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"He took me out to dinner," Makoto blushed and Ami looked at her with a smile. She held her books to her as they walked quietly up to their high school. Ami looked forward as Makoto gushed about her new relationship and her smile widened when she saw a familiar blonde waiting for them.

"Minako… you're on time. That's wonderful," Ami smiled walking up to her and Minako grinned.

"It's a miracle! Someone call Jesus and thank him personally," A female voice laughed from behind her as she wrapped an arm around the blonde's shoulder.

"Oh honestly…" Minako said shoving the priestess off of her. "I'm just waiting for Usagi… I didn't talk to her yesterday. I'm just kinda worried," she mumbled with a shrug and Rei laughed.

"We can't talk to the meatball head everyday… we'd be stalking her," she mumbled looking at her nails.

"But it's our job to protect her. I'm kind of getting worried too," Makoto mumbled looking at them and Ami looked at Rei who sighed.

"Well, I'm sure Mamoru will be here soon with her," she smiled reassuringly and Rei nodded. The girls plopped down on a bench outside of the building and stared at the road before them.

The bell shrieked in the background and Ami let out a deep breath.

"There goes my perfect record," she mumbled and Makoto nodded.

"Guys… she is probably sick," Rei said standing and Makoto nodded.

"You're probably right. We're getting ourselves worked up for nothing…" She said trying to convince herself more then anyone else.

"Usagi always skips at least one day a month and she hasn't so this is her skip day," Ami smiled standing and the other two nodded. Minako sighed and stared at the pavement on the road.

"But she always tells me her skip days," she mumbled then regrettably stood.

"Come on…" Rei said putting an arm around her shoulders.

"I'll just go visit her after school," Minako said and the others nodded.

"Yeah… she could be sick too," Makoto mumbled then the girls stopped and looked at her. "The flu," she stated and the girls looked at each other then took a step away from each other. The four quietly walked into the high school building.

Minako rounded the corner, a cat bouncing at her feet as she ran towards the house she had done so many times before.

"This is the final straw.. I'm looking up apartments for us today," Minako said and Artemis nodded as he puffed to keep up with her. Minako skidded to a stop in front of the picket fence house and smiled, her blue school skirt blowing in the wind.

"Hey Luna," Artemis puffed seeing her sitting quietly outside the gate.
"Is Usagi in there?" Minako asked walking past them. She didn't wait for an answer and trotted up to the steps. With a smile she pounded on the door.

Artemis lay next to her and tried to catch his breath as he spied up towards his companion.

"What are you doing out here anyway?" He asked looking up at her. Her face remained still and she just stared at the house before her. He stared at her then slowly leaned towards her. "Luna?" He asked and she remained silent.

The door opened and Minako smiled.

"Hello Mrs. Tuskino! Is Usagi-chan in?" She asked happily and the woman before her looked confused.

"I'm sorry… I don't think you have the right house," she mumbled and Artemis looked towards the front door and then at Luna. He gulped and walked towards Minako.

"Usagi. You're daughter," Minako tried with a smile and the dark haired woman shook her head.

"I don't have a daughter," she replied and Minako stared at her, her eyes displaying clearly the truth she was telling her.

"But that's… that's impossible," Minako mumbled and Luna's head fell sadly. "I mean she's my best friend… Tuskino, Usagi," Minako tried and the women looked at her sadly and shook her head. Artemis bolted into the house and the woman let out a scream.

"Not again! What is it with the cats today!?" Mrs. Tuskino cried and Minako turned and stared at the black cat that sat outside of the gate. She gasped and then ran past the woman after the cat.

"Artemis!" She cried and the woman gasped and shut the door running after both the girl and the cat.

"Miss!" She cried and Minako raced up the steps and rounded the corner. She stared at the plain door that once bore Usagi's name and then she turned the knob and pushed it open.

Everything seemed to stop and go silent. Her jaw dropped and she almost let out a scream. Her hands went to her mouth and she stared horrified at the blue room before her that contained a sewing machine and some exercise equipment.

"No…" Minako breathed and Artemis ran around the room, looking for any sign of his Princess. "Oh my God…" She cried and tears came to her eyes as she stepped inside her best friend's room. Nothing remained that once was there but two days before. Even the pink walls were no more.

"Excuse me! I will have to ask you to leave my house and take that cat with you!" A woman's voice cried behind her and Minako spun around.

"I'm sorry," she cried sadly and then scooped up the white cat and raced from the room. "Sorry," she cried again as she raced from the house. The front door slammed behind her and she let out a cry as a few tears streamed down her face.

"Where is she!?" Artemis demanded from Minako's arms and Minako dropped him to the ground. He ran towards Luna and Luna looked at him sadly, a tear coming from her eyes.

"I don't know," she cried. "I woke up at Minako's this morning and came here to find her… Mrs. Tuskino chased me out when she didn't know who I was," she whispered quietly and Minako let out a sob.
"I have to tell the others," she cried then pushed herself to her feet and ran to the gate. The two cats watched her as she took off down the street. Quickly they bounded after her.

Ami bolted from the door and raced towards the mailbox. She gasped reaching it as she pulled it open and yanked the letters from inside.

"It isn't there," A voice said from behind her and she growled.

"Oh you nosy…" She grinned turning around to face him and he smiled. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. She sighed and looked at the letters in her hand, none containing the acceptance letter into Tokyo U Med. Her face suddenly fell as she came across two envelopes. One simply said in neat script: The scouts. The other said: My friends.

"What are those?" Zoycite asked curiously and Ami shrugged as she turned over the scouts letter and quickly opened it. She removed the neat piece of paper and read it, her blue eyes scanning its contents. Suddenly a scream left her lips and she fell, Zoycite cupping his arms under hers and catching her before she hit the pavement.

"Oh no!" She cried as tears came to her eyes. Zoycite blinked and read the letter's contents and he gulped. She looked at him shocked and he nodded.

"Call your scouts. I will tell no one," he whispered and she moved to head back in the house when suddenly beeping went off around them. Zoycite blinked and stared at his wrist as Ami dug her communicator out of her pocket.

"Ami here," she responded as Zoycite moved away to answer his own call.

"Ami… Usagi is gone! Her memory has been erased from everyone… no teacher remembers her… her family doesn't believe they had her… her room is gone… We're meeting at Mamoru's… we have to tell the Prince," Minako said fear coming to her already emotion filled voice and Ami gasped and stared at the letter in her hands. She tried to respond but Minako closed the link and Ami looked horrified at Zoycite who turned to stare at her.

"It was Kunzite. They went in a quick investigation of the missing Princess. They have exhausted all of their efforts… we have to tell Endymion," he mumbled and Ami nodded as tears came to her eyes.

"We have to tell them about these letters," she cried and he nodded and he grabbed her hand and they quickly ran down the street.

Mamoru looked out of his balcony windows and then something stabbed at his chest. He turned and grabbed his jacket from across one of his chairs. She didn't come to him last night… not that he would have noticed since he was completely passed out. He put a hand to his forehead and groaned. He had overslept. He sighed, a feeling of guilt passing over him at the thought of Usagi late for school. He pulled on his jacket slowly. He would have to make it up to her.

The door to his apartment opened and a slight smile came to his face as he leaned that way. Expectant to see the bouncing blonde he blinked seeing his guards enter.

"Hello Boys," Mamoru sighed and then he stopped seeing four quiet females following them inside. "What's with the party?" He asked and fixed his collar around his neck. "Where is Usagi?" He asked, worry coming into his heart as his features displayed a gruff exterior.

"Mamoru," Ami said quietly and she looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Your highness… Serenity is gone," Kunzite mumbled and Mamoru froze and stared at the eight that stood before him.

"Wait…" He mumbled as he took a step closer to them. "Are you trying to tell me that your one duty on this planet… you're one mission and our one reason for life has vanished and she is no where to be found?" He asked, anger rising in his voice and the eight looked down sadly.

"I went to her home and there is not even a trace of her existence. Her family denies ever knowing her," Minako said sadly, tears streaming down her face. "She has been erased," she whispered quietly and Kunzite gently took her hand in his own.

"I received a letter from her," Ami mumbled holding up one small white envelope. The eight had met in the lobby, anxious and full of fear at the loss of their Princess. Zoycite had spilled the story to them as Ami pulled Minako aside. Minako looked at Ami quietly as she held up the single letter, Minako's hand absently running across the second letter hidden in her coat pocket. Mamoru looked at her, pain now coming clearly to his eyes as he urged her to continue. She sniffed and slowly tore it open, Zoycite standing behind her. The envelope read simply, "To my friends,"

"Dear friends," Ami began and she sucked in a deep breath. "By now you have realized I am gone. Do not come looking for me for I will not be found. I have a deep confession to make that has driven me to what I am today. After the last battle with Galaxia I had been attacked in our final moments. It was then that I lost the thing we had all hoped in for a bright future. I lost the Imperium Crystal," she mumbled and a gasp went through those gathered. Slowly Mamoru fell onto the arm of a chair and stared heartbroken at the mistress of Mercury as she continued, sobs tearing through her chest.

"I have failed you as the Princess of the Moon and supposed savior of our time. I cannot live a lie before you any longer. Until I can find the crystal I am of no use to anyone and have doomed our future. I love you all and I am sorry I let you down. Now hopefully I can set you free from protecting the lie that I have become. Live your lives to the fullest my dearest friends and I pray we meet again. Love always, Tuskino Usagi," Ami mumbled, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"How…" Kunzite mumbled and Minako shook her head.

"How is this possible?" She whispered and Luna quietly walked into the room.

"It is true… Usagi has been long without her powers… a deep darkness was trapped inside of her that drove the crystal far away from her," she said sadly and Nephlyte looked at the kitty unconvinced.

"How can a deep darkness reside in her? We all would have known…" He accused and Luna could not answer him.

"I am sorry Your Highness…" Luna said sadly and Mamoru looked at the tiny cat before him. "I could not save her," she whispered and the small animal began to shake.

"She was not yours to save," he said sadly and Rei let out a sob.

"Oh my God…" She cried and Makoto followed suit followed by Ami and Minako as they all burst into tears and sobs.

"We have failed," Minako cried and Kunzite looked sadly upon his love and held her gently in his arms. Mamoru stared at the floor, a single tear slipping down his cheek.

"Usa…" He whispered and his fist clenched as his eyes tightly shut.

Deep fog filled the area of darkness and fear clutched to the young girl's heart. She grasped her cloak around her firmly as she followed in the strong footsteps of her protectors. She shivered remembering the show of their power to get her to this place.

"Stop!" A thundering voice cut through the air and Usagi gasped, her blue eyes looking out past the hood on her head. A hand took hers and the two tall guardians before her bowed on one knee. "Who dares approach the Time gate?" Her voice continued and Usagi pulled off her hood, her blonde buns being exposed into the light area as they stepped forward.

"I do," she replied and wind rushed by and her eyes widened to stare at the tall form of Sailor Pluto standing before a large oaken door encrusted with jewels.

"Princess…" The voice said softly as she bowed her head, her hands leaning upon her staff.

"We have brought her here for you Pluto," Uranus said and the older woman's dark green hair swirled around her as she stared with wonder at her fellow soldiers.

"What do you wish of me your highness?" She asked, her deep eyes staring into her Princess'.

"I need to speak with my mother," she said simply and Neptune let out a soft gasp then quickly covered her mouth.

"Your highness…" Pluto began, her head slightly shaking.

"I know the taboo I would be causing… It is a matter of life and death that I speak with her," Usagi said sternly, stepping away from Uranus and Neptune, Saturn quietly watching her walk towards the tall woman she loved. "I am asking permission for a time room… a room where I can pull the Queen of the Moon into a time where I can ask her how I might find the crystal,"

"The Silver Imperium Crystal?" Pluto asked and Usagi's eyes fell and she sighed sadly.

"Yes… I have lost it," she admitted and Uranus and Neptune's heads shot up and stared with horror at the Princess before them. Pluto's eyes widened and she looked at her comrades who could only stare.

"As you wish…" Pluto said quietly and she dipped her staff forward and Usagi gulped slightly.

Fog swirled around her and Usagi looked at the empty white room that was filled with smoke. She felt like she was floating on a cloud.

"There are rules you must stick to your highness," A voice said as Pluto walked around her. Usagi nodded, a cloak resting on her shoulders.

"Yes, I know," she replied and Pluto nodded.

"You shall not speak of the future or anything that has happened to the Moon Kingdom," she stated and Usagi nodded. "You must also not step into the past,"

"I will reveal nothing that will change our times. I understand this great responsibility," she replied and Pluto looked into the deep blue eyes of her Princess and her heart broke as she saw the sadness there.

"I hope your talk goes well," Pluto whispered and soon she vanished into the fog as well. Usagi let out a deep breath and looked around the empty room. A noise was heard behind her and she spun around seeing a section of the room creating a long rectangular door. The image cleared and then displayed a clear picture of the past and Usagi gasped. It was a bedroom that looked almost made out of pearl. She quietly approached the door and looked inside. The room was beautiful and she let out a sigh and smiled when suddenly a figure walked into her limited view. Silver hair flowed to the floor as a woman in a slender gown approached her vanity, her fingers slowly removing her earrings. Usagi gasped and her form fell backwards in awe and fear as she stared at the figure she had only seen in her dreams.

"Mother," she cried out brokenly and suddenly the Queen turned, her bright blue eyes looking almost towards Usagi and she gasped. The Queen's brow furrowed and she looked around the room curiously. Usagi blinked and slowly crawled towards her figure. "Mother," she whispered and tears came to Usagi's eyes and she began to weep. She stopped moving and stared as she watched her mother slowly sit at her vanity. She was graceful and elegant. Usagi pulled her knees up and began to cry. She couldn't speak to her… she would be so disappointed. She would be frantic that Usagi had lost the Crystal. Usagi looked up when she saw a flash of light through the portal. She gasped seeing Sailor Pluto now appear in the room.

"Pluto…" Queen Selenity gasped as she rose from her chair, almost knocking it over. She nearly lost her balance as she gripped for something to hold, fear jumping to her chest.

"My Queen," Pluto said with a bow of her head.

"What are you doing here?" Selenity demanded as she regained her posture.

"My Queen… you're daughter is in danger," Pluto said softly and fear jumped to Selenity's perfect features. She rushed towards the warrior and grasped onto her.

"What is the matter? Tell me is my daughter all right?" She cried and Pluto nodded and then grasped onto her Queen's arms.

"Forgive me my Queen," she mumbled and pushed her backwards. Selenity gasped and her form suddenly vanished from the room. Pluto sighed and her form too quickly disappeared.

Usagi gasped seeing her mother's form come towards her and then suddenly materialize through the portal. She held her breath as her mother landed gently on the clouds and she gasped sitting up.

"Pluto!" She cried and stared in horror at her bedroom through the portal. She glanced around and suddenly her eyes fell upon the creature huddled on the ground five feet away. "Who are you?" She asked sternly as she tried to get to her feet. Usagi sniffed and leaned forward pulling off her hood.

"Mother," she whispered and Selenity's face crumbled with emotion.

"Serenity?" She cried and Usagi nodded with a gulp, tears streaming down her face. "My child," she cried and rushed to her. Usagi gasped and threw her arms around her mother as she held her tightly to her. "What is the matter… Serenity…" She cried and pulled back to look into her daughter's face. She ran her hands down her daughter's cheek and then her breath hitched as they ran through her golden locks.

"I am from the future. My name is Usagi," Usagi whispered and Serenity's eyes widened. "Mother I cannot tell you anymore except that I am in great need of your help… I have failed the crown," she cried and her face fell and Selenity's face contorted into worry and sadness.

"My child you could never do such a thing… tell me what has happened," she asked and pulled her daughter into her arms. Usagi wept holding onto her. So many dreams… so many times she had cried out to her mother asking why she was the way she was… her mother… her real mother. She wept harder as she held onto her.

"I have missed you," Usagi cried and the Queen held her tighter, her face contorting into sadness.

Minako rushed them into a room quietly and Rei spun around to face her leader. Tears had long sense dried onto her features.

"She left two letters," she whispered pulling out the other and Makoto let a sob escape her lips. Ami stood quietly as the four huddled together. Minako quickly removed it form her pocket and pulled it out of the open envelope. Ami looked up and the others exchanged looks as Minako opened it and began to read it out loud.

"My best friends, by the time you read this I will be gone. I had to run away, I want you all to understand. I have ruined his life and my own and with the loss of the crystal I know I am a failure to the crown I was meant to protect. Do not forget me. There are no better warriors or friends than the four of you and I will come back if only for you. Do not tell Mamoru he was the cause of my departure because that would only be half-true. Help him get over me… I fear I may never be his Princess again. Love always, Meatball Head," she whispered and Rei put a hand over her mouth.

A knock came at the door and Minako messily shoved the letter back into the envelope and then into her pocket. Kunzite opened the door slowly to spy the four scouts huddled together. He stepped inside and closed the door.

"Something alarmed me," he mumbled and Minako gulped looking at him. The other girls looked away. "Luna said that Usagi had darkness inside of her…" He began and then all of the girls looked back to him, worry leaving them about the other letter. "We are going to invade the Prince's memories to see what happened during the last battle. We need you all to be there to perhaps fill in the pieces," he finished and Minako nodded.

"Of course," she whispered and he held out his arm. She took it and they walked out of the room, the other scouts following them.

Gently she lifted her daughter's head, their blue eyes meeting. Usagi sniffed and fingered her mother's perfect silver locks.

"Tell me how I can help you," her angelic voice filled the room and Usagi's tear filled eyes fell on her. She gently took her mother's hand and placed it over her chest, under her throat. A light began to emit from under her mother's fingertips and Usagi let out a cry of pain. Queen Selenity pulled back as pain surged through her hand. Usagi fell to the ground and Queen Selenity gasped horrified. "My darling…"
"Mother… the crystal has turned against me… it has vanished and all I have is this in me," she cried, the light slowly fading. Panic came into the regal woman's form as she stared at her daughter, uncertain of what to do with the situation. "Oh mom… was I always this horrible at being a Princess?" She whimpered and Queen Selenity blinked.

"You are a fine Princess… wonderful. Your heart is pure and you bring joy to everyone you meet. You even had a Prince fall in love with you… an enemy at that," she mumbled and Usagi gulped, guilt coming to her eyes as she looked up at her.

"I thought you didn't…" She mumbled and Queen Selenity smiled smoothing down her daughter's golden locks. She sighed with wonder at them.

"I am your mother Serenity… I know everything," she whispered and sighed lovingly. "You look so much like your father… how he would love to see you now," she smiled and Usagi smiled weakly.

"He has," she whispered and Queen Serenity pulled her face towards her own and they leaned their foreheads against one another's. Usagi put her hands over her mothers and sighed. She pulled away and her thumb gently ran across Usagi's forehead. A yellow moon flickered there then vanished and Queen Selenity sighed sadly.

"You have lost it?" She asked quietly and Usagi let a sob escape her lips. "It is a miracle you are alive…" She mumbled and Usagi wept before her.

"What do you mean mother?" She cried and the Queen held her face lovingly.

"You and the crystal are one just like I am… I have a feeling in the time you live in I am not with you… which means you alone are it's carrier… it gives you life Serenity," she whispered and Usagi gulped. She looked down… this made no sense. Ever since her last battle she had felt a part of her die… perhaps that was the crystal…

"Would not having the crystal keep me from being who I am?" Usagi asked and the Queen raised a delicate eyebrow at her.

"My darling I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to tell me. You are you and nothing is different about that… you can't be someone different and with or without the crystal you are the same…" She whispered and Usagi shook her head miserably.

"But I'm not… it's like I am a monster, ruining everyone's lives. I want to be who I know I am but even I fight myself against it… I don't want to live out a past that I already have," she cried and the Queen took her lovingly into her arms. Distress hit her heart… her daughter was not making any sense.

"You are my daughter Serenity… my pride and my joy…" She smiled lovingly and Usagi's eyes locked with hers. She held her breath seeing the tears of love in her mother's eyes. "You were given a special gift… and along with me a duty that is far greater then our own lives or happiness… to protect the galaxy,"

"To protect Earth," Usagi added hanging her head and Queen Selenity smiled raising her chin.

"That is your destiny my love… something I did not give you but you have chosen yourself. Your father and I could not be more happy for you…" She cried and Usagi sniffed.

Ami sat quietly next to Makoto and Minako, her computer trained on the form sitting across from them on the couch. His four generals loomed next to him as well as Rei.

"We are going to project your memories," Rei explained uneasily and Mamoru looked up at her, indifference on his features. Luna and Artemis stood ready on the coffee table. "Luna is going to shoot something into your forehead and your generals will use their power to unlock your memory while I will then project it through my ESP onto the wall in front of you," she carefully explained and Mamoru nodded.

"Whatever you must," he whispered and Rei let out a deep breath. The four tall men gathered behind their Prince and Rei gulped. She looked up to see blue eyes staring at her and her heart fluttered as he smiled, showing his confidence in her. She stepped behind Luna and Luna sat facing the Prince of Earth.

"This may hurt a little," she mumbled and Mamoru blinked but before he could reply a single beam shot from Luna's small crescent moon on her forehead. Mamoru froze as it interacted with the middle of his head. Kunzite laid his hand out to his Prince as the other three generals followed, all of their eyes closing. Minako gasped suddenly seeing small circles appear on the general's foreheads, shifting as two colors shone from them. Suddenly the same shape appeared on Mamoru's forehead that was lined in silver.

"It's the crest of Earth and their royalty," Ami whispered and Minako grinned.

"So, there mother… I did marry well," she mumbled and Makoto grinned at her. Mamoru let out a cry and his eyes clenched. Rei held out her hand and she closed her eyes waiting for something to come to her. Slowly the generals began to search his mind, memories coming to them like a flood until Rei was hit with something. She gasped and with one hand pointed at the Prince, the other flew to the wall and Minako, Ami and Makoto turned to stare at it as a picture began to form. Mamoru winced as the memory replayed before his mind…


Crashes were heard as explosions echoed throughout the castle. A scream echoed throughout the room and he turned trying to get to the voice. His hat had long since fallen off but he didn't care… he had to find her… After that last explosion everything had come clear… he had followed her here not because he wanted to just protect her but because he had to be with her. He had to find out the truth… and finally he did. He looked up and saw her sitting on the ground before the defeated evil.

"Usagi!" He cried and her head turned. Dirt smudged across her and she let out a breath and slowly moved towards him. He limped her way and then pulled her into his arms.

"Mamoru…" She cried, wrapping her arms tightly around him. He pulled back and put a hand to her face.

"All my life… all this time… you were right under my nose," he said, tears streaming down his face and she smiled. She gently reached up and touched his face and tears filled her eyes.

"My Prince…" She cried and he nodded. "You were the part of my memory I couldn't remember…" She whispered and he leaned down towards her. Her eyes slowly closed as their lips moved to touch. She tore away as pain passed through her. Mamoru gasped and saw Metallia before them.

"NO!" He yelled and Usagi collapsed in pain, a shimmering sword protruding from her back. Metallia coughed as blood and scratches shown across her body.

"You may have killed me…" She rasped, her form backing up in agony. "But I will take her from you… she will never rule this world and she will never be yours again Prince Endymion…" She hissed and her form coughed and let out a cry of pain as it collapsed to the floor. Mamoru looked horrified and gently took his Princess in his arms. He looked to see Metallia disintegrate. He turned back to Usagi's lifeless form as everything around them began to vanish. Slowly the sword in her back left and the wound sealed, a scar lying where it once rested. He pulled her into his arms as the rest of the castle they had been consumed in vanished. He stared at her lifeless body and gently put a hand on her chest… a light beginning to burn there and he quickly removed his hand as it burned his fingertips.


Rei gasped and her arms fell as Mamoru let out a cry of pain. His form collapsed from the couch and hit the hardwood floor. Jedite gasped and rushed to Rei, taking her weakly in his arms. Kunzite grasped onto the couch for support as the others exchanged a look.

"No!" Mamoru cried and Minako stared in horror at the now blank wall.

"She planted something in her…" She cried and Ami shook her head, tears falling down her face.

"We found them after in the park… we all had died… but after Usagi used the last of her energy to kill Metallia we all came back to life… including her. The Silver Crystal saved us. I had no idea that she was attacked again after it was all over…" She whispered and Luna shook her head.

"Metallia must have erased our minds to it… Must have locked it deep within Mamoru-San's memory," she said sadly and Kunzite nodded.

"We had to use most of our energy to get through the firewalls hidden in his mind… that was the only locked part we had trouble getting into," he confirmed and Minako sighed sadly.

"The way her chest glowed…" Artemis mumbled and Makoto gulped and walked to stand near Nephlyte. He wrapped an arm around her and she buried her face in his neck. He looked at the other men in the room. Gently Zoycite pulled his trembling Prince from the floor and set him back on the couch.

"Metallia's threat…" Luna whispered and she looked back at Mamoru… Usagi had chosen not to rule this planet with him and they never got together…

"What are we going to do now?" Makoto asked and the room fell silent.

"We're all getting apartments together…" Minako suddenly cried and Rei nodded with a gulp. Tears started to stream down the young girl's face. "And then we are going to wait…" She said sternly, sniffing. "We are going to wait for our Princess to return," she cried, sobs trembling through her.

"Then we are going to cut whatever the hell that is out of her," Ami spat and Zoycite grinned at his love.

"Indeed we are," he replied gently pulling her to her feet.

"It must be a dark crystal… it most likely has captured the Silver Crystal and hiding it deep within Usagi… that must be it… That must be the reason she cannot find it… but her body would not be able to live without it. It has to be inside of her," Luna said into the air and Artemis nodded.

"Without the crystal Usagi would die… the darkness that is in her probably kept the crystal Prisoner as well as who she truly is… or what she truly wants to come out," he mumbled glancing over his shoulder at the unconscious form of the Prince of Earth. Silence fell again until Artemis finished. "But for now… we will do as Minako says."

Rei sighed adjusting the plant once more in the wooden space.

"Well…it almost looks like home," she sighed glancing at the wooden floors of their new duplex. Arms wrapped around her and she let her shoulders droop.

"Rei…" A soft voice said above her and she gulped.

"I miss her," she cried and Jedite nodded leaning his head against his loves. The disappearance of the Moon Princess did not help anyone's relationship except to make them companionable in their depression. Three weeks had passed silently since her disappearance. In that time the girls had found a large duplex down the street from Mamoru's apartment complex that housed him and his four generals. The duplex was purchased with Minako's money from her long dead acting career. It was larger space then the four girls needed but they intended on keeping it for when they would all be together once more…

"How is Mamoru-san?" A quiet voice asked into the living room and Minako looked up from her book that she was reading on the sofa. She was curious to know that answer to. Jedite looked at Kunzite who sat contently near his love, her form snuggled to him.

"He has locked us out of his abode," Jedite replied and Rei gasped spinning around in his arms. "We have not seen him for four days now… just talk to him through our communicators.

"Oh no…" Ami said slumping into a chair. "What are we going to do?" She cried and Kunzite sighed.

"I do not fear of his depression… I fear he may start hating her," Kunzite mumbled and Minako wrapped her arms tightly around him and he sighed sadly, his heart aching. Jedite pulled away from Rei and looked down sadly. She blinked looking at him.

"I don't feel right being here…" He said suddenly and Rei looked down. He turned to Rei and took her face in his hands and looked at her sadly. "I have waited my life to love you… and then an extra thousand years but I can't… I can't love you when I know my Prince is in such agony," he whispered and Rei sniffed, tears coming to her eyes. "That is why Zoycite and Nephlyte never come here…" He mumbled and tears filled Ami's eyes. Rei grasped his hands.

"I love you," she cried and he nodded a tear slipping down her cheek.

"We will be together," he whispered and she nodded strongly and then lurched forward and latched her lips to his. He deepened the kiss, tasting her for all she was worth then pulled away abruptly. His form grabbed his coat and rushed out of the door. Rei sucked in a shattering breath and Mako stood, ready to comfort her. Kunzite hugged Minako tightly and she nodded as he pulled away from her.

"I love you Minet…" He whispered quietly in her ear and she shuttered. She kissed his hand and he too left the apartment.

"Oh God!" Rei cried. "I want her back… and I don't want her back so Jedite and I can be together… I feel the same way… if my Princess cannot be with the man she loves then I will not either… But I want her to be with me!" She cried miserably and Makoto pulled her into her arms.

"Me too," she whispered, tears filling her eyes as the priestess sobbed on her shoulder.

"It's been almost three weeks!" Ami cried and dropped her book to the floor. "I still have heard no word from the Outer Senshi… we can't even get in touch with them to tell them she is gone," she mumbled and Minako looked at her.

"They have her Ami… who else would Usagi run to that would take her away?" She asked and Makoto sighed miserably.

"At least she is safe… she is with those who would give their life for her," she mumbled and Rei shook her head.

"She should be with us!" She cried out.

"Girls!" A voice suddenly shouted and they all came to attention as two cats ran into the room and Luna jumped onto the coffee table before them with a skid. "I know why Usagi's chest glowed…" She said, out of breath as the girls all turned to her. Artemis jumped to her side and Minako leaned forward.

"Why?" She asked and Luna gulped, trying to catch her breath.

"I couldn't think of it for the longest time… then a memory hit me… Usagi use to dream about being Princess Serenity… one morning she bolted up and cried out in pain. She grabbed her chest and soon the pain went away… She was dreaming about her Prince," Luna said and Ami looked at Minako who shrugged.

"I'm not following… you aren't making sense," Ami tried, her patience running out.

"Falling in love with Mamoru was the only piece of her life she never got to fulfill once again… every time she dreamed about him or kissed him, her chest would burn. It was the crystal… trying to break free," Luna explained and Minako shook her head.

"But it hurt her…" She tried and Luna gulped once again and Artemis sighed.

"It was killing her," he explained and Ami gasped and stood.

"The crystal… it kills darkness… it is trying to kill the darkness inside of Usagi…" She cried and Rei gasped and she and Makoto rushed forward.

"But that would kill her!" She screamed and Ami put her hands over her mouth.

"Oh my goodness… oh my goodness…" She tried and Makoto gulped.

"If she ever fell in love with Mamoru or truly took her position as our Princess, our Queen, the crystal would be released by their love and her duty and it would destroy the darkness within her… destroying her," she whispered and all of the girls fell silent.

"We have to find her!" Ami cried and Minako shook her head.

"If she stays away from Mamoru she will be safe… Usagi knew that…" She tried and a sob tore though Rei.

"We will never see her again will we?" She cried and Minako looked down sadly. She didn't want to answer her question… she was too afraid to know the truth.

Usagi leaned into her Mother's embrace, her head nestled in her neck. Queen Selenity sighed enjoying these tender moments. Her heart broke for her only child… the daughter she would give anything for.

"I see so much loneliness in you…" She whispered and Usagi choked out a sob.

"I miss you and papa so much," she wept and a tear fell down Selenity's face and she sighed.

"Oh my love… didn't you always know we were with you?" She cried and Usagi nodded and looked up at her.

"I always talked to you… I knew you were always there," she whimpered and Queen Selenity smiled gently stroking her head.

"Selenity…" A male voice called and Queen Selenity gasped as she and Usagi turned to the time door. Usagi's breath caught in her throat seeing a man walk into the room, long flowing golden locks tied behind him and his impressive form draped in silver. Queen Selenity's eyes lit up and she crawled towards the portal.

"Mother," Usagi called and Queen Selenity grinned.

"Your father thinks I am so prim and proper…" She mumbled and Usagi gulped remembering him saying that once about her. The Queen looked over her shoulder and Usagi gasped amazed seeing a light in her eyes that danced. "He always told you that Prince Endymion was your great adventure… he never realized that I was his," she smirked.

"Pluto!" The male voice barked and the soldier appeared before him on bended knee. His red eyes flashed as he stared at her green hair. "Why have you opened a time rift? Do you dare defy our laws?" He said and Pluto knelt silently. "Where is my wife?" He demanded.

Queen Selenity giggled and leaned forward, her face going through the door and Usagi gasped. Lips appeared out of air soon followed by a face and they gently pressed against Fergal's cheek. He gasped and spun around.

"My love?" He asked and she giggled and reached out a hand and yanked him towards her.
Usagi gasped seeing them tumble into the time room. Fergal growled and rolled on top of her. She put a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. He was as handsome as she remembered him in her dreams. His face was light and his eyes were alive… unlike when she saw him not but a few weeks ago. Tears filled her eyes remembering the pain in his face at losing his family. She wanted to lunge forward and tell them… tell them the whole truth about what was going to happen… she wanted to save them! She moved to tell them but Pluto appeared before her and she gasped.

Queen Selenity giggled and Fergal narrowed his eyes at her.

"What is the meaning of this Selenity?" He cried and she pinched him. He gasped and pinched her back and she giggled. He smiled and moved to kiss her then pulled away and sat up, pulling her gently up with him. "Darling," he tried and she smiled lovingly at him. Usagi gulped watching their loving display. "You have committed a serious crime. You as well Pluto," he said pointing at the scout and she bowed and quickly vanished. "Figures," he hissed then looked back at his wife.

"I am here on request of our daughter my love…" She replied and he blinked, worry coming over him and she shook her head. "Not that daughter…" She replied and Fergal raised an eyebrow at her.

"My darling… I better only have one child for if I have another you my love will not be ruling our kingdoms long," he hissed at her and she grinned turning her head towards Usagi. Usagi smiled and he smiled at her. "Hello baby…" He replied and then looked back at his wife.

"Look closer," she whispered and turned his head again and Usagi stood up. A cloak rested around her garments and her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and Fergal tilted his head to the side to stare at her. "This is Usagi… she is our daughter from the future my love…" She laughed and Fergal let out a slight laugh coming to his feet. Gently he pulled his wife to hers as well and her body clung to his.

"My baby… You are so beautiful," he whispered, his red eyes softening and Usagi blushed. He held out his arm and she rushed into it. He wrapped her tightly in his embrace as Selenity held her tightly. He kissed her forehead lovingly. "I dreamed of you like this…" He whispered looking into her eyes and Usagi gasped with a slight laugh.

"I did of you as well…" She whispered and he grinned as Selenity stepped away and he put both of his hands on her cheeks. "I am living adventure father…" She cried and he nodded.

"As I knew you would…" He grinned and she sighed.

"I fight evil like my warriors…it is because of your power and mothers that I have defended Earth and all of its people for years…" She cried and Fergal nodded, pride beaming from him.

"You are my legacy my darling… the reason I was born," he grinned and Usagi gulped looking up at him and Selenity smiled lovingly at them. She gently put her hand on his, wrapping an arm around her daughter.

"You have greater power in you then you ever dreamed possible my darling… I am not worried for you," she smiled and Usagi looked at her slightly confused. "You are the future ruler of a galaxy… you have a mission to fulfill and nothing will keep you from that," she smiled and kissed her daughter's cheek.

"Yes… you get your stubbornness from me," Fergal smirked and she lunged into his arms, wrapping around him. She felt like a child again…knowing her father was the strongest man in the world and her mother the only one who could calm her fears. For the first time in a very long time she felt safe… and secure.

"Serenity…" A voice whispered into the room and Usagi gasped and clutched onto her father tighter. "It is time this room be shut," Pluto's soft voice whispered and she looked up at her father, her eyes full of questions.

"Follow your heart always…" He smiled and she sucked in a deep breath.

"Even if it hurts?" She cried and he nodded.

"Life is a risk worth taking… Never forget who you are. You are my daughter and an heir to both the Moon and the Sun… you represent our people in all of it's glory," he smiled and gently wiped one of her tears away with his thumb. "Never forget who you are or where you came from… or what you love," he grinned and she nodded, more tears filling her eyes. "We will meet again pet," he smiled and she nodded, her heart breaking.

"My darling," Selenity smiled taking her into her arms. "I am so proud of you. I hope to one day see your daughter…" She cried hugging her and Usagi nodded and looked at her, letting a slight laugh escape.

"Her name is Small Lady…" She cried and Queen Selenity's eyes widened. "And she has pink hair and my father's eyes," Usagi laughed glancing at him and he smiled. Usagi looked back at her mother and she froze seeing the satisfaction of knowing that in her mother's eyes.

"All my life… I have wished for a daughter… and you have been the fulfillment of a dream. When you fell in love I knew that my life was worth it. You did the same exact thing I did," she laughed nervously and Fergal grinned wrapping an arm around her waist. Usagi blinked looking at her. "I fell in love with the enemy yet turned him into my ally and I know you will be the one to bring peace to the Earth and the Moon. You are my jewel because of that," she whispered as comfort washed over Usagi. "You are the reason why we live…" She cried as Fergal nodded wrapping an arm around them. Usagi let out a deep breath and hugged them tightly.

"I love you both so much," Usagi cried and Fergal kissed her head lovingly. Usagi looked at them sadly as a burning began in her heart. She hugged her mother tightly and Pluto stepped gently into the room.

"Call us anytime my darling…" Fergal grinned with a wink and Usagi giggled.

"Bring your love and your daughter next time," Selenity grinned and Pluto frowned at them. Queen Selenity smiled and glanced at the lone soldier. "Remember Pluto… I am Queen," she grinned and Fergal gripped her hand.

"As am I," Usagi smirked and Pluto let out a deep breath. A tear slipped down his tanned face and Selenity sucked in a shattering breath.

"Goodbye my darling…" The Queen whispered as her fingertips wiped a tear away from Usagi's cheek. She sighed contently staring upon her angelic face.

"Goodbye my angel," King Fergal grinned and Usagi kissed them both and waved as they stepped back through the time door into their own time… The door closed before her and Usagi stared at it. She sucked in a deep breath… the pain in her chest not leaving and tears flowed down her face. She didn't care anymore… she didn't care about the pain.

"Let it come," she whispered and Pluto gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ready Princess?" She asked and Usagi shook her head looking up at her.

"I must ask one more great favor…" She cried and Pluto raised an eyebrow at her.

Ami sat quietly in her room. She ran a hand through her hair and stared at her laptop helplessly. She felt defeated. She missed Usagi… She stood from her chair and paced the large room. Desperation filled her as she thought more of the darkness trapped in her Princess. She knew she could retrieve it… with Zoycite's help they already discussed numerous methods of removing it. She wrung her hands. If only she could get her hands on Usagi!

She sighed and stepped across the room. She looked down at her feet and stopped seeing light shine upon her toes. She glanced out of her balcony doors to the full moon that hung above. She gasped and looked away sadly.

"Oh Micharu… I wish you were here," she cried and then her eyes blinked. Gently she dropped to the floor. She closed her eyes and concentrated with all of her might. "Micharu… hear me…" She cried. "I call upon the power of Mercury and the Moon for you to hear my plea…"

Sailor Saturn leaned softly against her staff as she spied her two guardians sitting in the clouds. She giggled seeing them tease one another.

"Do you fear for our Princess?" Saturn asked quietly and Neptune and Uranus looked up at her with a smile.

"Everyday," Uranus grinned and Sailor Neptune giggled then her laugh cut short as something echoed in her ears. Sailor Uranus looked at her alarmed and gently touched her arm. "Is something the matter?" She asked and Neptune looked taken aback.

"It was Ami…" She cried and Saturn knelt next to them. "She is calling me…" She whispered and Uranus narrowed her eyes.

"Cut off the communication Mic… she only wants to find out where the Princess is," she snapped and Neptune shook her head moving away.

"Ami…" She whispered and Uranus shook her head.

Ami gasped and opened her eyes as a figure floated before her.

"Ami…" The voice whispered and tears filled Ami's eyes.

"Micharu! You must help the Princess! She is in grave danger!" She cried and saw the perfect face shift into shock. "There is darkness inside of her that has captured the silver crystal… if she becomes fully awakened the crystal will destroy the darkness and kill her in the process… we must find her immediately to operate on her to take it out… please… if anything just bring her to me. Let me save her…" She cried miserably and collapsed onto the hardwood floor.

"Oh my God!" Sailor Neptune cried and jumped to her feet. Uranus and Saturn jumped to theirs as well.

"What is it?" Uranus cried, her blonde hair blowing around her.

"Serenity is in danger!" She cried and Saturn looked towards the closed time door that Pluto had vanished through.

A sigh escaped perfect lips as she settled in her chair. It had been a long day. Gently her slender digits began to brush through her silver locks. Her room was full of light and she smiled at the single red rose that rested on her vanity. She smiled and glanced up into her reflection then blinked to see a smiling figure staring at her. She opened her mouth and turned to look around the room then looked back at the mirror. Inside was gold and brown… she glanced at her white gown then to the golden locks of the woman before her. She grinned slightly.

"You're parents know all of your secrets you know…" The voice said and Serenity's blue eyes smiled at the figure before her as the identical blue eyes smiled back.

"Of course they do darling… what fun would life be if they didn't?" She asked

and gently began to undo her odango. Usagi smiled at her resting her chin in her palm as she sat before the time door into her room. "Being secretive just kind of isn't my thing…" She grinned and Usagi rolled her eyes and Serenity looked at her with amusement.
"It's somewhat in my job description," Usagi sighed and placed a hand on her chest, attempting to calm the steady burning there. Serenity's eyes softened as her silver hair cascaded down her back and shoulder gently.

"I'm sorry… I know too well from friends how difficult that burden can be," she

whispered and Usagi looked at her sadly. "But speaking of secrets... I must depart… I have a wedding to plan in my dreams," she said, a blue eye blinking at her and Usagi sighed, amazed at the melody her voice made, amazed at the elegance that dripped from her.
"Perhaps I should do that one day too…" She mused and Serenity grinned at her slowly rising.

"You better if you are who I think you are… and it better be to only one person and if not I'll come in there and get you…" She grinned playfully pointing her brush at her. Her hair cascaded to the floor and she glanced at wonder to the girl in front of her… it had to be her… gently she touched the glass and Usagi smiled at her.
"I'm frightened of you really…" Usagi winked then a sad sigh escaped her, her fingers gently clutching her chest and Serenity looked at her, her eyes furrowing with worry.

"What is it?" She asked softly and Usagi let out a deep breath then laughed. Serenity smiled at that laugh… is that what she sounded like when she laughed?

"How can you be so calm? You don't know who I am… or where I come from," Usagi smiled and Serenity pressed her lips together looking thoughtful.

"You look like me yet with more of my father… and sometimes you have to approach life calmly… and sometimes you don't have to. Heaven knows I've never always reacted calmly… in fact I've been quite the opposite… but you never know what life will throw at you," she whispered and Usagi grinned. Was the perfect Princess a clutz like her? She asked watching a soft blush rise on the Princess' cheeks.

"You're telling me…" Usagi mused and Serenity glanced around her room then leaned forward, curiosity in her eyes.

"Is my life very adventurous?" Serenity asked softly and Usagi huffed.
"More then you ever wished for…"

"Oh darling… I could never wish for enough adventure…" Serenity giggled and Usagi nodded, having to laugh herself. "I still live my greatest as we speak..," she mused to herself, pleased at the fact and Usagi placed her chin in both palms.

"How did you win him?" Usagi asked and Serenity sighed and sat back down to look at the reflection. Her brush held loosely in her hands as she thought about it. She glanced at the red rose and sighed.

"I don't believe I won him… Love was something a Princess could never afford… especially I who was meant to protect the galaxy… I always felt so drawn to Earth… and to him," she laughed, memories of it consuming her and wrapping her with happiness. "I am his great Adventure," she giggled and Usagi blinked. "Everyone wanted my hand but it was he and only he that wanted my passion…" She mumbled and blushed at the thought. She glanced at the reflection and Usagi gulped seeing strong love and devotion in her eyes. "I am a girl who follows after her mother… We are each other's one leap of faith into the darkness… forbidden yet written in the stars," she smirked and Usagi's eyes widened softly. "Never forget that…" She said pointing a finger at her. Usagi shook her head and smiled urging her to continue. "He loves me and my heart could not live without loving him," she said, vulnerability flashing across her and Usagi sighed. She regained her playfulness and smiled at the reflection. "He is worth breaking all of the rules for and I am sure I would do it all over again if time puts me in the position once more," she smirked and Usagi smiled at her.

"You do…" She replied then squirmed slightly with a nervous laugh. "Well eventually, I imagine,"
"Of course," Serenity grinned and Usagi blushed. "Any other questions?" She asked raising a delicate eyebrow and Usagi shook her head.

"You are a hard act to follow," she huffed and Serenity giggled.

"Oh it's easy darling… just trip… look innocent and make everyone love you," she smiled and Usagi nodded as the image swirled and then vanished.

"Thank you…" She whispered and pain shot through her. She cried out and Pluto gasped putting her hands under the young Princess's arms.

"Princess!" She cried pulling her to her feet.

"Pluto…" She cried painfully as her chest began to glow. Pluto gasped and rushed towards the time door.

"Pluto!" Uranus yelled banging upon the opulent door.

"Oh no!" Neptune cried, shock and sadness attacking her heart. "What are we going to do?" She cried and Saturn gasped as pain shot through her.

"It's happening… The crystal…" She cried and Uranus gasped and banged harder on the door.
"PLUTO!" She screamed then gasped as the doors opened. Pluto rushed through, carrying her Princess in her arms.

"Something has…" She cried and Uranus quickly took her.

"The crystal is killing her!" Neptune cried and Usagi let out a painful scream as her chest began to glow.

"No!" Usagi screamed as tears flowed down her cheeks. "Haruka!" She screamed and Uranus gasped as pain struck her watching her wither in her arms.

"We have to get her to Ami!" Saturn cried and Uranus nodded and suddenly all four were gone. Pluto gasped and leaned against her staff.

"Selene… please save our Princess…" She cried as the time door behind her shut securely.

Ami shivered underneath her covers. She clenched her eyes shut as images smashed through her brain. A gown of white… golden locks… and screams. Ami let out a breath and let out a soft cry. Suddenly a hand clasped over her lips and Ami's eyes shot open as she felt material cover her mouth.

"You must come with me," A voice whispered hurriedly and Ami's eyes widened as consciousness smacked her. She sat up and the gloved hand left her lips. "Shh…" Sailor Neptune whispered, her continence calm but her eyes betraying her panic and Ami quickly jumped out of the bed as Neptune threw a robe at her. She rushed to the now open balcony doors and Ami followed after.

"Serenity?" Ami whispered and Sailor Neptune looked at her sadly and nodded and Ami wrapped an arm around her. Neptune put an arm around her waist then both silently jumped out of the window.

Panic filled Ami's heart and it took all of her strength not to release her tears. She ran down the hallway, her slippers tapping on the floor as she followed after Sailor Neptune's panicked clicks. Neptune grabbed her hand and they both spun rushing down another hallway. She stopped before a door and Ami gulped as she quickly opened it. She remembered this building… it use to belong to Professor Tohme and he did his experiments within these walls… experiments upon his daughter Hotaru.
"I have her," Sailor Neptune cried and arms suddenly grabbed Ami dragging her across the room. Gently his fingers removed her robe and tossed it aside, leaving her in blue pajama pants and a white tank top.

"Zoycite," she gasped and he quickly rushed her to a sink. He began to scrub her arms and she began to suck in deep breaths.

"Ami I'm going to need you to help me in this…" He cried softly and he glanced over his shoulder at the three guardians, hovered around a metal table.

"I can't…" Ami said, her voice quivering and Zoycite gripped her fingers.

"We have to save her. Just like we talked about… you can do this. My love I believe in you," he said into her ear and Ami gulped. He dried her hands and they quickly walked across the room. Ami pushed Sailor Uranus out of her way and her mouth dropped as she stared at the form that withered on the metal slab.

"Usagi!" She cried and grabbed her hand and Usagi let out a cry of pain. Ami placed her hand on Usagi's chest where the glowing was and a tear trickled down her face. "Usagi look at me!" She commanded and the blonde withered. Her hair was glued to her forehead with perspiration and color had drained from her features. Her lips were dry and finally her light blue eyes looked upon her dear friend.

"Ami…" She whispered and Ami nodded. Zoycite quickly took the other position around the table and began prepping the scalpels. "I'm sorry…" She whispered and Ami shook her head and kissed her Princess's fingers gently.

"You didn't lose the crystal Usagi. It's inside of you… it's the reason for your pain," she whispered and confusion fell upon the young Princess and Sailor Uranus looked down at her sadly. She felt helpless… Usagi let out another scream and tears streamed down her face.

"We are running out of time," Zoycite announced and Ami nodded. They moved to turn Usagi over and she gripped Ami's hand.

"Ami…" She cried and Ami looked at her. "If I die… tell him I love him so he'll know I never really stopped…" She struggled out and tears filled Ami's eyes.

"You can tell him yourself," she hissed and Usagi let out another loud scream, this one the loudest they had heard. Sailor Saturn put her hands over her ears and tears streamed down her face. Usagi collapsed back onto the table and lapsed into unconsciousness. Zoycite quickly flipped her over, gently laying her on her stomach. He ripped at her shirt and exposed the tender flesh of her back.

Ami placed her hand over the flesh and pushed looking for an entry point. She felt a zap come to her fingers and she gulped.

"Right here…" She said quickly and he inserted the knife. It slid smoothly through the skin and a wound opened as blood began to flow. "Make the incision a little larger," she said as she began to lay towels across Usagi's back, isolating the area. He widened their area of damage and he grabbed a pair of pliers. He maneuvered past her backbone and gasped as light began to show through.

"The crystal is glowing…" He mumbled and Ami quickly shone more light down upon it. "I can't remove the crystal from her… can I?" He asked looking up at Ami and Ami looked at him taken back for a moment. She looked at the pale form then at the other senshi across the room. None of them held the answers. She tried to think. Usagi use to hold the crystal in her compact… never inside of her…it was hidden in her when it wasn't awakened before but it was awakened now…

"Do it," she cried and in a few moments something was pulled from Usagi's back. Usagi's form lurched on the counter and she nearly slipped off as her body went limp once more. It was the size of a golf ball and blackness surrounded it. He placed it in a container and Uranus, Saturn and Neptune quickly took it.

"We have to stop the bleeding…" Ami said and Zoycite nodded as she began to look for something to sow up the wound. He shook his head and quickly cleaned around it.

"What are you doing?" She asked and he grinned at her.

"I am a doctor for a reason my love…" He whispered and placed his hand over the three-inch incision. Ami held her breath as a small light began to glow… she was starting to hate things that glowed. Gently he moved his hand away and the area was one once more… the skin was puffy and red yet was healed. Zoycite groaned and pulled his hand away. It always drained his energy when he used his powers…

Sailor Uranus looked at the glowing form in the small dish. She looked up to her partner for answers and Sailor Neptune did the same to her. Deep purple eyes stared at the rock as cracks of light shone through the darkness. Gently she reached her gloved hand over it and it began to shake. Neptune looked at Uranus with questioning eyes and Uranus could only stare in wonder as more light began to crack through the darkness.

"She is letting the crystal destroy it!" Uranus said in awe and after a few moments had passed a loud snap was heard in the room and Uranus and Neptune pulled away in shock. Saturn dove forward holding the dish in her hands as her body fell to the ground. Uranus gasped looking at her and Saturn gulped looking up at the small white crystal that floated before her eyes. It twinkled and then shot across the room towards the lifeless body.

Ami gasped and moved away as she saw the crystal come towards her. It stopped and floated above Usagi's lifeless body that was now turned over. It circled her and slowly Usagi lifted into the air, wind rushing around her and then suddenly the crystal smashed into her chest, light shooting out through the room. Ami turned her head away and Zoycite pulled her into his arms.

A loud gasp was heard in the room and they opened their eyes as the strong light faded. Usagi drifted in the air and Uranus dove forward as suddenly her body lost balance. She missed the table and landed safely in the woman's arms. Sailor Uranus sighed and pulled her closely to her. Usagi groaned and then passed out cold in her arms.

"Thank you," Neptune said as she stood, tears glistening in her eyes.

"No… thank you," Ami replied and then she rushed forward and Neptune hugged her tightly. Zoycite shook his head and Saturn got to her feet.

"Another eventful day," she smiled and Sailor Uranus stood, gently cradling her Princess in her arms.

"We must go," she whispered and Ami gasped.

"You aren't taking her.. are you?" She asked and Neptune nodded.

"We have to follow our orders from her… she would not want to return to you not recovered…" She whispered and Ami looked at her sadly then at her best friend.

"As she wishes…"

Darkness enveloped the room; it's only illumination coming from the moon that hung outside the window. He groaned into his pillow, his sheets a mess around his bare back and torso.

"Why…" He mumbled into the silence. "Why do I love her?" He asked, his eyes staring at the floor where the moonlight shone. It was comforting to him… the moon always held something for him… secrets… passion…

"You asked me that once before," A voice mumbled into the air and Mamoru sighed sadly. "You asked me how you could be in love with something you knew you were suppose to hate…" He mumbled leaning forward. His white hair fell down his shoulders elegantly as his large frame sat in a chair in the corner of his Prince's bedchambers.

"What did you tell me?" Mamoru asked quietly, his frame not wanting to move. He felt lost and indifferent… he felt nothing anymore it seemed. Only pain. He heard Kunzite rise and glanced at him as he walked to stare up at the moon through the balcony doors.

"How can you not love your own life?" He responded and Mamoru sighed looking back at the moonlight. "She challenged you and at moments she was your equal and that is what you needed… someone to be consumed by and own. She controlled you yet submitted… an enigma really," Kunzite continued crossing his arms across his chest.

"She was powerful," Mamoru mumbled and Kunzite nodded.

"Intelligent and playful…" He commented and Mamoru sighed.

"Am I to ever get over her?" He asked and Kunzite shook his head.

"How can you get over something that is in you…" He responded and Mamoru sucked in a deep breath. "Do you remember the first time we met her dear Prince?" He asked, his eyes glowing in the darkness as he looked over at his lord.

"A peasant… with a two step lunge," Mamoru replied and rubbed a hand down his face.

"She was searching you out," Kunzite responded and a small grin tugged at Mamoru's lips as he turned over.

"The first moment we touched sparks flew… I knew I had to have her but it was unlike any way that I had ever wanted a woman before… I wanted her forever," he whispered and Kunzite grinned walking slowly across the room. "I still want her," he finished quietly and Kunzite nodded.

"My Prince I have only seen you fall in love with two women in your life…" He mumbled and Mamoru looked up at him curiously. "One a Princess… and one a clutz…" He mumbled and Mamoru nodded. "Both challenging and both consuming,"

"Yes, well…" Mamoru mumbled and Kunzite reached for the door.

"You shall have her again," Kunzite said into the darkness and Mamoru stared at his sheets. He heard the door quietly click close and he sighed as his hand ran over the fabric. He had her here… as if a blast from the past had granted him time with her… now he had nothing but memories…

"You there!" A gruff voice called from atop his horse. The frame stilled, a dark brown cloak covering the small creature's frame. Her eyes were alive as she stood with her back to him. She had led him exactly where she wanted him. He quickly dismounted his horse and drew his sword. Anger rushed through his veins. His black hair was ruffled as he approached her, his form draped in a black tunic and he gripped his sword ready to strike the creature down. "You have disrupted our training session then lead my men on wild goose chases after your minions… show yourself!" He yelled pointing his sword at him. She grinned as her fingers gripped around the hilt of her sword. His chest rose and fell with anger. "I said now," he hissed and she spun. Leaves crunched around her and her hood fell off of her head as her sword came up and hit his own. She smirked and took a fighting stance before him. He blinked and took a step back, shocked that it was a woman.

"A woman?" He whispered and she grinned, flashing perfect white teeth.

"You didn't expect a man to fool you did you?" Her voice came off like a melody and he narrowed his eyes at her words. He raised his sword once more as they slowly began to circle one another.

"You wish to be treated like a man… I will gladly oblige you," he responded and Serenity smirked winking at him.

"Ooo… Prince do you talk to all women in such a way?" She asked raising an eyebrow at him and then she struck and he retaliated making a small movement to fend her off. She was covered by a dusty cloak and a slim torso fitting cream colored gown hugged her features and then widened at the waist to allow more movement.

He was tolerating her now, intrigued at her technique and her brazen words. Her deep blue eyes were like endless pools. Her chest rose and fell with her breaths as excitement ran through her. Silver hair cascaded down her shoulders from a single bun at the back of her hair that held most of it.

"What do you want girl?" He hissed at her as he struck and she retaliated, she spun and flew on the other side of him and he growled annoyed.

"Adventure. A great one…" She whispered and he rolled his eyes and lowered his sword.

"Go home child… I have no use for your games," he hissed and she laughed. He looked at her and was almost caught up in her laughter… she was like no earthling he had ever seen. Her hair… She twirled and he furrowed his brow in confusion as she took two steps and then lunged for his sword as the other slid her own sword up his shoulder. Her body twirled into his and he let out a sharp breath as he felt her cold steel against the side of his neck. Her body was soft against his and he felt his heartbeat quicken… Her eyes captured him and he stared at her, something coming over him. Desire and longing…

Her laughter stopped for a moment as their eyes locked. His hand snaked up her side and she sucked in a deep breath, her eyes glancing down towards his offending hand that dared touch her… In a quick move he grabbed her wrist and pulled it behind her, her sword falling to the ground and she gasped and grabbed his sword. He wrapped an arm around her trapping her arm underneath his and she looked up at him startled.

"You will not win against a fight with me… I fight to conquer…" He hissed and her eyes lost a little of their playfulness as she lost control. She gulped… no man had ever defeated her… but she was foolish to think of him as just any other man. He was becoming the object of an obsession with her. He sucked in a deep breath and he felt some of his resolve crumble as he inhaled her sweet scent… His head fell slightly and leaned against her own. "Who are you and where are you from… I know you are no earthling…" He hissed into her ear and she looked around. Wind blew around them as leaves began to flutter. He held her against him and she held a sword against his back.
"I am from the Sun," she responded and he pushed her away from him and gripped the sword from her fingers and spun it around to point it at her throat. Her eyes lit up and she smirked at him and her eyes flashed red.

"You're from the Moon," he hissed and she let out a soft laugh and then held out her palm. Her sword jumped to her fingertips and he gasped at her magic. Their swords clanged and she smirked, her body absolutely provocative as her eyes invited him to something even more…

"So I am…" She laughed and spun, her cloak falling off and he stared. He had never seen a Lunarian up close… they were ravishing… She was luminescent. "Thank you," she grinned and he narrowed his eyes at her for invading his mind and reading his thoughts. "You should feel honored…" She said as they began to fight once more, their swords clanging as their feet carried them around the small wooded area.

"And why is that?" He asked and she lunged, he dodged and grabbed her frame, wrapping an arm around her waist. She looked up at him and let out a breath.

"I have chosen you as my new conquest," she smirked, her lips plump and delicious aching to be kissed. He looked at her and then let out a chuckle.

"You must be Serenity…" He said with a shake of his head. Anger rushed through him and he dropped his sword. She dropped hers as well and looked up at him. "For such a name you seem to cause havoc…" He mumbled and she grinned.

"How did you hear about me?" She asked and his hand traveled up her back. His fingers grasped around her neck and then spun her, her back flattening against his front as his other hand pulled a dagger from his belt. He pressed it against her throat and she sucked in a deep breath.

"Princess… as if I wouldn't know mine own enemy?" He asked and laughter filled the woods. He glanced at her perfect form… he didn't want to kill her… he wanted to do many things to her but killing her was not one of them. She had challenged him and he did not back down lightly. Her laughter ended and her hand gripped around his wrist.

"You may kill me if you wish… I'm the heir to the throne and the only thing in your way from conquering the sun and the moon and the galaxy's I will soon control…" She grinned and he dropped the dagger and spun her, their faces close to one another.

"You act as if they are actually something I want…" He mumbled and her eyes widened slightly. Her heart raced being so near to him, the pure adrenaline of a new catch exciting her muscles. "A fool would kill you… a smart man would conquer you… you are more valuable alive then dead," he said indifferently and she looked at him taken aback.

"You plan to conquer me?" She said in disbelief, laughter in her eyes at the ridiculous and he grinned.

"You planned to conquer me. I can equally take you before you even begin your strategy Princess," he responded and her mouth opened in shock. How arrogant. How enticing. She huffed and he leaned down and pressed his lips against her own. Her frame froze as their lips touched… A shiver went through them. His eyes opened in shock to look upon her and a smirk curved on her delicious lips. "You may be the end of me," he mumbled gently holding her chin.
"You will never die as happy," she whispered and his heart jumped. She leaned forward and their lips met, her arm wrapping around him and he pulled her into his secure embrace… he couldn't even count the number of laws he broke by kissing her in such a way… fervor and passion controlled the kiss and something exploded between them… for the first time in his life his heart had found something it truly wanted… her.

Sailor Uranus stood quietly and Sailor Neptune sighed beside her.

"This will be best for all of them," she mumbled and Uranus nodded as they stared at the four women below them. "She doesn't want them to be in pain over her…" Neptune whispered and Uranus looked at her and smiled briefly.

"I will take care of it," she whispered and Neptune smiled at her. In a single jump Uranus vanished before her and Neptune sighed as she turned to watch the action that would soon be unfolding before her.

Her boots landed in the dirt and four pairs of eyes looked up at her with alarm.

"Uranus!" Rei gasped as she quickly came to her feet followed by Makoto.

Ami gasped and her eyes searched the area. It had only been three days since she had operated on Usagi… was she well?

"Do you know where Usagi is?!" Minako asked looking at her and Uranus nodded.

"Is she all right?" Ami asked frantic as she rose and Uranus replied in a single nod.
"What is going on! Where is she?!" Rei yelled and Uranus closed her eyes and held out her arms.

"I must do as my Princess requests of me… she would not want any of you to suffer," she said curtly and Rei gasped and looked at Minako who could only stare in horror. A light began to emit from Uranus' forehead and Makoto blocked it from her eyes.

"What are you doing!?" Makoto screamed and Uranus's eyes opened and four beams shot into their foreheads. The four girls froze as their eyes went pupiless.

"Erasing your memory until your Princess can return," she whispered and the beam shortly ended. The four girls collapsed to the ground unconscious… and unharmed. Neptune sighed sadly and jumped into the air, Uranus soon following her.

A man rushed forward after the two Sailor Soldiers vanished. Gently he picked up his love's head, her black hair falling all around her. Her vital signs were perfect… she was just asleep. He looked up at the sky once more and watched as Rei's symbol slowly faded. Gently he kissed her forehead and a look of determination crossed his face.

"Kunzite," he barked into his watch.

"Yes, Jedite?" A voice soon replied.

"Neptune and Uranus are up to something… keep your eyes peeled. I think they are coming after the Prince," he mumbled and then the transmission cut off. He looked back down at his love and gently stroked her face.

"Oh my darling…" He whispered.

He sat quietly on the side of his bed, his eyes glued to the floor. He let out a breath and dark blue boots suddenly entered his view.

"What Uranus?" He asked and Uranus bent down to look into his face. He looked up at her and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Come to gloat? You never wanted me with your princess anyway…" He mumbled and Uranus pressed her lips together and a hand gently touched Mamoru's shoulder. He jerked away then sighed realizing who it was.

"We are sorry for your pain," Sailor Neptune whispered quietly and he nodded.

"It will soon turn from pain to hate… and then to nothingness…" He whispered and Uranus put her hands on her hips. She closed her eyes and sighed as she concentrated. Neptune gently patted the Prince's shoulder once more before she stood. Mamoru looked up at Uranus and blinked as he spied her glowing emblem.

"What are you…" He mumbled when suddenly a deep golden beam shot from her forehead into Mamoru's. He gasped and then his frame froze completely. His eyes lost their pupils and the beam ended. His frame fell backwards onto the mattress where he soon went unconscious.

"It is done," Uranus whispered and Neptune nodded.

"Let us return to our Princess… she should be waking soon," she replied and the two walked out onto the balcony then vanished.

The door was pushed open roughly.

"Prince!" Kunzite called and gasped rushing to the bed, Zoycite and Nephlyte behind him. "Your highness!" He yelled and spied Mamoru's darkened eyes.

"What have they done?!" Nephlyte growled and Kunzite shook his head.

"I'm not sure… but we have to find out," he ground out and Zoycite let out a breath.

"He's alive… just asleep,"

Kunzite stood quietly in the shadows, three tall figures behind them. It had been three months since Uranus had wiped out the memories of their loves and their Prince. He sighed as he remembered when they all figured it out.

"They have no memory of us…" Zoycite hissed as he tossed some books to the floor in anger. "That bitch erased their memories!" He screamed and Jedite growled.

"Even our Prince does not know we are here…" He whispered.

"How far back does it go?" Nephlyte asked annoyed.

"I don't know… and I'm not sure I can figure it out. I have only been here so long myself!" Zoycite ground out.

"We must calm down…" Kunzite mumbled and looked sadly down at the streets below. "We need to remember what Jedite overheard Uranus tell the girls…"

"She said that their memories would be erased until the Princess returns," Jedite mumbled and Kunzite sighed.

"Then we shall guard him from afar… and we wait," he mumbled and the four men grumbled.

His crystal blue eyes watched the tall frame walk his usual route to work and he sighed. His heart skipped a beat as he saw a blonde run towards him. He pressed his lips into a thin line… his heart ached when he saw her.

"Hello Mamoru!" A voice called from behind him and he blinked turning around. A girl rushed up to him and he smiled slightly.

"Hello Minako," he responded and continued walking, her frame joining him.

"It is good to see you out and about…We never see you much anymore," she began and he nodded and wrapped an arm around her. She blinked and then smiled up at him.

"I have peace and quiet when Usagi is not around plus I have been picking up extra shifts at the hospital," he grinned and she giggled. He removed his arm from around her shoulder and shoved his fingers in his pockets. "You seem to be doing well… I barely see you around,"

"Busy that's all. Busy," she mumbled with a sigh.

"And the others?" He asked and Minako shrugged.

"I keep them busy… Ami is always studying and the other two are easily distracted," she mumbled and Mamoru sighed. Minako cleared her throat. "We go to school… train… and train some more," she mumbled and Mamoru nodded.

"It's almost been four months," he whispered and Minako looked at him sadly. "I'm to the point now where I'm glad she is gone," he responded and Minako gasped.

"Mamoru-san!" She scolded and he nodded.

"We would have just fought the rest of our lives anyway," he mumbled as they walked through the sliding doors of Motoki's establishment.

"You don't know that," she tried and Mamoru held up a hand.

"Enough Mina… I don't really want to discuss it anymore," he whispered and she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Have it your way but she is coming back home soon," she cried and then spun on her heel.

Motoki approached his best friend carefully. He glanced out of his window and caught a familiar silhouette. Why he had to be in the know on everything he would never know…

"Do you miss her? I mean it must be exciting for her to be in America," he mumbled breaking the ice as he sat down across from him.

"Do I miss someone who hates me? Not really…" He mumbled and Motoki sighed. He hoped Usagi would come back soon…

Rei sighed as she relaxed more into the couch cushions. She glanced around the apartment and shook her head. She didn't remember moving in here… most likely one of Minako's lame brain ideas. She glanced up from her book to the blue haired genius that sat next to her. She was itching to talk to her. She sat up and Ami looked at her through her glasses.

"Don't you think it was sudden for Usagi to just pack up and take an internship in America?" She asked and Ami blinked.

"Well… I imagine if a good opportunity arises you have to jump on it," she smiled and Rei bit her nail.

"But what good opportunities have ever come Usagi's way? Especially academically? Her and Minako are kind of dimwitted… And doesn't Usagi hate America?" She asked and Ami looked down thoughtfully.

"Girls!" A male voice screeched and Rei and Ami gasped as they watched two cats race towards them. "There is a huge time rift that has just occurred in the park!" He yelled and Luna rushed to his side.

"Quickly transform and find out what it is!" She cried and Rei and Ami nodded.

Makoto and Mina rushed out of their rooms.

"What's going on?" Makoto asked and Rei and Ami rushed to the door.

"Come on! Let's go!" Rei cried and the other two rushed after them.

"I hope this attracts them…" A soft female voice said into the night air around Tokyo Park.

"It has before when Chibi-Usa arrived," A deeper voice replied and Sailor Neptune looked upon the tanned face of the lone warrior.

"We need to put their memories back in place so we can use them to wake up Sailor Moon," Sailor Uranus mumbled and Neptune nodded, her arms crossed delicately across her chest.

"With the nine warriors powers combined she will become her true self and almost be ready to rule the galaxy," A soft voice said from behind them and Uranus blinked and looked at the small warrior, gently holding a large silence glave.

"Here they come…" Sailor Neptune whispered and Sailor Uranus nodded.

"Let's hope the Prince is on his way as well," Sailor Pluto said and Uranus grinned.

"Oh, he's on his way…" She smirked and the four stood still, waiting for their other half to arrive.

"Faster!" Venus commanded and the four pumped their legs over the hills until finally Mercury's computer started to go off wildly.

"There!" Her voice cried and the four warriors raced over the hill.
Mars was the first to skid to a stop and Venus ran into her back. She gasped against the impact and planted her feet into the ground. Jupiter stopped next causing Mercury to topple into her.

"What is it?!" Venus cried and Mars stood in wonder at the four who stood before her. Slowly she watched as Sailor Pluto raised her staff and the time rift closed.

"The rift is gone!" Mercury cried then looked up as she spied the four women before them.

"Sailor Neptune… Uranus… Pluto and Saturn… What are you doing here?" Sailor Venus asked walking around Mars as the four slowly approached them.

"We need your help," Sailor Neptune replied and the four scouts looked at them curiously.

"What is with the big emergency?" A male voice said into the air and everyone's eyes darted around for his location. He jumped from a nearby tree and landed five feet away from Venus. His cape blew in the wind and Sailor Uranus smirked. Tuxedo Mask's eyes narrowed. "I don't have time for games," he hissed.

"What is the meaning of this? Why are we here?" Mars asked putting her hands on her hips.

"Four months ago we erased your memory of Usagi running away…" Sailor Uranus began and Jupiter laughed.

"That's absurd," she cried.

"Usagi is studying in America," Mercury corrected and Sailor Uranus shook her head. Tuxedo Kamen's eyes narrowed.

"What is going on?" A hushed voice asked and Kunzite shook his head as they watched form a hilltop away. The four generals hid quietly in trees as they looked down on their scouts and their Prince… not sure of what was going to happen next.

"Where is she?" He demanded and Sailor Neptune glanced at Sailor Uranus as she continued.

"She ran away from you all… but I don't really need to tell you when I can show you," she mumbled and lifted her hands and pointed it at them. Venus gasped as her eyes widened. Five golden beams shot from Uranus's fingertips and into the girls and man's head. The girls let out a cry and Tuxedo Kamen groaned as they all reached to grab their heads. The beams ended and Uranus dropped her arms to her side.

Venus groaned as she put a hand to her head painfully. She looked around and gasped. Memories jumped at her and pain stabbed at her heart. She fell to her knees as her other scouts soon followed, the overload almost too much to bear.

"Where is Usagi?" She cried and Tuxedo Mask groaned as she sat up.

"Where are my generals?" He asked and Sailor Uranus blinked.

"Generals?" Neptune asked and the Prince nodded.

"He means us…" A voice said strongly and Neptune gasped. Kunzite walked forward and Venus turned to him. "You erased their memories and thus erased us. We have been following them around for months waiting for you to return with their Princess," he mumbled and Mercury gasped grabbing her head.

"How is she? Is she well? Was the surgery successful" Mercury asked and Saturn nodded.

"What surgery?" Tuxedo Mask asked, anger rushing to him as memories filled his head. She had run away from him… he knew she had… and they had stolen his grief from him.

"Usagi was poisoned… a darkness had captured her crystal and held it inside of her chest… she was trapped from becoming her true self," Mercury softly began.

"It is why she never allowed herself to fall in love with you… or want to ascend to the throne…" Luna began as she walked towards them.

"What?" Tuxedo Kamen blinked as all of this information slammed at him.

"Usagi was a prisoner… her crystal was locked inside of her and was trapped by darkness that was implanted in her by Metallia. Her chest would hurt every time she thought she would want to be queen or fall in love with you Mamoru-san… It was because the crystal was trying to break free and in doing that it would have killed her," Luna said glancing at the Prince and the others watched as well waiting for his reaction.

"It is true your highness… Ami and I removed the crystal from her physically and the crystal was able to destroy the darkness apart from Usagi's body. It then went back to her… she most likely for the first time in over two years is normal once again… not controlled by something," Zoycite whispered and Tuxedo Kamen gasped, pain and anger rushing through him as he looked at those he trusted most.

"You all knew this?" He asked looking up at them and Venus looked away from him sadly. "You knew this about her and didn't tell me? You let me suffer thinking that she hated me!"

"We didn't know how to tell you…" Venus tried and Mars shook her head.

"We forgot… we have been bad servants to you," she said, her voice cracking with emotion. "We were too wrapped up in our pain to realize how much you must have been going through… We are so sorry," she cried and Tuxedo Kamen shook his head and looked away.

"We have called you here on the up most importance…" Saturn began drawing their attention back to the reason they were here and the nine looked at her curiously. "The Princess is in need of being fully awakened and can only do so by our powers combined…" She whispered and Pluto held out her hand and a twinkle was seen in the sky. It slowly materialized before them and then into a beautiful young woman. A bubbled floated around her making her look faded and Tuxedo Kamen blinked.

"Usagi!" Ami cried staring at the lifeless form.

"Come… together we can wake her," Uranus called holding out her hand to them. Gently Neptune took her other and Mars quickly moved to grab the other outstretched ones. Slowly the girls formed a circle around their Princess, ribbons floating around her body. Their hands clasped and Tuxedo Kamen took a step back standing near his generals.

"We must gather our energy together!" Sailor Pluto called and the girls nodded as they slowly closed their eyes.

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Neptune Crystal Power!"

"Uranus Crystal Power!"

"Pluto Crystal Power!"

"Saturn Crystal Power!"

Their voices rang out into the night and the symbols on their foreheads

began to glow. Slowly two by two the symbols floated up and went inside the broach that contained the Silver Imperium Crystal. The crystal began to glow and then the ribbons engulfed Usagi and a large white light shot into the sky. The generals gasped and shielded their eyes and Tuxedo Kamen watched in wonder.

Suddenly the girls were blown backwards and they gasped as they hit the

ground, the light suddenly going out.

"Oh no!" Venus cried then her hand covered her mouth in shock as they watched a figure fall to her feet. She gazed at the creature in wonder as the others looked with mixed emotions of relief and shock.

White boots trailed up to her knees as a pleated skirt hugged her waist. Every senshi's color was portrayed on it by a color strip as silver and gold interweaved throughout it. Her bodice was white and clung to her figure as gold specks sparkled all over it. Golden hair cascaded from two buns that held silver clips. Gold Translucent cuffs appeared on her biceps as long white gloves covered her hands. The fingers were cut off that revealed perfect gold fingernail polish. On her face a half silver and half gold mask rested and in her hand she held a powerful white and gold staff with a large heart shaped at the top with wings coming out.

"Usagi?" Mercury whispered quietly and the form sucked in a deep breath and coughed. The scouts quickly rushed to their feet.

"Sailor Moon?" Mars cried rushing to her side and suddenly laughter broke out among them and they all exchanged looks.

"You're crystal… it's healed!" Venus gasped, tears coming to her eyes as

she gently touched her Princess's broach.
"Forgive me for causing you all such pain…" Sailor Moon's voice finally said and the girls all sniffed and then began to cry. She held out her arms and her four best friends rushed into them and Sailor Moon smiled. Sailor Saturn smiled and gently tugged on Uranus's fuku.

"I think it is time for us to leave," she whispered and Sailor Uranus nodded. Gently she took Sailor Neptune's hand and the three vanished into the night. Sailor Pluto smiled and then opened a time door behind them. With one last look at her Prince and Princess she stepped in and was gone.

"Why did you not stay to talk to her?" Kunzite asked quietly as he

followed his Prince into his apartment.

"She does not want me Kunzite. I do not want to hear another word on the

matter," he snapped and Kunzite bowed before him. Sadly he left the room to join the others of his group. They looked sadly at their master's apartment door.

"We are all united once more," Nephlyte mumbled and Kunzite nodded.

"Go to your loves… they miss you," he mumbled and the three men took off for the elevator. Kunzite sighed sadly staring at his master's door. He heard the elevator door close and silently he sat before Mamoru's door.

"If you shall be alone Prince… so shall I," he whispered quietly.

Usagi ran down the street in a huff. She was late. She always was late. She smiled at that thought and then rounded the corner approaching her high school. She sucked in a deep breath and then ran to the gates.

"Usagi-Chan!" A girl called waving and Usagi smiled as she tumbled into her. Ami laughed supporting her weight as Makoto wrapped her arms around them.

"Come on silly… we'll be late," Rei called grabbing Usagi's hand and Usagi smiled following after her as the three others raced after her. Usagi sucked in a deep breath walking through the halls.

"How do you feel?" Ami asked walking next to her and Usagi smiled.

"Free," she whispered and Minako laughed wrapping an arm around her.

"I'm glad you are able to be who you are now…" She smiled and Usagi nodded.

"Clumsy Princess me," she replied and the two blondes laughed.

"Where did you go when you left?" Rei asked, her arm linked through the petite blondes. Usagi looked at her and she smiled.

"I visited my mom and dad," she replied and Minako grinned.

"I told you we should have shoved her in a time portal," she hissed and Ami rolled her eyes.

"Oh put a sock in it Mina!" Makoto laughed and Rei giggled walking Usagi to her seat. Usagi smiled at them and sighed sitting down. They continued talking around her and for the first time in such a long time… she felt joy. They had two months left till the end of high school. She watched her friends chat and tears filled her eyes. These were her friends… her comrades… her protectors. She fought for them… for their bright future. She leaned her palm in her hand and watched as Ami and Rei talked about the homework. These were her people… her life.

She sighed and wrapped an arm around herself. She was content and happy for once to be the Princess of the Moon… She grinned remembering their conversation.

"I am his great adventure… He loves me and my heart could not live without loving him…"

Usagi blinked and looked up. She glanced at the clock and she gasped.

"Are you all right?" Minako asked looking at her concerned and Usagi glanced at her and then blushed.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just thinking…" She mumbled and sighed looking back at the teacher as she explained some equation. Images shot in her head and she blushed thinking of them.

"Must you cause me such hell!" She yelled at him and he smirked down at her.

"Must you ruin all of my dates?" He sighed looking at her and she grinned.

"Usagi…" He whispered turning her chin towards him. "I see so much of Serenity in you. You're still my perfect Sere," he said softly and she sighed with a soft smile. "You're more of a pain in the ass and an ungrateful witch… yes… but you're still perfect Sere," he grinned and Usagi turned away from him.

"Why aren't you two dating again?" Makoto asked.

"Irreconcilable differences," Usagi snorted.

"Yes. I breathe," Mamoru replied with a sardonic smile.

"And yet you're still a bitch to me… remarkable," Mamoru grumbled and Usagi stuck her tongue out at him. "Graceful dear," he smirked and she narrowed her eyes.

"I want you more then anything in the universe…" He whispered near her ear as his lips began to trail down her neck

"I think Mamoru is old enough to not need a little girl's approval," she replied evenly and Usagi laughed.

"Of course he does. Because I'm his future wife…" She smirked and Mamoru grinned.

Usagi blinked and then slammed her book shut. Ami gulped and glanced at her, the loud noise making everyone turn to look at her.

"I'm sorry… excuse me," Usagi said quickly and grabbed her books and her bag. Makoto blinked and Rei looked at her a little concerned.

"Where are you going?" She asked and the blonde ran out of the room. The four girls looked back at the teacher and she shook her head and then continued on.

She rushed out of the building and messily shoved her papers in her bag.

"Class isn't over," A male voice said near her and Usagi let out a screech and jumped. "Why aren't you inside?" He asked and Usagi growled.

"Jedite where is your Prince?" She demanded and he smiled at her.

"Between his apartment and Tokyo General," he replied and bowed softly and Usagi nodded then gazed at him oddly.

"Are you the only one here?" She asked and he smirked at her.

"Figures," she hissed and then ran out of the grounds and he smiled at her.

"I missed you Princess," he whispered and watched as her blonde pigtales vanished down the road.

She ran down the sidewalk, her eyes searching for a familiar tall form. She sighed in exasperation. This was getting annoying. She glanced over the street to Tokyo Park then looked back up the street again. Her gaze stopped and turned back to the park. She gasped and looked both ways then darted across the street.

Quietly he stared at the rippling water. Nothing traveled through his head and he sighed feeling the joy of being indifferent. Ducks waddled in the water and he sighed and glanced at his watch. He needed to get to work. His frame turned slowly and then halted seeing a form stop before him. He blinked and stared down at the girl. Her chest was rising with every breath she took and her eyes were alive with exercise.

"What are you doing here? Usagi you should be in school," he scolded and she gasped. Tears filled the sides of her eyes and his eyes softened. "Are you all right?" He asked and she jumped at him. He gasped and her arms wrapped around his neck as she hugged onto him. His heart seemed to stop at that moment.

"Mamo-chan you are my best friend and I'm glad we spent the last two years fighting for me to see you that way," she cried and he stared at her in shock. His arms slowly wrapped around her and his emotions went into shock. What was happening?

"Me?" He asked and she nodded and pressed her cheek against his chest, his heartbeat filling her ears.

"Will you be with me forever?" She asked softly and Mamoru blinked and glanced down at her. He nodded as their eyes met and she smiled.

"I will," he promised and her smile grew bigger. He looked at her and then down at her chest and she laughed.

"Hey! Hentai!" She hissed and he blushed then looked at her annoyed.

"You're touching me and it doesn't hurt?" He asked and gently slid the tips of his fingers across her chest an inch or two before her bust.

"It does," she whispered and he looked down at her. "But it's a good hurt… one that aches because it's wanted you for so long," she cried and then covered her mouth shocked that those words had come out of her mouth. She looked up at him innocently and Mamoru looked down at her sadly. He leaned his forehead against hers and she put her hands on the sides of his face.

"Do you really hate me?" He asked and she laughed softly.

"No… but I will always crash your dates, annoy you till you scream and eat all of your junk food," she cried and he chuckled.

"If you must," he replied and she nodded looking into his eyes.

"I must," she replied softly and he smiled and emotions exploded around him.

"You need to get back to school," he said, happy that his emotions had not let him choke up. She nodded and looked up at him.

"Would you like to get a burger at Motoki's later?" She asked and he smirked, tears filling the sides of his eyes.

"Nope," he replied and she grinned at him.

"I know where you live!" She threatened and he grabbed her finger that she pointed at him. She giggled and he wrapped an arm around her as she fell into his arms.

She felt warm in them and waves of something she had never felt passed over her. She looked up at him and her eyes sparkled. He was it… her one true love.

"I missed you…" He whispered into her hair, his voice cracking with emotion. She wrapped her arms around his torso and he sucked in a deep breath. She closed her eyes in comfort at being in his arms. She sucked in a deep breath of him… she waited to feel pain but nothing came… she was free… free to do what she wanted.

"I'm your great adventure," she whispered and he nodded.

"And I am what you have always been looking for…" He replied and she nodded. "And you've been everything I've ever needed," he whispered cupping her face in his hands. She grinned and rose on her tiptoes before him. He looked at her curiously and slowly she brushed her lips against his own. He took the invitation and kissed her sweetly and softly. His arms wrapped around her waist and he spun around with her. She giggled and clutched to him.

"This doesn't mean I'm going to be nice to you…" He whispered and she smiled at him. "You have a lot to make up for," he stated and she giggled and gently touched his cheek.

"At least we aren't jumping into things," she mumbled and he chuckled as they shook their heads.

"No, not jumping into it at all," he laughed and she snuggled to him.

"Kunzite," Usagi suddenly snapped and Mamoru smiled down at her.
"Your majesty?" A voice whispered walking up to them.

"I think I can bug the Prince long enough for you to continue your affair…" She mumbled and Mamoru lifted an eyebrow playfully at her.

"What makes you think I want you?" He asked and she smiled.

"Goodbye Kunzite," she mumbled and Kunzite smirked with a nod and he soon vanished. She watched him run off and then Mamoru gently put her back on her feet. He backed away a bit and she turned to him. "You don't want me?" She asked playfully and he shook his head.

"High maintenance…" He replied and she gasped and took off after him.

"I'll show you high maintenance Mamo-Chan!" She screamed and he laughed letting her chase him for once.

Rei tapped her pencil against her desk impatiently as her eyes stayed glued to the clock. She growled. An hour left before they could rush out of here and find out what happened to Usagi.

Ami sighed slouching in her chair and Makoto poked her. She ignored it and stared at the clock. Time was going by so slow… Suddenly the loud speaker cracked to life and Minako's eyes darted towards it.

"Attention Class 1. Will Hino Rei, Aino Minako, Mizuno Ami and Kino Makoto please report to the front office," The speaker fizzled dead and the teacher looked curiously at the four girls. Rei jumped up followed by Ami and Makoto and Minako grabbed their bags. The four girls ran from the room and the teacher shook her head. What was going on?

They rushed down the hallways and Ami gulped.

"We shouldn't be running!" She cried trying to keep up and Rei huffed.

"I want to know what's going on!" She cried and then they skidded to a stop before the receptionist at the front office.

"You girls have been signed out by your father. You may leave," The lady said without looking up and the four girls stared at her with confusion.

"Father?" Rei barked and Ami looked at them as well as Makoto… neither of them having a father.

"He's outside waiting for you," she said pointing to the doors and the four girls looked that way then took off in that direction. "Hey! No running!" The lady cried then sighed as the four girls burst through the double doors into freedom.

Minako gasped seeing a tall man standing before them.

"Father?" She screamed and he blushed and coughed.

"I doubt I look that old," he replied defiantly and her face lit up.

"What are you doing here?" She asked softly and he smiled at her, his white hair held back in a ponytail. "I thought…" She began as tears filled her eyes. Rei watched quietly as she Ami and Makoto stood a few feet away. Ami smiled and Kunzite gently stepped towards his love. "But…" She tried again and his fingers gently trailed down her cheek and a small tear escaped.

"Does this mean that Usagi is with Mamoru?" Makoto asked quietly and they held their breath as he bent down and pressed his lips lovingly against their leader. Ami let out a cry of happiness and Rei smirked.

"Yep," Rei replied and the three girls giggled as they watched Minako jump into her love's arms… not having been able to be with him for so long.

"Oh so cool!" A voice cried next to them and Rei gasped.

"Usagi-chan!" She screamed and Usagi blinked. "Where have you been?" She yelled and Usagi blushed.

"Are you with Mamoru?" Makoto asked excitedly and Usagi glanced at her and opened her mouth to try and reply but Ami cut her off.

"Why were we all called out of class?" She asked confused and Usagi looked at her and then she fell silent.

"I imagine that would be our fault," A male voice replied and Ami's head shot in that direction. A hand shot out and pulled her to him and her eyes lit up before they closed as his lips crashed upon hers.
Laughter was heard as Nephlyte hugged tightly to Makoto from behind and Rei smirked at Jedite and he grinned pulling her into his arms. Usagi blushed watching her guards make out so openly.

"Girls and hormones," A male voice said behind her and Usagi blinked and looked down to spy two cats watching the entire scene.

"Maybe they should get a room…" Usagi mumbled and Luna laughed.

"Oh Usagi… they have been waiting for this moment for a thousand years," she sighed and Artemis looked at her with a grin. Usagi smiled watching them and sighed. She was happy… she was happy they were all happy.

"So, how are you and Mamoru-san?" Artemis asked curiously and Usagi grinned and gave a slight confused look.

"I imagine a work in progress," she said with a wink and Luna smiled. "But one definitely worth the work…"