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Limbo, it's not the kind of place you ever really want to end up in, trust me on this. It's a place full of demons. Not the figurative kind either, the fangs and magic and claws and beady red eyes kind. If that's not enough, you've also got the fact that there's no sunlight in limbo. It's just darkness reminiscent of twilight. Your eyes get really good at seeing in that kind of light, that's neither true darkness nor true light. If that isn't enough to break your spirits, there's 'stepping discs' all across Limbo. Discs of light that can take you lots of places, alternate dimensions, different times, different worlds, and the majority of them - they just take you to other places in Limbo.

The stepping discs are what usually break a person's spirit in this place. Their not what broke me though. Nope, I know how to use them. That isn't the problem, you see. My problem was a demon/sorcerer named Belasco. Emphasis on was. Now my problems? Who knows, but you're probably wondering just –who- I am?

I am Illyana Rasputin, the girl sometimes called Dark Childe due to the transformative side of me, the demonic side. But that's not my chosen name. I'm also called.... MAGIK. Yes, let me guess, you're thinking that I'm a bit arrogant to call myself Magik, right? Wrong. I'm the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, the realm itself reacts to my wishes, it is connected to me. More importantly then that, Belasco also spent almost 10 years teaching me magic.

Oh, but that's not all he taught me, or did to me. He corrupted my soul, somehow made me part demon. You see.. half of my soul? It's already gone - corrupted. This necklace around my neck, you see the two blood stones in it? Those represent the corruption of my soul. When the other three spots of the necklace are filled, Illyana Rasputin will no longer exist, there will only be Dark Childe.

That's not something that I want to happen, or can allow to happen. You see, in addition to being Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, I have a few other powers. First and foremost would be my ability to control the stepping discs of Limbo. I'm a mutant, that's my power. Time, space, and dimensions - I'm capable of traversing them all.

Want to know the really sick part though? This all started when I was seven years old. Yup, seven years old. You see, my brother is a mutant too. He's a student at Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted, in America. Well, when it became news that he was a mutant, it somehow got fed back to Russia, and some rather unfriendly men decided to pay a visit to my parent's farm and make issues with the family of a known mutant.

We won't go into what happened, save to say that my powers manifested when I was seven years old, to let me escape from the pain. Well, in the good news, I did manage to escape. The bad news? I ended up in Limbo, where Belasco was ruling at the time. To make a long story short, I spent ten years being beaten into submission of a demon sorcerer who planned to use me, my mutant powers, and my vast magical abilities to open a portal to Earth for the hordes of demons in Limbo, and to eventually free the Elder Gods and let them walk the lands of Earth once more and gain their revenge for being banished there.

All in all it was a pretty shitty deal, except I beat him. It wasn't anything so grand as a magic duel, you see he was immune to magic for the most part. Don't ask me why, he just was. I had to manifest something else to hurt him, a weapon created of my own soul, and the ultimate focus of my magical abilities. The Soul Sword, is what was manifested. Only it also came with another little bit of usefulness, it also was accompanied by armor. Don't ask me how, it just was.

Now you might be sitting there thinking 'big deal, it's just a sword'. Wrong. The soul sword is capable of harming any supernatural creature very badly, there's very little that's immune to it, of course there's also a down side to this. My soul is corrupt, and the soul sword also holds some of that corruption in it. For me, it's not that noticeable anymore, however I would feel bad for anyone else who attempted to wield it – not that anyone else can I think. It's sheathed inside of my own body you see, and I summon it by drawing it from me. Weird, I know.

Weird. That word defines my life since I turned seven years old. However, I'm unique. What other girl can say she's the complete and utter ruler of another dimension, and hordes of demons? None that I know of.

So what does the Ruler of Limbo spend her time doing? Right now I'm sitting upon my crystal throne, watching my scrying pool. Let me give you a better mental picture. I'm short, 5'5", long blonde hair, blue eyes. Despite that I'm practically a demon, I still look innocent – sometimes. I'm dressed in the color of blood, with a cloak of black hanging around my shoulders.

My blue eyes focus on the images that are being shown in the scrying pool. Xavier's Institute – It's a good place to watch, you see, for a number of reasons. First, it's where my brother Piotr is. Second? It's where I plan to go soon. There are just a few small problems. Due to the way Limbo works with time, I've been here ten years, but only a few days to a week has passed since I left Earth. So when I step into the world again? I'll be 17 or so years old, where I used to be seven. That might be a little bit weird, don't you think?

It should be interesting to see how they all react to me. I'll be there soon... yes, yes I will.