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Title: By My Side

Author: Crimson Coin

Disclaimer: I do not own the WWE or any mentioned wrestlers. They are merely used/borrowed for the purpose of this fictional story.

Rating: PG 13 – R, depending on the chapter

Summery: Continuing from Unstoppable and Endless Love. Will friends and love still flourish?

Timeline: October 2004 – present

October 4, 2004

Chris Jericho winced, cupping the back of his neck as he staggered down the arena corridor. Damn it. How the hell did he lose that match? Rhyno cheated. Rhyno got into the ring and gored him. Chris clenched his teeth, his other arm wrapping around his abdomen.

"Fucking Bastard," he swore, his eyes narrowing as he passed his locker room and continued down the corridor. He bypassed his second intended stop and continued further, taking the first left and he stepped into Rhyno and Tajiri's locker room.

No one was inside. Smiling sinisterly, Chris pressed against the wall behind the door, fully intending on getting that big tank by surprise. He held his breath as he waited, impatient in his desire to strike.

His eyes widened in sadistic pleasure as he saw the doorknob turn and the door opened. The moment he saw Rhyno, he pounced.

Rhyno startled in surprise, unable to defend himself as he was suddenly knocked to the ground. The wind expelled quickly from his lungs and he didn't have time to react before a hard punch landed in his abdomen.

Chris growled, pinning his opponent to the ground. "You son of a bitch."

Tajiri narrowed his eyes, watching as his partner was in serious trouble. Aiming carefully, he did the only thing he could do. Using all his momentum, he spun, kicking Chris right in the back of the head with the top of his foot.

Chris paused, his eyes glazing over at the impact and he fell off of Rhyno, his eyes cloudy and hazed.

Rhyno jumped up, quickly pinning his attacker to the ground as he stared into Jericho's hazy eyes. "What the fuck was that out there anyway? I knocked those jackasses off of you and put you back in the ring. Then you attack me. What the fuck is your problem?"

Chris didn't answer at first, his vision fading to a screen of white before he closed his eyes.

Rhyno was suddenly tossed of off him and a blonde knelt at Jericho's side.

Edge snarled, his eyes intensely focused on Rhyno and Tajiri. "Didn't get enough out there, huh? Had to finish the job?"

"He attacked me." Rhyno growled, furious.

"That's not what I saw." Edge said, his eyes dangerously threatening. "I saw that little shrimp nail my boy here in the back of the head. You whited him out and then what ... he's helpless as it is and you go to attack again. Real man you are."

"He started it." Rhyno continued. "And I was helping him out there. He attacked me for no reason."

"I think you paid him back with the gore in the ring." Edge defended, placing a hand on the fallen man's shoulder. "You don't need to do anything else."

"What the hell's going on?"

Edge glanced behind him at the voice.

Trish stood in the door, her eyes frightfully darting from one man to the next then finally settling on Chris's still body. Her eyes widened. "Oh my God, Chris!"

Rhyno furrowed his brow, confused as he watched Trish dive to Jericho's side, her hand reaching out to touch his face. Sharing a confused glance with his partner, they watched the interaction.

Trish cupped Jericho's face, stroking her thumbs along his cheek. "Chris? Sweetie? Come on." She coaxed, her voice desperate. "Open your eyes. Oh God, please be ok." She turned to look up at Edge. "What happened?"

Edge softened at the worry in the woman's eyes. "I don't know, Honey. All I know is that ..." he trailed off, his eyes focusing on the two men across the room.

Trish's gaze hardened as her eyes followed the other blonde's and a vicious sneer pulled at her lips. "What did you do?"

"He attacked me first." Rhyno rebutted, though his voice was weak.

Trish's eyes narrowed. "So you knocked him out!" When Chris groaned, Trish's eyes immediately softened and she returned her total attention to the man at her side. "Chris?"

Chris winced, his face contorted in momentary pain before he squirmed.

"Sweetie," Trish cooed, stroking his face then brushing her fingers through his hair. "Chrissy, please."

Jericho moaned, his eyes fluttering as everything slowly came into view. It was bright, too bright and it hurt his eyes.


He smiled at the sound of her voice. "Hey. What did I do to deserve this lovely surprise?"

She couldn't stop a giggle from slipping past her lips and she reached out, gently brushing the stray blonde fibers away from his face. "Hi, there. Hey." She brushed the backs of her fingertips along his cheek, touching him in the gentlest way.

His smile brightened. "What a lovely sight for sore eyes."

A tiny flush rose to Trish's cheeks and she traced a hand down his neck, resting delicately on his chest. "From the looks of you, I can't imagine your eyes ... are the only things sore."

"No," he breathed, his hazed eyes locking on hers. "But it's soothing, none the less."

"Can you stand?" she asked.


Edge reached out, helping the blonde man stagger to his feet and he supported his weight as the smaller man leaned on him for support.

Jericho glanced up at the larger man, his head slightly wobbly before their eyes met. "Thanks, man." He said, softly. "You know ... for earlier and ... and now."

Edge nodded, his expression still serious as he kept a careful eye on the two men across the room.


"Mmm," Jericho hummed, turning his attention to the opposite eyes, his eyes falling on her most lovely form. He smiled, his eyes unable to hide his pleasure at the sight. "Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?"

Trish blushed, averting her eyes from him a moment and then looked up again. "You really hit your head hard, didn't you?"

Chris shook his head. "No way. Deja vous."

Trish furrowed her brow, walking beside him as they left the locker room.

"Yeah," Chris answered with an easy smile. "Remember? Hitting my head usually helps me to see the light." He paused, staring straight into her eyes. "Knocks the sense into me."

Trish stopped, watching as Edge continued to help the other man down the arena corridor. And she remembered. She never forgot a moment between them, and she knew what he spoke of. She remembered, about a year ago. She remembered his admission ... she remembered his actions.

She closed her eyes, reaching up with a shaky hand as she touched her cheek, her lips. She remembered when he brushed his lips along her cheek, at the corner of her lips. She remembered when he called her beautiful for the first time almost a year ago.

She forced her eyes open. A tear dripped from the corner of her eye and Trish couldn't believe that now, a year later and after all the mess, he still thought her beautiful.