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In my sleep I saw the Goddess, she came to me in my dream and she told me that Morgan wasn't meant to die all those years ago, which was how she managed to hang on and be reborn in Arianna, she was meant for a greater purpose still yet to come, she was only able to live again at the expense of her fathers ashes. It still made no sense to me, but the Goddess works in mysterious ways, everything happens for reason. I don't care what it is I'm just so happy that she's here, alive again, with me and our beautiful daughter.

Her parents and sister were shocked as you can imagine, so were the rest of the coven and her old friends, Robbie and Bree, it's a lot to handle, we told her mother, father and sister that she wasn't dead, (which is a good thing that there was no body to be found) but lost with amnesia and she had made a home in San Francisco and it wasn't until she remembered her old life until she came home.

I can't remember feeling this happy in such a long, long time. I'm reunited with my soul mate its like I'm a blind man who's just gained his sight back. My family are so very precious to me, Moira and Morgan are spending time getting to know each other, the past month has been hard for all of us, but we're together again, that's all that matters now.

--- Giomanach

Moira's POV

"Mom, I'm going to school, Matt's here to pick me up!"

My mother (so can't get used to that!) peered her head round the door frame, "You have your own car, why do you need a lift" she asked with a raised eyebrow

"I just do" I replied with a grin

"So you like this Matt then?" she stated rather than asked, "Just be careful" she warned

"I will mom, I promise"

My dad slipped his arms around mom's waist and kissed her cheek, I have never seen him so happy before, he mostly always had a smile on his face and he whistled a lot now.

"See ya later dad, school calls" I said rolling my eyes

I heard the car horn blare from outside, "That's my cue!" I said "Bye" I kissed both my parents on their cheeks and swung my book bag over my shoulder

I ran out the door and a huge smile crossed my face when I saw Matt sat in the drivers seat, he opened the door for me, "Hop in" he said

I greeted him with a short but sweet kiss on the lips "Good morning to you too" he grinned

"Morning" I smiled

"School?" he asked

"School" I nodded, he started his engine pulled away from the curb, and headed towards the school.

When we got there we parked in the closest space we could and walked toward the building across the field, where we saw the cheerleaders practising, and on top of the triangle was Arianna, they were two different worlds now. Arianna was dropped into the arms of two male cheerleaders and was stood up on the ground with her arms in the air. She caught my eyes and said something to a fellow cheerleader and came running over.

"Hey, you! Um, Moira? Right?"

I turned to face her and smiled, "Yeah? Hi, what's up?"

"Um, I just want to know, what happened the other day, the past few weeks are kind of a blur for me, all I know was that I was taking a walk through the woods, which I found really strange because I never just take a walk in the woods, and then you told me that a big log fell from a tree and knocked me out, and that you and your parents found me while you were passing by, why do I get the feeling I knew you before? It just doesn't make sense for me to have forgotten the past few weeks."

I looked at her sympathetically, she'd been through so much, saved us all in a way she can never know and she doesn't remember a thing about it

"Arianna sweetie, I really don't know what you were doing out there, I only just saw you on the ground and recognised you from school, we found your phone number and address in your purse so we called your parents and took you to the hospital"

"Oh, okay, thanks a lot, see you around?" she sighed and softly walked away

"Arianna wait!" I called after her, she turned around and I walked up to her and touched her cheek with my hand "Thank you" I said

"Fill in the blanks of missing time, give Arianna some peace of mind" I murmured softly,

Arianna's face broadened into a smile, "What were we just talking about?" she questioned, "Ah well never mind, see you later babe! Ciao!" She ran back over to her friends

"What did you do for her?" Matt asked,

"Gave her some false memories so she stops questioning things,"

"good idea" he nodded, "lets go up to homeroom,"

Morgan's POV

He's trying to hard to help me adjust to living again, I thought as I saw Hunter putting the shopping again, he's all jittery like he's nervous and has drunk about 6 cups of coffee.

"Calm down, honey" I smiled, "Why don't you just relax with me, I've missed you so much, I want to spend time with you, I don't care that the house isn't in perfect condition, just being here is perfect enough, you have no idea what its like being brought back from the dead"

"That's not fair" Hunter pouted, his crisp British accent as sharp as ever made me smile, "you can't use that excuse every time you know, do I have to die too?"

I lost my smile, "don't you dare, don't do that to me, I'm not going to loose you again"

"That's never going to happen" he promised, he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me the way he always used to that made me feel so protected, like nothing could ever break us apart again, we were soul mates not even death can keep us apart.

"I love you" I whispered softly

Hunter breathed softly into my neck "For eternity"

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