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The hall of the Ruler of Limbo was rather sparse. A crystalline throne, a large hall, it was simplistic. The hall itself was kind of warped, skewed to the senses, and rough looking. Only two objects in the entire hall look 'real' and solid. The crystal throne, and the scrying pool. Both are solid, and very very real, and nearly perfect in their lines and curves.

I step off of the thrown and throw off my old black cloak, the one that has cuts and holes in it, it has a definitively demonic look. A look that I'd been advised by S'ym my demonic lieutenant to cultivate when I'm here in Limbo. While my power here is nearly absolute, and the demons fear to go against me, they still see me as a human – despite that my soul is already over half way gone. I wonder, will humans see me as a demon? It's a distinct possibility. I hope not though, I do not know what I will do if Piotr treats me as a demon.

A few simple spells, at least simple here in Limbo. My clothes the color of blood are gone, and then replaced with a tighter fitting outfit. The same blood red color, it slips across my curves and shows that I am definitely not a little girl anymore. More words follow in the soft demonic language of the magic I have mastered, and a more simple black cloak settles across my shoulders, the hood hanging down across it. It's sturdy, beautiful, and simple. It is in no way as dark looking as the more demonic cloak I'd taken to wearing.

I regard myself in the mirrored waters of the scrying pool that is no longer reflection Xavier's institute. I see beautiful young woman with blonde hair that borders on the light side of blonde and with very pale skin. The blood colored material fits against me rather well, and gives me almost a violent look in contrast to my paleness. The black cloak that hangs around my slender shoulders adds an air of mystique to me. All in all, I don't think I look anything even vaguely like what a normal person on Earth probably should look like – I look like something out of the past, a sorcereress ready for battle, or perhaps something else.

I look good. Time to see if the people at this Academy feel the same way, right? I reach out with my mutant powers, summoning forth one of the stepping discs of Limbo. A golden disc appears beneath me. The light of it is bright, yellow in color, and it casts a glow across my cloak and red outfit. A slightly mischievous smile crosses my face, as I pick my target location. Lets see how accurate I am today?

Teleportation, if no one has ever told you this, is an odd feeling. I can feel as Limbo goes away and fades to blackness. With my teleportation, there's a sense of movement, as the stepping disc crosses space, time, and dimensions. It's fast, almost nauseatingly so. So you can imagine my surprise, and a bit of shock, when I appear back on Earth. First time in ten years, you know?

I'm outside, that much is obvious. And there's a SUN! you have no clue how much I missed the sun. It's golden rays warming my face, even as my eyes cringe at it slightly. I'm not used to that, at all. So now, the big question for a hundred thousand dollars, is, where precisely am I, and did I get my port right?

Lets see. Big expensive looking, well tended too lawn. Huge mansion with expensive windows, and people moving around inside of them. The sound of an alarm ringing in there. Well, it'd seem like my appearance hasn't gone without notice. So I guess, I better give them a good first impression, right? My demonic side tells me to make it a good one.

With a smirk on my pale red lips, my hand slips to my stomach, and I draw my soul sword from my own body. It gleams in the light of the sun, yet there's a darkness to it still. The corruption of my own soul almost visible on it, at least too me. Sword held in one hand, my other brushes my cloak to the side so that most of my garments are visible. Upon my left arm, there is a piece of metallic soul armor, that accompanies the sword. Nothing new there for me, it always appears when I use magic or draw my sword, usually more as things get progressively worse.

This should be fun.


And outside of Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning, while inside alarms ring of a new unwelcomed intruder signify the appearance of someone on the front lawn a woman cloaked in black and in red, stands ready. Soul sword is held in her right hand, her left hand hangs easily, waiting. There is a soft smirk upon her lips, and she looks like a seductress almost. Clad in tight form fitting blood red, draped in black. There is no denying that she looks threatening and powerful, and that her icy blue eyes hold confidence and power within them.

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