiful and popular, she had long wavy brown hair down to her waist with the big blue eyes like her mine.

About 10 minutes later, the car pulled up alongside a house, not too big, not too small, but was tiny in comparison to our old house. Yet also like the town, this house held a strong familiarity to it.

The moving van was already there and the men were already moving the furniture into the house.

"The King-sized bed wants to go in the master bedroom!" my mom called.

I ran into the house and up the stairs wanting to choose the next best room before my sister did.

I noticed that the two other bedrooms were connected by a bathroom in-between. I obviously chose the larger one of the two.

"I got my room!" I called

It was a room I didn't think I wanted to redecorate. I was painted a coffee colour, it had wooden floorboards covered over by a rug, and had blinds over the windows.

"Nice" My sister commented as she poked her head around the door, "My bedroom's neat too, it's lilac, my favourite colour"

I wasn't really paying attention, I was too busy paying attention to where I'm gonna put all my furniture, when suddenly, I felt like I was being watched, almost as if someone was taking my picture. I looked around but as soon as I felt it, it was gone.

What the hell was that? I wondered

"What's wrong?" Halle asked me, I shrugged the feeling away.

"Nothing" I replied, "Come on lets go fetch some of our boxes"

Later that evening we were sat in the living room watching the TV eating Chinese take away, when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," I cried as I bounced up heading for the door.

I opened the door to reveal a young girl around my age.

"Hi!" I smiled, being the perfect hostess I was.

"Hey, Just came to welcome you to the neighbourhood" she replied. The girl was tall, about 5"8 which was tall for about a 16 year old, she had deep green eyes and long brown hair, she had a slender build, not many curves and a small chest size, but she was still very pretty.

"Oh okay, you live nearby?"

She smiled "Well not too nearby, a couple of blocks"

A confused look crossed my face, "So why are you here? How did you know we were moving in? Not that I'm saying you shouldn't have come or anything!"

"No it's fine, my mom grew up in this house, my grandparents lived here just before you came, but they moved to a small house because it was just the two of them, I just wanted to see who the new inhabitants are, that's all"

I smiled, "That's nice, sorry I've forgot my manners in all this, I'm Arianna Preston! Would you like to come in? It's freezing out there!"

"Okay, sure! I'm Moira by the way, Moira Niall"

I led her through to the living room where my family were still sat eating their Chinese from the cartons.

"Mom, Dad, Halle, this is Moira, she's a neighbour – sort of" I laughed,

They all replied their own greetings and welcomes.

"Moira's mom grew up in this house," I announced

"Well I hope she grew up happy here, a lot of memories"

"More than I know" Moira agreed, "well it was nice to meet you all, I better get heading home now, my dad will worry, he does that a lot, are you starting the high school?" Moira turned to ask me

I nodded, "Start tomorrow" I replied,

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow, I can show you around and help you get acquainted to some new people"

I nodded, "That'll be great, thanks" I walked her back to the door.

"Hey if you need me for anything here's my number and an address" she said handing me a slip of paper, "just call me or call round," she smiled, "If you want me to pick you up for school tomorrow?"

"Please" I replied,

"I'll be here at 8.30 then! See ya tomorrow!" she grinned and then turned around and walked to her car

"Yeah see ya!" I called back after her, I went back inside and closed the door.

Like everything else in this town – why was that girl so familiar? I thought to myself.

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