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Chapter 1: Where It Always Starts

I shouldn't be sad... today is supposed to be a happy one. If I'm supposed to be so joyous, why do I feeling so crummy...? I'll try to be happy for them... I'll try...

She sat there, wondering and meditating on her thoughts. It was the season of autumn. The autumnal equinox had passed and food was being harvested. It was a time of great joy. The leaves- amber, crimson, burgundy, golden, maroon, and fiery- all were slowly, ever so snail-like, leaving their tree, their home. The tress had almost all of their leaves still, and not even the mighty winds could blow them. The trees were almost on fire. She should've been happy. It was just the right time, but it seemed she was in the wrong place. She had finished her pondering and started to get up. As she did, she heard footsteps crunch on dry grass and twigs. "Are you alright? You left so suddenly I couldn't find you at first." His voice was worried and concerned. Why? Why did he have to care so much? Why couldn't he just leave me alone? She didn't know it then, but his persistence and his concern made her feel good inside, it made her feel loved- and that is invaluable to anyone. "Yah... I'm ok. I just needed to have some alone time for a bit. I'm done now though... we can go back to the party."

They walked together, side by side. He put his arm around her shoulder, and he hugged, cradled, her as they walked. She felt good, he felt important. They were meant for each other, but destiny would test that. "Do we have to go? To the party, I mean. Can't we just go into the woods, or go to a restaurant?" She wanted to be alone, even if it was with someone- not anyone, but him. "I don't mind, but don't you think that they'll mind if we show?" He wanted her to happy, but he wanted his other friends to be happy too. "I guess. You know, there are so many guests, do you think that they'll even notice?" ...


It had started a while back, when the worlds began to collide, connect, and disappear. They had met each other, fallen in love, and fled to another world, so they wouldn't fade away as well. Their world started to diminish, and so they sent out- together- to stop this from happening to other worlds. They ended up in Traverse Town, with nothing but a few, minor detailed reports about the Heartless, the cause of their destruction and despair, and how to defeat them- with the 'Keyblade'. They soon started a search for the wielder of the Keyblade and found him, he was a boy- only fourteen- and Leon could barely believe that he was their hope in these dark times. But, he proved Leon wrong, and defeated the Heartless. Throughout his journey, they had been close, Leon and Yuffie. They had come from different worlds, but they felt the need for each other. As the worlds were pieced together and restored, they returned to Hallow Bastion and announced their news- they were getting married. And that's what was happening. Yuffie and Leon had just gotten married, and they were throwing a party, a reception, to celebrate.

"It's not that I don't like Yuffie or Leon, its just, well, I feel odd around them. Like I don't belong at their party. I just want to be alone, with you." She looked at him. She loved how he smiled, and how he actually listened to what she said. His eyes, his beautiful blue, sapphire eyes, she would lose herself in them, and only his words could bring her back. "I don't mind," he replied, "but where do you want to go, then?" His words echoed in her head, "where do you want to go?" How can I pick? Anywhere I go, as long as I'm with you, will make me feel better. But a quiet, secluded area, where we would be alone, that would be a perfect spot. "What if we go to the top of the hill, away from these houses? To be alone, separated, from them. So, it'd be just the two of us. How does that sound?"

She wanted a yes. But anything from him would be fine, as long as they were together...

"It sounds wonderful, romantic. Do you want to walk or drive?" She loved that about him. Whenever they did something, he gave her the control, and that made her feel even better inside. She was the leader; she got to pick what to do... that was a change from before.

"I choose the walk. It'll be fun, and heck, we might even lose some pounds from the exercise!" She wanted him to laugh, to see his white teeth again. She wanted the moment to lighten up a bit; it was getting almost too romantic, and too fast. They continued, more of started, their walk to the top of the hill. The whole city seemed small, possibly handheld, from the view at the top. With the stars and the moon shining brightly, not affected by the city lights below, the whole grassy field seemed illuminated. It was perfect, a perfect time to be alone, alone with the one you loved. They cuddled as they walked up the hill, each of their arms hugging the other. He shared his jacket with her, and they talked, talked of their dreams of the past, and for the future. They talked about each other, and the magnificence of the other; the beauty and grace of Rikku; the strength and charm of Cloud.

As they walked, they stopped in the middle of the field and kissed. They kissed like they never had before. They stood there, waiting, not knowing what to do next... His kiss, it was so loving and passionate... I wish we were always this close, and that we always will be. Can we... can we ever kiss like that again? "Cloud... Cloud, did you... did you enjoy that as much as I did?" She lingered onto each word, emphasizing each syllable, and drawing special attention to Cloud and enjoy. "Rikku, I loved it. I don't whether it was the moon, the stars, or just your radiance that made that experience, that kiss, all that it was. But I do know... we've done that kiss, and I except to see it again." He winked and smirked at her. They both let out a little laugh. They had shared a very intimate moment, and they wanted to cherish it. His blue eyes poured into her green ones. Nothing was ever more romantic than this for them. Nothing.

What do we do now? They just sat there, looking at the stars, the moon, and each other. They cuddled together and just seeped in the beauty of the night. They had no idea what time it was, but they didn't care. They lay there, hugging each other and lightly kissing each other every so often. They would gaze into the other's eyes, and slowly their lips would move closer, closer together until they touched. "Are you feeling better?" His question made her confused for a bit, but then she remembered. This 'walk' had taken her whole mind away from everything else. "Yah, I feel better. Do you want to see if we can still make Leon and Yuffie's wedding reception?" She wanted to go. She had the whole time, but she didn't want to admit that, not after what she had done with Cloud. "No problem, but, I wonder if it's still going on?"

They decided to walk back. Rikku was cold and Cloud gave her his coat. They snuggled together as they walked back. As they neared the party building, they saw lights still on, heard music playing, and people's voices. "Guess they did decide to keep the party going on for awhile." But Rikku didn't hear him, she was thinking about how they had met and fallen in love...


It happened as it happened for Leon and Yuffie. We were from two different worlds. I was from Spira; he was from Midgar. It was sad, saying my good-byes to Yunie and Paine, tears flew everywhere. I convinced brother to drop Gippal and me off on the Bikanel Island, he gladly accepted to getting rid of Gippal.

The sun was scorching and the sand burned my toes through my shoes. I'm so glad that I'm Al Bhed, or else this would be almost killing me. We searched for the latest Al Bhed digging site, hoping to convince them to use the dug up parts to start rebuilding Home, not machina to fight with. "Gippal, you do know where we're going, right? I mean, the campsite hasn't moved, right?" One time getting lost in the desert was enough! The sun was almost unbearable, so I was glad that I had packed extra water. We walked, and walked, and walked some more. We went north, south, east, and west. We were lost, and I was so mad at Gippal, but it's hard to stay mad at someone you love.

It was almost evening, and the sand dunes looked so romantic as it was hued orange and pink. Unfortunately, we hadn't found any other Al Bheds and so we had to set up our own tent. I decided to switch into something warmer since the desert gets freezing at night. I changed into my White Mage dress sphere, since my whole body is covered in a robe and the cloth is real comfy, and set my staff aside. We took some extra cloth we had brought, two stakes, and set up a tent. Wow... it was really bad looking. I think a seven year old could do better. But I didn't insult Gippal. The 'tent' would have to do. We took our blanket and stretched it as far as we could, so we weren't too close to eachother. We wanted to be close, but not almost on top of the other. We snuggled for a bit, and then I fell asleep.

I woke up and Gippal wasn't in bed, but I saw that he had taken the liberty of changing me back into my Thief dress sphere. I giggled. I walked up to him and hugged him. Then we kissed. Afterward, he showed me a tiny statuette he had found, one of a blue penguin that looked French. We stared at it, wondering where it had come from. "Is it possible that this was here before the great Machina War or possibly earlier? Because, it doesn't look like anything modern." He agreed with me and nodded. We spent the rest of the day looking for more Al Bhed, but without success. We had fun though, rolling down sand dunes, finding some small trinkets, battling a few fiends, and of course, having some romance.

As night fell and we headed to our makeshift home, I took the statue with me, just to look at it closer. As I picked it up, it started to glow a light blue, and it emitted a faint glow, similar to a torch or flashlight. Gippal came over and held the idol, and fingered it, examining it more closely. Its glow started to grow, and soon the hue had engulfed all of Gippal. He looked so afraid, yet calm, as the light surrounded him. He was so handsome. As I tried to get to him- to help him- he disappeared as the light shot out and blinded me. When I could see, Gippal wasn't there anymore, just the penguin idol and a peculiar man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

End of Chapter

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