Somehow, a few miserable naked days later, Ryan was actually better. Sandy was right - his Atwood luck didn't strike again.

Ironically, when Ryan finally got his clothes back, it was in the same order in which he lost them.

After Dr. McPete's first return visit, Ryan got his shirt back. Okay, it didn't cover everything, but it at least covered more than nothing.

A day later, they returned his pajama bottoms. Even though he was forced to go commando, Ryan was still tremendously happy that his privacy was restored.

When he asked why his boxers were returned to him last, the damn elastic was blamed again. Dr. McPete felt it would be best if he allowed the infection to completely heal over before risking the damn elastic irritating him again. What really irritated Ryan was the fact that Kirsten naturally listened to everything Dr. McPete said.

Finally, happily though, Ryan was completely dressed again.

Once he was allowed all of his clothes, Ryan was also allowed his homework, which Ryan immersed himself in. He had a lot to catch up on, and it kept his mind off thinking about the recent itchy naked nightmare.

The morning they told Ryan he could go back to his own room, he practically ran to the pool house and flopped down on his bed.

When he was free to roam the house again, Ryan attempted to ask to go back to school early, but they felt it was best that he take the additional time off as a precaution because of the infection. That meant he was home alone with Kirsten during the day.

Even though he continually mutilated Kirsten's ninja on Play Station, Ryan really wasn't mad at her for the way she treated him. No, he loved her for everything she did for him, and he really did appreciate everything she gave him. Ryan merely found it difficult to face her.

He was naked in her guest room. She repeatedly filled the bathtub for him, and while he soaked in said bath, she continuously changed the same sheets that he laid naked on. She also rubbed cream on his lower back more times than Ryan wanted to think about ever again.

And even though there were no naked accidents, and she really never did see anything that she really, really shouldn't have seen, Ryan still found the whole incident totally humiliating and down right embarrassing. That made it hard to look Kirsten in the face.

Ryan also wasn't sure what it meant that she continued acting as if nothing had happened. That everything she had to do for him and everything that had transpired between them didn't seem to phase her one bit. Nope, she continued being the same Kirsten she always was, and those first post-naked days were very unnerving to Ryan.

Not counting the fact that not one Cohen made any inappropriate, ill-timed jokes about his naked itchy disease. That was especially unsettling to Ryan. There was not one Chicken Little joke, not one Naked Boy tease, nothing. Not that Ryan wanted them to rib him, but they were Cohens – that was what they did.

The first day back to school also had Ryan on edge. He worried about what his fellow students knew, and what they would say when he showed up. Most of the blisters were pretty well gone, and clothes easily hid those that weren't completely healed. As long as Seth kept his word and didn't say anything about Ryan having the chicken pox, Ryan figured he should be able to get through the day without getting into a fight with a water polo player.

He quietly turned in his doctor's note allowing him to return, silently took his seat in homeroom, and waited for someone to say something.

Fortunately, as Seth not so delicately put it over dinner that night, since they really didn't talk to anyone and really didn't have any other friends, no one seemed to notice that Ryan was out for over two weeks or care that he was back. That was a fact that Ryan was actually very thankful for.

After that, everything else slowly returned to Cohen normal – something else Ryan was extremely grateful for.

Lying alone, in his pajamas, in his pool house one night, Ryan realized that at least now he knew what to expect when and if he got sick again. He just hoped that whatever illness be-felled him the next time wouldn't leave him naked in the guest room.



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