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Chapter 15: Alone

The full moon shone over Titans Tower. The dark sky was dotted with luminous stars, and one solitary figure gazed down at the city. It was... (Oh like you don't know...)

Raven couldn't see the entire ruined city, but she knew its condition. A good amount of the city was destroyed, and it would take months to rebuild and repair. Even longer for the people to forget, or at least forgive.

They probably hated the Titans now. Raven didn't have any idea how much the cost was of all she had destroyed. She did know that Robin had handed over quite a lot of cash to the city already. They were luckily that the city didn't want them out. But there would be trouble, a different kind of trouble for the Titans, the kind you can't say "Titans GO!" to and attack. But that would come later.

Raven stood on the roof, an expressionless look on her face. Her dark blue cloak still in the cool night, she turned to leave the roof. As her black power slid through the roof, Raven vanished several floors down.

Her feet lightly touched the ground in the hallway before her room. The door quietly slid open, and she levitated inside. Her eyes already accustomed to the darkness, Raven didn't hesitate as she went to her mirror.

She stared inside it, and before long, her somber reflection left, leaving a red and black vortex. A hand started to form, but Raven swiftly pushed it away with her powers. She didn't want an undignified entrance.

She leapt down, feeling herself vanishing into her mind. Sliding through the vortex, she landed on her feet in a crouching position, dust rising from the rocks. Frowning, she looked around her mind. It was still, and none of her other sides were in sight.

I need Intelligence, Raven thought, quickly opening her mind to summon any nearby emotions. Feeling the presence of one, she told her to come.

Two Ravens immediately formed in a wave of black power. Raven's eyes drifted to the first one. She had an aqua green cloak, and hair that was slightly longer than Raven's. That was Peace. Raven turned to the next, almost jumping with surprise, thinking she had a black cloak. But she wasn't black Raven, because her cloak was brown-black. Her hood was up.

Peace and Solitary. Peace was friendly and calm, while the brown-black cloaked Raven was standoffish and creepy. A lone Raven. Kind of like Raven herself, except even more. She gave Raven a steady stare, glaring. Raven decided to ask Peace instead.

Peace was levitating in a meditating position. She rose to her feet, eyes still closed, a peaceful smile on her face. Her arms gently went to her sides. Her eyes slowly opened to face Raven, and she gave her a warm smile, which Raven didn't even notice.

"Get me Intelligence," She ordered the aqua-cloaked Raven. "I need to talk with her," She bluntly commanded. Peace didn't mind the sharp tone, a tranquil half-smile on her face.

"As you wish," Her soft voice told her. She sank into the ground, vanishing in her black power. Raven had nothing to tell Solitary, but the emotion looked undaunted and expressionless. Sensing that, she didn't leave, but withdrew farther back. She stood there as if waiting, not moving from her spot.

After one annoyed frown, Raven decided she didn't care. It wasn't like the lonely and strange Raven would cause any harm being there. She didn't talk much, and besides, she was rather a big part of Raven's personality. Raven turned away from her as Aqua Raven returned.

Intelligence was with her, looking curious. Aqua gave a sincere smile, and drifted away slowly. Raven levitated over to Intelligence.

The yellow-cloaked Raven smiled. She had already picked up Raven's thoughts. "No, Raven. I do not think Trigon can attempt this again. As long as you keep Hatred under control, the affects are most likely, not permanent." Intelligence put out her hand, and it glowed with black energy. She lightly touched it to Raven's forehead. Raven froze, feeling a strange feeling search through her thoughts.

"Well," Intelligence smugly told her. "I've scanned your mind. It is as it was before Hatred was freed. If I am correct, you should be able to perfectly fine."

Raven frowned. "Where has Black Raven gone?"

Intelligence blinked. Behind her glasses, her eyes darted around nervously. "I am afraid... I am not completely sure. That is not a fact I know... I cannot acquire new facts without learning, you are aware..." Her violet eyes shimmered as she slowly shook her head. "I can only guess that either she has vanished completely, or is back with Trigon."

"But that means-"

"That she could come back? I do not believe so. I see no evidence of that."

Raven's scowl disappeared, looking expressionless again. Thoughts ran through her head, and she silently stepped back. "Alright." Her voice was monotone. "That's all I need." She hesitated. "Thanks." She immediately levitated forward, flying off to the direction of the Forbidden Door.

As she appeared back into her room, she heard loud knocking at her door. More like pounding. "Yes?" She asked cautiously.

Starfire's voice came muffled through the door. "Friend Raven?" She asked in surprise. She had been knocking at Raven's door for quite along time, and had been convinced that she was asleep.

The door slid open and Raven stood in front of it. "It's late, Starfire. Shouldn't you-"

"Forgive my interruptions, Friend. I realize it has been a long day for you." Her huge green eyes looked worried. "I have not awakened you, have I?"

Raven slowly shook her head, still looking suspicious. Starfire looked relieved. "Actually... I have been thinking, and was wondering whether you needed someone to speak with, friend." Her eyes looked hopeful.

Raven's eyes went to the floor. "Nnn..." she began, but then thought. She hadn't spent real time with any of the Titans lately. And Starfire only wanted to help... Intelligence said nothing more would happen... An undecided look came on her face. "Uh... sure."

Starfire's face lit up brightly. "Glorious!" Grabbing Raven by the arm in her strong grip, she flew off to the direction of her room.

"Oh, joy..."

Meanwhile, Intelligence was being badgered by two certain emotions. Guess who. Before poor Intelligence could even move, Valor and Happy had immediately came after Raven had left, dragging Timid along.

"Whad she say?" Happy asked, dragging Timid by her wrist, who was making strange whimpering sounds.

"Why would that be a matter of concern for you?" Asked Intelligence, frowning. Happy came up to her, releasing Timid and clapping Yellow on the back friendly-like.

"Cuz we your Real World buddies now! We da only ones who been outta Raven's mind! Together!" Pink leapt into the air with joy, doing one cartwheel before landing awkwardly. She gave her a lopsided grin, her hair all messed up.

Valor gave a not-so-friendly clap on the back, which sent Intelligence flying into the dust. "Yo! What'd she say? Anything of use?"

Getting up, trying to maintain her dignity, Intelligence straightened her glasses. "She merely made use of my knowledge so I could proceed to answer several inquires of hers."

"What was that?" Happy asked. "I kinda forgot, like, halfway through that sentence." Puzzled, she poked Timid in the shoulder.

Timid squeaked with surprise, recoiling as if she had been burned. "S...she said she answered some of Raven's q-questions," She stammered. She started to go, but Valor yanked her back.


Valor gave a disgusted look to Happy, who obviously didn't really care enough to listen. She was now skipping around Timid; Timid scooting away, staring at Happy like she belonged in a rubber room. Valor grabbed Happy's arm tightly, yanking her around roughly.

"Whaa! Yeh, Valor?"

"Timid and Intelligence mean.... Raven asked, Yellow Rae answered!" Valor glared into Happy's face impatiently. Happy beamed innocently. "Hear that, Pinky?"

"Whu?" Valor ground her teeth in annoyance.

Meanwhile, Timid had silently shuffled up to Intelligence. Leaning close, she whispered in her scared voice, "A...Are we going to be okay? R-Raven's mind won't be taken over again, w-will it?" Her enormous violet eyes stared into past Yellow Raven's glasses, making her uncomfortable.

Just like Timid was a little kid, Intelligence bent down to talk to her. "No, it won't," She told her calmingly. She ignored the fact that Happy was being chased around by Valor.

"Don't you see, you idiots." All of the Raven's stopped in their tracks, and turned to stare at where the voice had come from.

Their eyes finally fell on another emotion. Solitary, who had been spying on them, if you will remember. She had been sitting in the shadows, listening. Her brown-black cloak flew through a wind as she stood up.

Her low voice held a tint of scorn in it as she eyed the four. "Raven is meant to follow in her father's footsteps. I'm surprised that even you, Intelligence, haven't realized." She floated a foot forward, still warily staying away from the others. "But then again," She stated, her voice unused and harsh. "You can figure anything out, only if you know the facts."

"H...how do you know that?" Timid squeaked, her eyes huge, with amazement.

"I get around," The mysterious brown-black emotion said. "Being a loner has more advantages then they'd know," she spat, eyeing Happy and Valor. Valor looked indignant, Happy just confused.

Solitary's narrowed eyes focused on Intelligence. "Hatred is, of course, defeated now. But Trigon is not. Hatred shall rule again, someday."

Turning swiftly, the creepy emotion who took up a lot of Raven, started to leave. "Wait!" Intelligence began urgently. But in a flash of black power, she was gone. Yellow, Green, Gray, and Pink were left there, dumbfounded.

Raven, of course, unsuspectingly, sat in Starfire's room, almost talking normally now to her friend. She was a Titan now, and even had the tiniest smile on her face. Raven had no idea what was going on in her mind. And that, someday, perhaps there would be no one to save her from herself. That someday, her evil nature would take over. And that Hatred would rule again.



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