The Return

Dear Nicola,
Hey, it's Arene. I know it's been a few months since we last talked in person, but I felt I just had to say hello again. I'm writing this letter in the underground armoury of the Vatican. It's a very noisy place, but with Carl bugging me about my spelling skills, it's just as good as any. :) I've really missed you. I know the last place we met was back in Budapest... How are you doing about that? I know it was really painful for you and I hope you are well. Believe me, it still plagues me too. I still have nightmares. They are less and less now, but before they were horrible. How are things back in England? I hope all has been well with you, you are happy and in good health. I've been okay.
Living with Carl and Van Helsing is wonderful. They are so great... and really kinda funny! :)They are so kind to me too. Every night either Carl or Van Helsing tucks me into bed and sings me this old lullaby, which is so lovely. I'm glad to finally have a loving family again. It's not a picnic either I can tell you. Carl is my person tutor and you can imagine how that is! I have to learn proper English grammar, Latin, French, and Spanish! Oh and let's not forget math, history (from all over the world!), science and ballroom dancing (Upon Van Helsing's request). It's a real pain, but I miss them when they have to go on missions. I want to go with them, but I'm still too young! Darn, but they always come back with stories and smiles. I miss you, Nicola. Write back soon... I gotta go. Time for Latin! sigh and smile!
With love,

My dear Arene
It has been too long my friend but I am glad to hear that you are happy in your new home.
Things here are not so good. I have terrible nightmares. You may not believe me but I am visited each night by the spirits of Dracula's former brides. They seem to want to harm me in some way because of Dracula's confession of love for me before his death. I pray you - please ask Van Helsing and Carl what they think I should do.
I hate to call upon you in this after all you did for me back in Budapest but I am desperate. They have always been just dreams before but last night when they attacked me I woke to find actually marks on my arms where they grabbed me.
I am very frightened
Please help! May I come to you in Rome?
Your friend always

My dearest Nicola,
I am so fearful for you, I had no idea of what was happening. They must feel as though you should have died along with him or else they are insanely jealous. I have talked to Van Helsing and Carl and they have spoken to the cardinal. He feels for you... but says you cannot come. I confronted him on this and insisted upon it, but he is still uneasy about the event back in Budapest. I tried to speak a bout it yet again to Carl and Van Helsing, but they say they can't go against the rules. They can't... but I can. I hate to deceive them like this.... but the sooner you come to Rome, the better. You must come at once! I can hide you in my room and help you. I will NOT leave you like this Nicola. You are my friend and I will die before I will let them hurt you any more. Come as soon as you can and tell no one where you are going. The Knights Of the Holy Order have many connections. Write back at once,
Your friend forever,

Arene closed the letter and sealed it with a prayer,
"God in heaven, protect her."
She ran to the post area to try to send it out as fast as she could. She knew that she was breaking a hundred laws, but Nicola was her friend, and there had to be someway to help her.