Tales of a lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 1

A Bitter Hero and a Lonely Sage

It was warm inside the tavern. People, travelers, taking shelter from the storm outside were laughing, enjoying ale and stories. The door opened, and with it a rush of cold and a peal of thunder, to reveal a boy.

The boy looked no older then 13, wearing a green tunic and hat. His dark blond hair seeming to frame his face. On his back one could see two swords, and a shield. His face held a look which some of the men recognized. A look of bitterness, resentment, the look of one who had seen too much death and had lost too much. Many of then men thought the boy was too young to have such a look on his face, and wondered what hells the child had been through.

The boy walked up to the counter and placed two blue rupees upon it." A room for the night please." he said, his voice lacking the innocence that most children that age had.

The owner of the inn looked at the boy, his appearance, despite seeming harmless, seemed to frighten the owner, somehow. The boy seemed to have little patience and seemed to suddenly erupt into a rage.

"I said, give me a goddess-forsaken room!" the boy shouted, fury etched through his face. "Or is this tavern so pathetic that it doesn't have any more rooms?" He sneered at the owner. "Or are you so stupid that don't know if you have rooms or not?"

By this point the owner was angry, this child was insulting him! Now listen here boy-" The man was interrupted by one of the child's swords being drawn. It was a long blade, much longer then one his age should be able to hold, with swirls of gold mixed in with the steel.

"Never call me 'boy' again" he hissed. "You will call me 'sir' and you will show me a room or I will give you a nice scar to go with that ugly face." He then sheathed the golden sword, and looked at the owner, contempt written all over his face.

The owner was by now afraid for his life, and decided it would be best to do what this bo- young man, said. "V-v-very well s-sir," he stuttered out "Here is your key," he deposited a silver key into the green-clad young mans hand, "upstairs, two doors down and to the right."

The young warrior, for what else could he be, began to march upstairs when the owner spoke up again. "Um, s-s-sir?" The boy turned around. The irritation on his face was plain and day. "Err, I'll, um, need your name. Security reasons, you see we can't have-"

"Link" the boy stated "My name is Link. Now I want to get some rest!" Link then stormed upstairs.

Everyone in the tavern let out a breath they hadn't even known they had been holding. "Poor kid," one of the regulars stated "I wonder what happened to him?"

"If you ask him he'll probably cut your head of as soon as answer you!" another piped up.

"Now now," the owner said "Lets just forget about that lad, in fact, how about a free round for everybody?" This caused the mood to lighten back up and soon everyone had forgotten about the strange boy named Link.

There was, however someone who would not forget about Link.

It is said that when the goddess Farore created the life that exists on this world, she created a forest. A forest that covered the whole world. A forest that contained every form of life that exists has existed and will ever exist. However the forest gradually reseeded, creating the plains, deserts, fields, ocean, and lesser forests that cover the world today. It is also said that the remains of this forest reside in the country of Hyrule. This forest has many names, some call it the Cursed Woods, Others call it the Forest of Demons, the more optimistic called it the Forest of Life's Beginning. Most however, call it by the by the simple name of The Lost Woods. This name is perhaps most fitting in this day and age, for that is what happens to people who enter it. They are lost forever. But it is not evil magic that traps poor souls. It is merely strong and old magic which does not tolerate outsiders. So it twists their forms to fit the forest, with protection it is possible to enter the forest without harm. But few are willing to offer protection, preferring to keep the forest untainted and its creatures free from outside influence.

Among the most powerful of the forest creatures are the Kokiri, children of the Great Deku Tree which was said to have been planted by Farore herself, they were created in a human form. The Kokiri are unmatched in magical power, even the Sheikah are only second. Despite their great power, there have been few Kokiri mages in this world's history. Perhaps this is fortunate, for if they ever learned of their true power, they could easily take over this world. Most Kokiri use their power for small, practical things, such as the magic bags they make from magical plants and infuse with their power, which can never be filled and can hold anything yet still feel empty. They also use their power to care for the forest, making plants grow faster or in poor soil. They are also connected to all life and can even feel a person soul. No disguise can fool a Kokiri for they can tell if one is lying.

The Kokiri live in a small village near the western edge of The Lost Woods. Here they live their lives alone, outsiders rarely entering, when they do the Kokiri always guide them out before the forest can take them. As such they lived their lives alone, all of them content to stay in their forest, with not contact with outsiders. This changed one night.

War had been ravaging the land for many years. But the Kokiri were unaware of this, but the Great Deku Tree was. He sensed a Hylian woman coming to the forest, he sensed she had a child with her, and that she was dieing. Feeling something about the child the woman had with her, he let her through, masking her and her child's souls so the Kokiri could not sense them, and guided them to him. Once there he sensed the great destiny this child possessed, and, realizing that the fate of the world rested upon this baby boys, whose name, as given by his mother was Link, shoulders, took the child in. The mother did not survive the night. The Great Deku Tree had work to do. Infusing the child with Kokiri blood, he placed him under the care of his youngest child, a Kokiri girl by the name of Saria, whom he could also feel a great destiny within. And so Link was raised as Kokiri for many years until his destiny was ready to be fulfilled. Link fought many battles and finally saved Hyrule from evil. Saria was awakened to her destiny as well. But all was undone, and only Link and the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, remembered. After that Link became a wonderer traveling from place to place, righting wrongs as he went, he even saved another world.

Meanwhile Saria, who did not remember the part she played in the fate of the world, was sitting on the roof of her house. Looking up at the night sky above her, a sigh escaped her lips. "Is the sky the same where you are?" Saria was, of course, thinking about the boy who had changed her life in so many ways.


'Why?' she thought 'Why haven't you come back?' Almost six months ago the Great Deku Tree and died, and with his death, Link left. The whole forest mourned the loss of the Tree God, but the Kokiri also mourned the loss of Link. For if Link had left the forest, surely he was dead. Yet both proved to still live. A month after the Deku Trees death, a sprout grew, this sprout became the new Great Deku Tree, but it would be a few years before he ascended to full power. Then, as if on queue, Link returned. The joyous partying seemed to bring new life into the forest, as Link answered questions about the outside world. The answers flew over most of the Kokiri's heads. But not Saria, she could easily picture the vast fields, scorching deserts, and vast mountains. She could picture the world beyond the forest. And Saria wanted to learn more, she talked to Link constantly, spending even more time with him then before he left. She was always with her best friend. The Kokiri girl began to notice that Link had...changed. He had become taller, his hair slightly longer, his features more rugged. But Kokiri do not change past the age of twelve! Their hair does not even grow unless the child wills it. So how could Link be changing? Just when Saria was about to confront Link on this issue, he left. He said he had some things to take care of, and he left. Three months have passed since then. And Saria could not stop thinking about him. She was also experiencing something no Kokiri had felt in over a thousand years.


Saria was tired of the forest; she wanted to see the world!

"I want to go with you." she whispered "I want to travel with you, see the world with you" Saria began to brake down sobbing "Don't leave me Link..." She curled up into a fetal position sobbing louder and back...I need you..."

Mido, the leader of the Kokiri, listened to Sarias sobs. Link he thought why did you leave? Why did you...did you hurt Saria?

Mido never had liked Link, and everybody knew the reason. Saria. Mido was always jealous of the attention Link got from her. From when he was a baby and she was assigned to care for him. To now, when she was crying over him being gone.

And yet, when Link returned the first thing he did was say "Hi Mido, did ya miss me?" with a silly grin on his face. Link had matured; he was friendly to everyone, even to Mido and his friends, who were never nice to Link. Mido now found himself hoping, like Saria, that Link came home soon. All right Mr. No-Fairy, come home soon, Saria needs you.