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-o-Chapter Fourteen-o-

Zoro paced back and fourth impatiently. He couldn't believe his luck. After all the countless opportunities to tell Luffy his feelings that he had passed up, now when he was finally ready the captain was completely surrounded by the entire crew of the Going Merry.

What the hell? What's so interesting about Luffy that they all have to be that close to him?

The boy had been playing some strange game he made up with his fellow Strawhat pirates. Zoro had passed, hoping that less people would make the game end sooner. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The swordsman had been waiting for two hours. The sun was beginning to set, and his patience had run out.

Zoro seated himself on the deck irritably. If he wasn't going to get the chance to tell Luffy, he could at least sleep until he could. Damn game...

He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Zoro hoped Luffy would come bother him the moment he closed his eyes. After all, that seemed to always be the time the boy always wanted to annoy him the most. He was disappointed when his 'rest' went uninterrupted. It figures... The one time I want to be bothered.

The sounds of the rest of the crew goofing off drifted over to where Zoro sat. He was beginning to feel a little regretful about turning down his invitation to play. Not that the game itself seemed to make much sense. But that had never stopped any of the strawhat's other strange suggestions for activities from being entertaining. From the quick description Luffy had given him on the game, Zoro had come to the conclusion that the objective was to see how many times you could hit the opposite team's members in the head with a rubber ball. Somehow Zoro doubted it was really a safe game for Nami and Usopp to be playing with Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper throwing balls around, but he hadn't heard too many screams of pain...

The only other pirate on the ship who wasn't playing was Robin. But at least she was keeping score. Why did I decide not to play...? Dammit!

Zoro finally gave in to the pleading voice in his head and sat up. He could at least watch the others. That would be more interesting than just pouting about being left out (because of his own refusal to play, but still...).

When the players were in view, Zoro nearly forgot to keep his scowl in place. Usopp was wearing a bizarre assortment of makeshift padding from head-to-toe. He could barely move, and was getting hit the most. Chopper was in his bigger form, wearing a pillow and pot helmet. It looked as though he was trying to convince the others to do the same.

"You guys!" He pleaded. "Please wear helmets! You could get a head injury if you don't!"

The furry doctor saw Zoro and his face lit up. "Zoro! Will you please tell them to wear helmets?"

"Why do we need helmets?" Luffy asked as he chucked the ball at Sanji's noggin. "We'll be fine!"

"You'll be fine, maybe!" Usopp protested. "But us normal people have to protect our brains which are not made of rubber!"

The captain just laughed and dodged the ball that Sanji had kicked back at him.

The ball flew towards Zoro. He caught it before it flew over the side of the ship and threw it at Luffy. "Have you guys lost any of these yet?"

"Two," Luffy answered with a grin and threw the ball. "You wanna play now?"

"Yeah, Zoro you should play on our team!" Usopp said excitedly. "Then both sides will be even!"

"Or are you afraid you can beat me and my team?" Sanji added with a smirk. It was obvious that the cook was baiting him, but the swordsman couldn't resist.

"Fine. I'll play," Zoro stood next to Luffy. "Who's on each team?"

"Our team is me," Luffy pointed to himself. "Usopp," He pointed at the long nose. "And you."

"Our team is called 'The Sea Warriors'!" Usopp exclaimed with pride.

"What's your team called?" Zoro asked the Love Cook. "'The Curly Cream Puffs'?"

Sanji ignored the insult. "We're 'The Tangerine Tornadoes', shithead," He answered irritably as he removed a cigarette pack from his coat pocket. "Nami-san made it up!" The cook added, abandoning his cool demeaner.

"Oh lord..."

"Do you guys want to start a new game?" Robin asked. "I'll start the score from the beginning if you want."

"Who won this time?" Luffy asked.

"The Tangerine Tornadoes won this time, Sencho-san."

"What?" Luffy pointed at Usopp. "It's your fault!"

"Hey! You got hit too!" The liar could barely turn his head with all the padding he was wearing.

"Not as much as you did!"

"Both of you, shut up!" Zoro commanded. "Who cares who won that round? We'll definitely win this time."

Luffy grinned. "Yeah!"

"Don't count on that," Sanji spun the ball on his fingertip and let it fall onto his foot. "You wont stand a chance this time, either."

"Stop talking and play, you curly-eyebrowed fruit."

Sanji glared at Zoro and kicked the ball directly at the swordsman's face. Before he could dodge, Luffy reached out and smacked the ball, sending it flying back at the other team. This time it was Chopper who caught the ball then sent it flying towards Usopp. Zoro ran to catch the ball before it hit the well-protected but essentially useless sniper. He barely missed the ball as it hit it's mark.

"Gah! My face!" Usopp yelped.

"Damn!" He swore as he caught the ball as it bounced off and flung it at Nami.

"Nami-swan, I'll protect you!" Sanji leapt in front of the navigator and kicked the ball out of the air.

"Thank you, Sanji-kun!" Nami said with a batt of her eyelashes.

"You're welcome, Nami-sa-GAH! You bastard!" The cook's ass-kissing was cut short by a ball to the side of his head.

Zoro being the one who had sent the ball on it's way, was laughing hysterically.

The game went on for another hour-and-a-half. Zoro got so caught up in playing, he completely forgot his situation. He was actually able to forget all his irritation and just have fun. They all did. Luffy's strange games always had a way of doing that to the crew. By the time the game was over, all of the strawhats were sporting a few bruises. Not that any of them cared. Luffy's games were usually a bit on the painful side, but they were still always fun.

"We won!" Luffy shouted as he hopped up and down.

Usopp tried to hop, but ended up falling flat on his back. "Ow..."

"Congratulations," Chopper said cheerfully to his opposing team members.

Zoro grinned at his little friend.

"Well, I'm going to start dinner," Sanji said as he headed towards the kitchen. "Even if it is going to be a little late..."

The cook was right. The sun had been down for a while now. Zoro guessed it was about nine o'clock. Normally Sanji had dinner served much earlier. Here come the complaints... Zoro thought.

"I'm hungry..." Luffy held his belly as if he hadn't eaten in days. "Sanji! I want a snack while I wait for dinner!"

The cook didn't bother to turn his head as he opened the door to the kitchen. "You wont get anything until dinner's done. Just wait. I'll make something that doesn't take too long." He waved his hand dissmisively.

"Sanji!" The boy whined. "I want a snack!"

The captain was ignored completely as Sanji shut the door behind him.

"No fair!"

"Shut up, Luffy!" Nami shouted. "Dinner will be ready soon. Just sit still until it's done."

"I'm hungry too..." Usopp said weakly from the floor. "Could someone help me up?"

Zoro paid no attention to the long nose as Chopper ran over to lend a hand. He decided it was more important to get Luffy alone. He knew he didn't have much time until Sanji announced dinner, but he figured it might be better that way. That way even if Luffy didn't like what he heard, he could always cheer up when he stuffed his face. It was a logical idea. Or at least Zoro thought so.


The boy stopped pouting and looked at Zoro. "Huh?"

"Come here, I need to talk to you..."

Roronoa led the captain to his ever trusty storage room. It was as good a place as any to spill his guts and leave himself completely vulnerable to the object of his undying affection. ...Right?

"Why do you want to talk to me here?" Luffy asked as he looked around in confusion.

"I wanted to talk to you in private."

"Oh." Luffy gave the swordsman an unreadable look then sat down on a box.

Zoro sat opposite and took a deep breath. "Luffy, I've been meaning to tell you this for a while..."

The boy just blinked, waiting for his friend to finish.

"I... Without really knowing it, during this time I've spent being a pirate with you I realized something."

Luffy fidgeted in his seat. Zoro could have sworn the boy looked uncomfortable. The site nearly made him lose his confidence, but he quickly shook out of it. I'm going to do this no matter what!

"All these months we've been together... We've gotten pretty close, huh?" He tried to force a smile.

The Strawhat nodded. "Yeah."

"And you are my best friend..."

The nod was repeated. "Uh-huh."

"But lately I realized I-"

The swordsman was interrupted by the faint sound of Sanji shouting that dinner was ready. Dammit! He's done already? He quickly fixed his eyes on Luffy. The boy was standing himself up.

"Let's eat and then you can tell me," Luffy said with a smile that didn't look very happy as he reached for the door knob.

I can't let this end now. If I don't do something right now, this will just keep going on like this! "Luffy..."

Zoro stood and grabbed his friend by the wrist, turning him around again. Luffy looked a bit surprised, but Roronoa knew he couldn't stop now. Before he could change his mind, the swordsman pressed his lips against Luffy's. He felt as if all the breath was sucked out of him the moment his lips met the rubber boy's. The room was spinning around him, but he didn't care. Forgetting everything, he leaned in closer to his captain.

To Zoro's surprise, Luffy didn't pull away. He just let the hand that was resting on the door slide away and fall to his side. Without thinking, Roronoa moved his own hand from his captain's wrist farther up his arm, letting his other wrap around the boy's waist to rest against his lower back. When Luffy wrapped his arms around Zoro's neck, the swordsman thought he was going to pass out. When the boy then parted his lips, he almost did.

Zoro didn't know what the hell he was doing, but he decided to play things by ear. He slowly touched his toungue to Luffy's lips, hoping that was what the boy wanted. It startled him when Luffy began to do the same. Since when was Luffy this... What the hell is this anyway? Roronoa decided it was time he became more aggressive and let his tongue slide into the other's mouth. Zoro felt a chill run through his body as he felt Luffy's tongue on his. Is this even happening? It seemed like everything that was going on had to be a dream. Maybe he had taken one too many hits to the head earlier and this was a coma-induced dream...

Without warning, Zoro pulled away and smacked himself in the face. Needless to say, Luffy was a little confused.

"Zoro...?" He stared at his friend who looked as though he had just made an incredible discovery.

"I'm not sleeping!"

Luffy stared at Roronoa. It wasn't often that he was giving someone else that look. "Are you-"

The captain was interrupted when the door flew open. "What the hell are you two doing?" Sanji demanded. "I said dinner is ready! Luffy, if you don't eat now, I'm not making you anything later."

The pair just stared at the blonde.

"...Well, I warned you so don't complain later!" He turned and stormed away without closing the door behind him.

The continued to stare at the empty doorway, then at each other. The stood in silence for several moments.


Before the swordsman could finish, Luffy grabbed his head and pulled it a bit lower, giving him a quick kiss.

"Let's go eat dinner, I'm starving!" He grinned and ran out the door.

Zoro stayed still a moment longer. The smile had told him everything he needed to know. Luffy felt the same way as he did. Things would still be the same as they always had been. The only difference would be that they were a little more than just friends.

The swordsman let out a deep sigh. He felt like he had just dropped a tremendous weight from his shoulders. I guess we didn't need words after all...


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