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Yusuke and Kuwabara ran into the building where they saw the imposter run. Meanwhile, Jin was showing off for his fan girls, Touya was cowering as they cornered him, Hiei was hiding in a tree, and two authoresses caught Kurama and were dragging him back to their house.

(A/N: For those who don't know, that's me and my friend, What2callmyself. We're huge Kurama fans…we go on google, go under images, and type his name. Then we stare at pictures. It's really sad.)

As the two of them got into the building, who should come out but Yukina!

"YUKINA!" Kuwabara cried, starting to turn red and drool.

"Hello, Kuwabara. Hello, Yusuke."

Yusuke looked at her a second, then punched her in the face.


"Baka! She always calls you Kazuma! It wasn't her! It was the imposter!!!"

Sure enough, as Kuwabara looked down, "Yukina" was turning back into the imposter, having been knocked out.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I get it."

"Yeah, for the first time ever!" Yusuke retorted.

Kuwabara socked Yusuke in the face, and soon the two of them were fighting and Kuwabara was half unconscious on the ground.

(A/N: Sorry Kuwabara fans…no offense, but Yusuke always wins when that happens! What did you expect, he's part demon!)

Yusuke looked over to notice the imposter slinking away. "Oh no you don't! Spirit Gun!!!" Yusuke cried as he fired his famous weapon.

The imposter turned and stared in horror…then the blast went right past him.

"WHAT?? I MISSED?????"

"You've got lousy aim!" the imposter taunted.

He took off running, and Yusuke chased him. As the imposter ran, he accidentally bumped into two Kurama fan girls who were dragging him home.

"Hey! You should say excuse me!" the taller one yelled.

"Get lost!" the demon yelled back.

Big mistake. "Who do think you are telling us what to do?" the shorter one yelled, baring her claw like nails.

In no time, the two beat him to a pulp, then continued to drag Kurama home. Yusuke arrived to see him beaten up, and quickly decided he didn't even want to know.

Kuwabara joined him. "Well, something got him, at least."

Meanwhile, Kuwabara fan girls were beating each other up because they couldn't decide whether Kuwabara was at the park or the arcade.

"Yeah. Well, let's turn him in. This was one crappy day."

So Yusuke and Kuwabara turned him in, and eventually everyone escaped from their fan girls. Since Hiei blew the school up, there was no school for a month, and everyone got to relax…except Hiei, who missed his sweet snow. Kuwabara did go visit Yukina, and Hiei beat him for it. Jin and Touya returned to Makai. So it was a happy ending for everyone…except the imposter, who was in jail in Riekai.

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