2: Bloody Disgusting

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The Prince grasped a hold of the hard flesh, gently taking it between his fingers and examining it closely. Dark eyes watched him as he did this, a smile on their owner's lips.

"Kakkarot… I'm… I'm not sure what to do…" Vegeta glanced to Goku, who seemed to think Vegeta could do it.

"You'll figure it out Vegeta… haven't you seen Bulma do this before?" Vegeta shook his head, saying a silent no. He had never seen Bulma do this or even speak of it.

"This is just- it seems so…" Odd? He didn't even know. Maybe just wrong.

"I know what you mean Vegeta, but just go with it."

"Fuck- I don't know if I can do this!" Goku caressed his Prince' face.

He gave a warm smile. "I know you can do this. It's really simple."

"It just looks sick." And probably taste the same…

"Just put your mouth over it and start from there."

"Won't it taste bad?" Vegeta's lip rose in disgust as he said this.

"You'll have to wait and see" Goku leaned back in the chair he sat in, watching Vegeta closely. Vegeta placed his mouth upon the hard skin and gently began to bite in.

Goku's eyes went wide. "Vegeta! What the hell are you doing?" Vegeta reared back as Goku raised his voice.

"What? Did I do it wrong?" Goku sighed then laughed lowly.

"Actually…" He took what Vegeta held in his hand. "You have to take the shell off first." He peeled off the multicolored shell of the egg. "Now you can eat it. Oh!" Goku picked up the salt shaker that sat upon the table. "Put some of this on- it'll taste a lot better." Vegeta reluctantly took the salt from him and sprinkled it on the egg.

"This better be good Kakkarot…." The Prince sunk his teeth into the white part of the egg and began to chew the large piece that was now in his mouth. He cringed and spit it out. "What the fuck- this is disgusting!" He threw the rest of it towards the trashcan, not surprisingly he made it in.

Goku frowned. "I could have eaten that Vegeta!"

Vegeta's eyebrow cocked and said jokingly. "You still can, all you have to do is go and get it." He was surprised when Goku stood up and started for the trashcan, reached in and took out the chewed up egg and placed it in his mouth.

"What are you talking about Vegeta? This is great!" He smiled and sat down, picking up something else.

Vegeta started at it. "What the hell is that?" Goku handed Vegeta a yellow bird.

"Try it you'll love it."

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