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Obsolete Haphazard

Chapter One: Reborn

Himuro Mansion...

A decrepit mansion which now stands empty. It had forever been a place of mystery, and will surely remain that way for eternity. Many people knew about it, but very few dared to venture inside it. It was a place always associated with haunting and fear. The scent of blood still lingered in the dreary halls of the mansion since the final Rope Shrine Maiden had failed her duty. Several others such a folklorist and his family, a novelist's party and a pair of siblings came to investigate the rumors about it, but to no avail. The siblings lived to tell their tale, but the rest died due to the so-called curse. But those rumors eventually ceased their coming, leaving the Himuro Mansion in silence. Until today, it still remains silent. But as the branches of the stark cherry tree in the Cherry Atrium sway in the zephyr, the silence is about to be interrupted...

"Where am I?"

The girl opened her eyes and sat up awkwardly. She rubbed her eyes, trying to get accustomed to her surroundings. Instantly, she recalled everything.

"This is the Cherry Atrium", she murmured. "Of the Himuro Mansion, I think".

She stood up and dusted off her kimono. Looking up, she saw the dead cherry tree above her head. The branches were stooping down in an eerie way, as if they were reaching out for her. Her eyes widened, but not because of that.

"Why am I alive?" she asked, shocked. "I know I killed myself on this very tree..."

She knew she had ended her life by hanging herself from the cherry tree in despair. She had lost her daughter to some unknown entity, and her sanity had followed after.

"I don't understand any of this", she said, panic constricting in her throat.

She rushed up the porch steps and into the hallway leading to the Buddha Room. She slowly walked up to the full-length mirror adjacent to the staircase, and gasped. She now believed that she was alive, but she had never expected this. Her appearance was too much for her to look at. Short, almost-black bobbed hair fell from her the crown of her head to her graceful neck. Expressive dark brown eyes mirrored the anxiety she was feeling at the moment. And she was clad in a pure white kimono with a red obi knotted at her waist. She fell to her knees in disbelief.

"How can this be?" she whispered. "I was an adult when I left this world..."

She was back in her appearance when she was still a teenager. It was very much different from her appearance as a grown woman. Slowly, she got to her feet and walked up the old staircase. All the things were much older than how she remembered them. When she arrived at the upper landing, she pushed on the small door leading to the Anteroom. Things were still in their old places, but had now accumulated dust and signs of archaic age in them. She got out of the Anteroom and into the room leading to the Moon Observatory. Slowly, she stroked the faded painting of wildflowers on the wall. This room was full of her memories with her husband Ryozo Munakata and her daughter Mikoto Munakata. But they were both gone now. She was alone.

"Why was I reborn in my teenage body?" she asked herself. "Is there something that I missed? Is there something I needed to accomplish before but was never able to?"

Suddenly, a wisp of a fading memory started to force itself into her train of thought. It was a distant, long-lost memory that had some how managed to find its way back to her after the long lapse she had several years ago. The memory of her old self. The young girl who used to live in All God's Village. The girl who grew up as one of the daughters of All God's Village's most powerful man. The girl who had abandoned the Crimson Sacrifice...

"Oh, Sae!" she cried, tears springing to her eyes. "I left her! I left her there to suffer by herself! What kind of a sister am I if I just left her in the village all alone?"

She tried to remember what else had transpired. She remembered everything that she had forgotten when she lost her memory. The success of the ritual of the Kiryu sisters, the failure of the Tachibana brothers several years after and how she and Sae had tried to escape before their ritual.

"We shouldn't have done that", she whispered in the darkness. "I should've listened to Sae. She was the braver one, for she was willing to face her death. I'm such a coward! I'm the one who was supposed to do the killing, but I was the one who wanted to runaway".

She cried softly to herself in the quiet room. The only thing illuminating it was the flame of an old candle she had found on the porch. She truly felt alone now. The people that had once made up her world were gone. Many years had passed, and she had realized their mistake too late. She had no power to bring back time. If only she had been sensitive enough to know the consequences of not performing the ritual. She knew what she was: a narcissist.

"I'm the most selfish person in the world", she sobbed. "I only wanted things to work out for my own sake and I didn't give a single thought to other people's feelings! The reason why I was reborn in my teenage body is surely because I will have to endure this pain and guilt ripping at my heart until my dying die. It's an effect of my own selfishness".

Her thought turned to what really transpired after she had left Sae. What had happened? Why was she not able to return to the village? What condition was it in at the moment? What had happened to all its inhabitants? Were people still living there?

"All these questions run through my mind like ripples in a stream", she said thoughtfully. "I won't rest until I find answers. And I won't get them here".

Her mind started to work, thinking of more rational things. From here, she could surely retrace the way to All God's Village. It had been her home for so many years; she could still recall how it looked like in her mind's eye.

"I have to go there".

Those five words said it all. Determined to find answers to her questions, she stood up and made her way out of Himuro Mansion. As she quietly closed the door of the entrance behind her, a new realization found its way into her heart.

Yae Munakata was dead. Yae Kurosawa was who she really was.

To be continued...

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