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Harry woke up to the sound of a small popping. He slowly opened his eyes, staring into the darkness.

He knew that someone had jus aparated in his room, but his eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness yet. Clouds covered the night sky.

Once the clouds outside parted, allowing the moonlight to streak into the window, the beams of light fell on a pale face. That pale face belonged to Draco Malfoy.

Harry stared up in wonder at the face of his known rival. Draco's eyes were still closed, and his breaths long, as if he was still sleeping.

Harry couldn't help but feel that Draco actually looked beautiful, with the moonlight shining down his blonde locks of hair.

Harry stood from his bed, walking over to the Draco's sleeping form. Harry didn't know what to do. He knew he should wake Draco, but he couldn't feel a want to watch him more. Just to memorize how entrancing Draco looked at this very moment

Harry shook his head. He didn't have these kinds of thoughts. He wasn't gay.

Slowly he raised his hand to Draco's shoulder, shaking him lightly. Draco's eyes fluttered for a moment, before popping open at the sight of Harry Potter shaking him.

"Stop it, Potter!" Draco hissed menacingly, slapping Harry's hand away. "I'm awake now."

Draco glared at Harry. "What are you staring at, Potter?" Harry immediately turned a bright shade of red. Draco didn't notice, though, since the room was so dark.

Draco scanned the room with his eyes. "I don't know how you got me here," Draco said angrily. "But I demand that you send me back NOW!"

Harry shrugged. "I didn't bring you here," He said with a small sneer in his voice. "Send yourself back."

Harry turned, heading back to his bed. Draco grabbed Harry and flung him around. "I just woke up to find myself here. Which means you brought me here Potter! Send me back!"

Suddenly Harry heard stirring from down the hall. "Shut up, Malfoy." He said placing his hand over Draco's mouth. "If you wake up my uncle and aunt, there will be more trouble than you can imagine."

Draco glared at Harry, but took a hint, and shut his mouth. "I don't care how I got here" he hissed, "but you had better find some way to send me back."

Harry motioned to his bed. "Sit down, Malfoy, before you give yourself a heart attack."

Draco glared at him, but went and sat down anyway. "So how do you expect to get me home Potter?"

Harry began to slowly pace the small length of his room. "You aparated in here, you should be able to just aparate back."

"I aparated in my sleep" Draco said "If what you say even is true."

Harry scowled at him, then resumed his pacing. "We can't floo, you can't seem to aparate, and you don't have a broom, so that leaves us with..."

"Nothing!" Draco interrupted Harry. "That leaves us with no way for me to get home."

Harry sighed, going to his bed and sitting next to Draco. "Then I guess you're stuck here until morning."

Draco looked over at Harry, like he had just condemned him to life in Azkaban. "If I'm here in the morning, then my father will find me." Draco said, with a look of fear on his face that Harry had never seen. "You have no idea how much he would beat me for being here."

"Draco...I didn't know..." Harry said, placing his hand on Draco's shoulder.

Draco immediately leapt from the bed, his eyes burning with hate. "Don't touch me" His voice beginning to rise, "You have such a perfect life here! No one knows how terrible I have it."

Harry looked like he had just been slapped. Last time I try to be nice to him Harry thought. "Fine then Malfoy, find your own way home!"

Draco stared at Harry as he rolled over pulling the covers over his head. "You can't leave me like this!"

Harry rolled over to look at Draco. "Either you stop being your pig headed Slytherin self, or else I don't give a flying fuck..."

Draco's face fell. He knew that his only chance to save himself from a severe beating was to work with this Gryffindor. "Fine, Potter. Get me home, please!"

Harry stood up, walking over to Hedwig. "I think we should write to Dumbledore. He would know how to get you out of here"

"Are you crazy! Dumbledore doesn't care about me. He would just write me father."

"Get over yourself Malfoy. I will write to Dumbledore and ask him to not tell your father."

"You think he will actually do that?!? He doesn't care, he would probably like it that I got beat."

Harry winced at the harshness of Draco's voice. "Dumbledore isn't like that. He would do this for me, if not for you."

Malfoy's face turned into a harsh sneer. "Oh yes, Dumbledore's little baby here with Draco Malfoy. He would be here in a second, but only to place me under the cruciatus curse."

"Just trust me Malfoy. It's the only chance you've got."

"I will not let you destroy me!" Malfoy screamed.

Harry leapt to his feet, quickly placing his hand over Draco's mouth. "Do you want me uncle to kill both of us? Keep your mouth shut."

"Harry Potter!" Harry's eyes fell when he heard that voice. Draco had awakened his uncle.

Harry glared at Draco. "Now you've done it Malfoy." He looked around the room quickly. "We have got to hide you."

Harry quickly decided on the bed, shoving Draco under it. "I can't believe I'm down here, hiding like a rat." Draco complained.

Harry sighed; he could hear his uncle unlocking the several bolts, placed to keep him in.

His uncle burst through the door, his face a crimson red. "What the devil are you doing up this early, talking to yourself."

"Nothing uncle Vernon." Harry lied.

"We give you a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and even Dudley's second room. Out of the goodness of our hearts. And we get rewarded by being woken at 3AM!?!"

Harry winced, as his uncles booming voice seem to shake the room. "I'm sorry uncle. I won't do it again."

"And don't even think of letting that bloody bird out." Vernon said, staring at Hedwig.

Vernon turned leaving the room. Slamming the door, and locking it on his way out.

"Is it safe to come out." Came a whisper from under the bed.

Harry couldn't help letting out a small giggle. "Yes Malfoy, you can come out now."

Draco pulled at the carpeting, seeming to have some trouble escaping Harry's bed. "We had better do something fast" Draco said, once free of Harry's bed.


"Cause at 6 my father gets up. And if he finds me not in my room he will search for me."

"So, it would probably take him a while to find you here."

"No you don't understand. He's got tracking charms on me, so that I could never run away."

Suddenly something popped into his head that he hadn't thought of for the entire time Draco had been standing in his room. "Wait a second. Wasn't your dad imprisoned in Azkaban for being a death-eater."

"Yes, but since there are no dementors left at Azkaban, people have been escaping like crazy."

"So why hasn't the Order stepped in and stopped it."

"Cause they have bigger problems. Like the recent attacks on Muggles and Wizards."

"Yeah you're probably right..."

Harry seemed to space out for a second, brought back when Draco grabbed his shoulder. "If you don't want to die, you had better start writing that letter to Dumbledore."

Harry looked at him comically. "So its ok for you to touch me, but not ok for me to touch you?"

Draco blushed a moment, before hastily removing his hand. "Just start the letter before my dad finds us."

Harry turned to his desk, starting to letter. "Why do you care anyway, I mean if I get killed. Its not like we're friends or anything."

"I jus don't want anyone to get hurt, alright Potter."

Harry shrugged, then handed the letter to Hedwig. "Get this to Dumbledore as fast as you can. And make sure he gives you some sort of reply."

Hedwig cooed softly, rubbing against Harry's arm. Harry picked her up, taking her to the open window. "Hurry Hedwig."

And with that she was gone.


Harry paced the small space of his room nervously. Why hadn't Hedwig come back yet? What could be taking so long?

After almost an hour, Harry heard a soft tapping on the glass. He hurried over opening his window. Hedwig had finally returned, holding a letter from Dumbledore.

Harry pulled Hedwig inside, placing her on Draco's lap. Draco began to pet Hedwig absent-mindedly as Harry tore the letter open.

Harry read the letter quickly, then jumped slightly as Draco grabbed his shoulder. "Well read it Potter."

Harry sighed, "Dear Harry,"

"Though I am concerned about how Draco Malfoy ended up in your room at the early hours of the morning, but be assured, I have refrained from sending a letter to his father."

"There will be a member of the Order that will come to pick you up soon, and return Mr. Malfoy to his house quickly."

"The fireplace at the Dursley's has been temporarily hooked up to the floo network. So tell Mr. Malfoy to wait downstairs."

"Remember to grab your school items before leaving the Dursley's, as you will most likely not have a chance to pick them up."

"Sincerely, Dumbledore."

Harry looked up from the letter. "Alright well that solves that problem. Now just to escape without the Dursley's knowing."

Harry quickly gathered everything together, while Draco watched in fascination at how hard Harry was working. "Why don't you have House-elves to do that for you?"

Harry shot Draco a dark glare. "Cause I live with Muggles, Malfoy. Now help me with my trunk before I break my back."

Draco sighed, as he got to his feet, walking to Harry's side. "On three..." Harry said softly. "One...Two...Three..." They both grabbed tight to the handles, pulling it over to the door.

Draco sighed as he let his side drop with a 'thump'. "I wish we were legal age to use magic. It would be so much easier than this."

Harry jus shook his head, turning grabbing the doorknob of his room. His face suddenly going pale. "Uncle Vernon locked the door." He said in a hushed whisper. "How are we supposed to get out now?"


Harry listened as the locks on the opposite side of the door clicked softly. 1...2...3...4...5...6... then the door sprang open, to reveal Professor Snape towering above them.

"Come now you two, don't sit there and stare like little school girls." Snape turned, hurrying down the hall.

Harry grabbed his trunk, heading for the stairs. "Come on Malfoy, you don't want to end up late getting home do you?"

The statement seemed to inspire some sort of fear into Draco, who then ran from his current position, and into the living room.

Harry soon had his bags out, and stacked in the living room. Draco was standing near the fire, while Snape tried desperately to retrieve the floo powder, without spilling any.

"Here Draco." Snape said, handing Draco a large handful. "I shall see you in 2 weeks at school."

Drake nodded smiling at Snape. "Malfoy Mansion." Draco said, disappearing in a bright blaze of green flames.

"Come on Potter." Snape said coldly. "Get your trunk in here so we can get going." Snape motioned to the still burning fire in the room.

Harry frowned, he hadn't known they would be taking the floo network to school. He has been hoping for something easier, like the Knights bus.

But he didn't complain. He simply pulled his heavy trunk across the floor, and into the embers of the fire.

Once he had positioned everything safely around himself, Snape handed him a handful of floo powder. "You're going to the Gryffindor tower." Snape stated.

Harry nodded, folding his fist around the Floo powder. "Gryffindor Tower." And with that, he vanished from the dark living room, of the Dursley's house.


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