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Author's Notes:
Before I start on this story, I have to make clear some things first. : )

- This is a fic for Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, and while I'm a fan of the books, I'm liking this movie a lot more (besides the story line is entirely different; and MMMT does rock in the book!)
- I'm a Mia/Nicholas/PD2 fan, meaning I'm not an avid fan MMMT. Though I might write MMMT fics in the future. ;)
- This fic takes place few weeks after the ending of PD2. And of course, all is fictitious. I made up my own story as to why Michael and Mia split.
- Relationships will come to light in the next few entries! Though, interesting point to note is of Lilly and Captain Kip Kelly. Doesn't anyone else think that they were so cute (in PD2, that is.)
- Written in diary form, like Ms Cabot's, though I'm sure that I'm nowhere half as good as her. My apologies if I spoilt the whole story or format

That said... Enjoy and review! ;)

Friday, 1st October 2004, bedroom

I'm extremely guilty of a few things.

- Not returning Nicholas's nice, romantic message
- Forgetting to inform Charlotte of personal schedule, causing her to wake up frantically this morning
- Not writing in this diary for 3 weeks!!!

You can't fault me exactly, though. I've been so, so tied up with work as Queen. Been enjoying it so far, and the parliament had yet to show any dissent towards me (Not that I'd been hoping for them to, of course)... Or at least, not after Viscount Mabrey dropped out of it, that is.

Speaking of Viscount Mabrey, I just happen to like nice men. Not Lord Mabrey, for the sake of God, but his nephew. And before I forget and go all gushing for him in here, let me write down what he sent two days ago.

- Mia, my queen, I know you've been extremely busy these days. How would you like a chicken for you table should I ask for your attendance? Your love always, Nicholas.

And I have yet to reply him!!! Maybe I should get Charlotte to call him up to the palace to have a nice and romantic dinner. Or maybe I shouldn't procrastinate, and send him a message myself. Know what, I'm going to do just that.

Here goes nothing:

- Nicholas, you know I'd love to have you around, chicken or no chicken. I'd get Shades to send you a limo tomorrow morning, and I'd get Charlotte to clear my schedule. You, my lord, takes presidence, don't you?

To which he replied:

- My queen, I'd be more than blessed to spend a few hours with you, let alone a whole day. Mind if I plan the schedule for tomorrow, if you wish?

I wish he'd stop with the queen-y thing, but I suppose that's kinda cute in a regal way. Well, you know. I wouldn't want my (ooh how decadent) future husband to call me My Queen all the time. Speaking of queens, Grandma is gone with Joe to their honeymoon. Maybe I should consider calling Joe Grandpa. Can't wait to see his reaction.

Ah, I digress again. So I replied:

- Sure, anything at all. I can't wait for tomorrow then. Have a good night's sleep ;)

I contemplated adding a "Love you" in that, but I didn't. And guess what he sent back?!

- : )

Was that the cutest, or what? I giggled, then regained my composure, as Bridgett entered my room with freshly pressed laundry. She looked alarmed to see me in my flannel pajamas on my bed, but I'm seriously hoping she didn't hear those giggles. Oh, here comes Charlotte. Gotta tell her that I have made important plans for the whole of tomorrow and that I won't be able to attend to anything at all.

Well, perhaps except my one true love. Though there are only 2 people in this whole world that I've called 'one true love'. One is, of course, Nicholas. The other would be my first ever boyfriend, Michael. Michael, he who saw me when I was invisible. True, I was broken when we called it off, but lucky for us, we're still friends from that amicable split. Both of us agreed to not let the long distance change whatever we had indeed felt for each other, and that it'll be much better if we leave it all at there and then.

I have, of course, gotten over him since then. He's touring the states with his band, and he'd given me his word that if he'd ever come to Europe, Genovia will be the first he'd visit, so I guess I'm content with that.

For now, I only have eyes for Nicholas, and that is not, and I mention again, not going to change. Ever.

And I digress again.