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Chapter 18- Starfire: 3rd entry

Dear Friend,

Hello, earth memory book. I have discovered the reason my wrist is painful. When Raven examined it, she called it a sprain. She said that in about two earth weeks, it would be healed completely. She said she is unable to reduce the injury like she did when Robin broke his arm. Raven said that breaks are easier to mend than muscle injuries. I don't mind. On my home planet, the tolerance for pain is a right of passage for both males and females. I guess I've gone through the right of passage many times. I feel sorrow for Beast Boy. The departure of Terra has injured his heart. I asked Raven to try and heal his heart, but her face was saddened. She told me that only time could heal his wound. I was confused, but she explained that it was different from my injury. She could help my injury by taking some pain away. His pain was unreachable by us and only he and time could heal his broken heart. I'm not sure if I have felt this before. Well, good night, earth memory book. I will see you tomorrow.

Love Always,


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