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.Chapter One……

"What have I ever done to you…?" Zoro asked Luffy angrily as he massaged the quickly swelling bump on the back of his head.

"Ah… sorry," Luffy apologized with a grin.

Zoro just glared at his captain. It seemed like he was injured in some way at least once a day because of Luffy. This time it had been a 'gomu-gomu-no-pistol' straight to the back of his head. He had been minding his own business, talking to Nami, when Luffy's fist came out of nowhere. Apparently, he had been trying to see how far he could stretch his arm to show Usopp.

"Somehow, I don't think you mean that…" Zoro said as he continued to glare.

Luffy put on a pouty face and blinked innocently at Zoro. "I didn't mean to…"

Just when Zoro was about to forgive him, Sanji announced that it was lunch time and Luffy was gone faster than he could blink.

"So much for a sincere apology…" Zoro grumbled as he got up and made his way toward the kitchen.

"Are you alright, Zoro?" Chopper asked once they were all seated at the table.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He didn't feel like mentioning the headache he had. "He didn't even hit me that hard."

"Hey." Luffy said in-between bites as though he was offended.

Zoro just ignored him and began eating.

Lately Zoro had been irritated. He couldn't figure out what it was that was irritating him either. In fact, that just made it more irritating. He was restless. He couldn't concentrate on anything; not even training. Luffy only made things worse. How was he supposed to figure out what was bothering him if that idiot kept interrupting his thoughts? Every time he thought he might almost figure out what it is that's been nagging him, Luffy did something stupid and made him lose it. Living on this ship was enough to make any person insane!

"Zoro, is something wrong?" Chopper asked. "…Zoro?"

"…What?" He hadn't even heard the question.

"Is something wrong?"

"No. Why?" He bit into a mouthful of meat.

"You seem like you're angry about something…" The reindeer seemed a little wary of discussing his mood.

"No, I'm not angry," He smiled. He couldn't help but have a soft-spot for the ships doctor, though he'd never admit it.

"He's always like that, Chopper," Nami said casually. "Haven't you noticed?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Zoro asked with a scowl.

"See what I mean?" She said with a smirk, ignoring Zoro's death-glare.

"One day, I'm going to stab that woman…" He thought angrily. "Stab her in the face."

He smiled to himself as he thought about stabbing Nami in the face… repeatedly.

"What's so funny?" Usopp asked the swordsman.

Zoro realized that he had begun to chuckle softly to himself, and quickly stopped. He chose to ignore Usopp and shoved some food into his mouth.

Usopp and Chopper eyed him warily as they continued their meals.

"How do you like it, Nami-san, Robin-chan?" Sanji asked the girls sweetly, ignoring everything that was going on.

Robin smiled at the cook. "It's good, thank you."

"It's good. Thank you, Sanji-kun."

Suddenly, Zoro noticed Luffy's hand creeping towards his plate. As his fingers were just hovering over his food, the green-haired swordsman brought his fork down on the thief's hand.

"Oooowww!!!" Luffy wailed. "What's wrong with you!? Why'd you do that??"

"You were trying to steal my food!" He shouted defensively.

"What? I…" Luffy quickly thought up and excuse. "I wasn't stealing your food, Zoro! I thought I saw… a raccoon on your plate, and… it was trying to eat the meat! I scared it away!" He grinned triumphantly.

Zoro just stared at his captain. Did he really think anyone would believe something that stupid…?

"What?? A raccoon!?" Chopper exclaimed. "I didn't even see it!"

Everyone else at the table gaped at the reindeer.

"What is it?" the furry doctor asked innocently.

The meal continued the same way until every last morsel of food was devoured. Zoro left the others as soon as he had finished eating. Maybe I'll be able to clear my mind and train for a while now that I'm full… He thought to himself. Unfortunately, not five minutes later, he heard someone approaching from behind him.

"What do you want, Luffy?"

Luffy grinned. "You could tell it was me? I thought I could sneak up on you."


"What are you doing?"

"I was about to train."

"Aww, that's no fun! All you ever do is train! You're already big enough, Zoro! I'm bored… I thought you might know something fun I could do."

"How would I know? Go play with chopper or something, I'm busy."

"Come on, Zoro! You've been so mean lately!"

Even though he knew Luffy was right, he wasn't about to admit it to him. He had reasons to mean! Good reasons! If Luffy couldn't see that, it wasn't his problem.

"Just go away. Go see if someone else will entertain you!"

Seeing that he wasn't going to get his way, Luffy put on a pouty face. "Zoroooo!!" As he whined his friend's name, the captain stomped his foot like a child.

"Rrrrr… fine! What do you want me to do, Luffy??" Zoro shouted as he finally lost his patience.

"Uhh… I don't know. That's what I came here to ask you."

Letting out and exasperated sigh, Zoro leaned back and collapsed onto the deck. Dealing with Luffy was just too mentally exhausting…

"What are you doing?"


"If you're sleeping, why are you eyes open?" Luffy asked as he tilted his head to one side.

"I'm teaching myself to sleep that way," He lied.

"Wow, really?? I wanna try!" Luffy threw himself onto the deck beside Zoro.

Zoro was startled at first to see him plop down next to him. He couldn't keep the corners of his mouth from turning up a little. Even if Luffy was an annoying idiot, he was still undeniably cute. That was another thing Zoro would never admit to anyone. Ever since he had first met up with Luffy, it had always been Luffy's childlike charm that had been Zoro's favorite thing about him. Even when he made him so mad that he seriously considered killing him, Luffy would do something to remind him why he hadn't yet.

They had managed to stay still and quiet for a little over thirty seconds before Luffy cracked.

"This is boring!" He rolled over and looked at Zoro. "Let's do something else now!"

"You do something else."

"But I wanna do something with you!" He whined.

"You don't even know what you want to do."

"That's why you should think of something."

"I did. We were just doing it."

"I mean something fun…"

"Like what?"

Luffy sat up, cross-legged and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"We could… ah!" He suddenly raised his index finger, and then lowered it again. "No…"


"Oh, we could- no…"


"Wait, I know!" He grinned excitedly and placed his hands on his knees. "Let's play with the cannon!"

"There's nothing around to aim at but ocean."

"Aww…" He leaned his face directly over Zoro's. "Well, now it's your turn to think of something."

Zoro was startled to have Luffy's face so close to his. He just stared at him with his usual, goofy grin on his face, waiting for a response. Zoro could feel his face getting hot and he didn't know why. He couldn't explain it, but he was suddenly feeling really uncomfortable.

"I… I don't know," was all he could force out after several seconds.

"You suck…" Luffy whined as he pulled his face away.

"If I suck, why do you keep bugging me?" Zoro asked after he regained his composure. "Like I said, go see what the others are doing. One of them will probably have something for you to do."

"Aw, fine…" He got up and dusted off his pants. "But if they don't, I'm coming back."


Zoro sat up and let out a deep sigh as his captain walked away. What's wrong with me?? He thought as he shook his head, hoping to clear it. Why did I get so wierded out when he did that? He brought one of his knees up and rested an arm on it. It was unlike him to feel so uncomfortable around Luffy. He'd been that close to him before without getting flustered. He couldn't figure out what was different about today.

He let out another sigh and lay back down on the deck. Maybe he'd feel better after a nap…


So, what do you think so far? I know I made Zoro angrier than usual, but I'll try and make him a little happier in the later chapters. I can't help it. He's easier to write angry. Plus, he's all confused and irritated right now. Poor Zoro. I hope I got his and Luffy's characters right. I always try my best to keep character personalities intact, but I don't always succeed…

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