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Chapter 20: Decisions

Dumbledore's Office YR 1996

Everything had been explained to them all. Dumbledore explained that he already knew how James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily got back to their own time because they had explained it all to him when they had eventually got back. The five students had been missing for a month before they had reappeared again. Dumbledore had known that Voldemort wouldn't win because if he had done so, James and Lily would never have returned anyway.

Harry thought about this turn of events. "So, does that mean the future is set?"

Dumbledore nodded. "Up to a certain point. Your parents will now have to decide what they must do. They can either leave the future as it is, and die or they can alter it so that you are not marked as the boy who lived. They came into one of the possible futures that could happen with this decision. You might find Harry that your life will change gradually, you may find that your parents choose to change it, however I remember altering all their memories so that they did not remember a single thing. Unless I am mistaken, they will choose to leave the future as it is."

Harry lowered his head. "It would've been nice to know who they were."

"But you do know," Dumbledore prompted, "You got to see them. And yes, they were not the parenting figures you want them to be, they will one day. Just remember that our loved ones can be found in our hearts. You may not remember them much, Harry, but they show themselves most plainly when you are in dire need. They live on in you."

Harry nodded. "I know. I just wish...that everything could be better for me."

"Perhaps one day it will." Dumbledore replied, smiling through his half-moon glasses.

Hogwarts June 1977

James woke groggily, his head hurting considerably. "Ow." he murmured. Where was he?

He scanned the room he was in. "Not again," he was in the hospital wing. Why was he in here? And then he remembered.


His son, Harry.

The older - much older - Wormtail.

He reached out for his glasses, finding them and slipping them over his nose so that he could see properly.

"I'm glad to see that you have woken, Mr Potter."

"Professor Dumbledore!" James said. "What year is this?"

"Just as it always has been since January 1st. 1977."

"I'm back? We're truly back?"

"What do you mean my dear boy?" the headmaster asked quizzicly.

James looked at him oddly. "I...we...there was a Gem that Professor Greenhelm gave us. It took us to 1996. Nineteen years into the future," a dreamy look came over his face, "I have a son with Lily...but I'm dead. My son is alive and a Gryffindor. He's the Boy Who Lived."

"I think James that you've had a nasty hit on the head. Once you are better I will speak to you and your companions separately. Lay down and go to sleep."

As Dumbledore said those words, James felt his eyelids drooping. The next thing he knew was that he was deeply asleep, his mind caught up between the past, present and future.

He woke again a few hours later his head much clearer then before. Memories flashed before him once again. He sat contemplating. Should he change the future he had visited or not? Should he make his son's life happier by being there for him? He didn't know what to do.

That evening, James was told by the nurse to go to the Headmaster's Office and with Lily, Sirius, Remus, and Peter in tow he took them through the Castle corridors towards the Office. Dumbledore was waiting for them as they entered. He drew up five chairs and the five of them sat down.

"Now, tell me what has happened to you." Dumbledore said.

Then James spoke of what had happened. He spoke of the future; of Harry; of Wormtail and lastly of Voldemort. Once he had finished he locked his hazel eyes on Dumbledore' shining blue ones and said: "This is the truth, Professor. I know it sounds far too impossible, but it happened. Everything I said was true. I would never joke about something like this."

Dumbledore studied him for the moment and then said: "I believe you, James. However you have a choice to make, you can either fight to prevent this future from happening, or have your memories erased and the future that you saw plays out. It is a rather heavy decision to make. It is your choice."

James had already discussed it with the others beforehand and they had decided that having their memories erased would be the best option, however now that it came to it, he wasn't sure that he wanted to. True, he knew that his son would never know him, but James would like to see his son grow old. He wanted it so badly...

He looked at Lily and saw that she was having the same thoughts.

"We'd decided to forget it," James began, "but I don't think I can go through with it. I want Harry to be happy, but he won't be if we die. I want to remember, to change it."

"Are you sure?" Dumbledore asked.

James nodded. "Yes, I am sure."


And so it came to pass that James and Lily would remember what had transpired while Sirius, Remus and Peter would have their own memories erased. James and Lily thought long and hard about keeping their memories but they decided Harry needed a better life. If they could change the future then they would. They wanted Harry to be happy.

Yet they would not know what the damage would have done to the future they had visited. They would only know if they lived longer then 31st October 1981. And that wouldn't be for a long time. They only hoped that both of them had made the right choice.

The End

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