-A Chrono and Rosette Story-

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-As Lovers Go-

Act One: Broken Rips and a Demons Touch

Point of View: 3rd

Her battle beaten body hit the cold, dead ground hard, she had been walking away from an encounter with a strong demon, though she was able to handle it with just 12 Sacred Spirits, she was worn out and cold from the hard rain that had beat down on her. Rolling over, Rosette looked up at the caves jagged ceiling, she coughed hard… feeling warm liquid slide down her cheek, she had been hit terribly bad in the rib cage. She looked down toward her feet to see Chrono fall to his knees as he entered the cave. He was breathing tiredly, it had been a long walk and he was lugging that heavy box full of weapons. Throwing it off, he sat on his feet and surveyed the surroundings. Rosette watched him intently, feeling herself fall nauseous. He grabbed his braid and rung it out, water dripping quickly, he was soaked to the bone, just like her.

He got up and wandered over to a small corner in the cave, grabbing a few sticks, logs and dead leaves. Walking back over to Rosette he sat down in front of her and dug a small hole and put the sticks in it along with the leaves. Grabbing two small rocks, he hit the together, creating small sparks that caught the leaves and soon the sticks. The fire crackled happily and Chrono smiled slightly, placing a log on it. He looked back at Rosette with a pathetic look.

"You okay…?" he asked in a small voice taking off his red coat and putting it next to the box he carried.

"Fine." Rosette replied trying to sit up.

Chrono watched her with a worried look. "Don't look at me like that." She snapped, wincing harshly and laying back down.

"What's wrong?" he crawled closer to her side on his knees, loosening the tie around his neck.

"I think I have a bruised rib is all." She breathed deeply, holding her right side.

"Let me look at it," Chrono began.

"No Chrono, don't be such a worry wart. It's not a big deal."

"But you can hardly breathe…" he said. "Just let me put a brace on it or something..."

She huffed in defeat, and nodded. Chrono smiled.

"Okay then!" he said, hopping over her and over to Rosettes gun box. He opened it and brought out a small first aid box with a red '' on it. Kneeling back next to her, he looked at her with a small blush. "You're um. Gonna need to pull down your shirt or …"

"You're lucky I'm hurt buddy. Otherwise, this wouldn't be happening ever." She said coldly, pulling off her Nun's veil and rolling over on to her stomach. "You're gonna have to do it." She grunted. "I can't bend at all…"

"O-okay…" Chrono said lightly, scooting closer to her side and leaning over her. He grabbed the back of her collar and undid a few buttons. She rolled back over and looked up at him, he cocked his head to the side and stood up, putting a leg over hers so her legs where in between his, she held out her hands and he grabbed them, pulling her up slowly. She cried out and sat up completely straight, Chrono put a hand on her back and she pulled down her shirt. She had a sleeveless ruffled undershirt on; Chrono kept his hand on her back and felt her rib cage with the other.

"What are you doing?!" she nearly yelled as he poked and prodded her gently, getting close to touching her inappropriately. She bashed him on the head like per usual and he did nothing to object.

"I don't think it's bruised," Chrono started, his eyes watering as a large bump appeared on his head, he moved his hand slightly and felt a large inflamed area just under her breast, he poked it as lightly as he could and she let out a frustrated yelp. "..Oh, I was right."

"What do you mean…!?" she cried out into his pointed ear.

He looked up at her. "It's broken."

"Oh man…" she sighed.

"I can put a brace on it, which should make it easier to move." Chrono said grabbing an ace bandage roll.

He stationed himself behind her and unrolled a section of the bandage at arms length. He swung it in front of her and held it at her side; she was holding her cheek and refusing to watch him.

"What's wrong?" he asked after a little bit.

"This is embarrassing." She said bluntly.

"Oh relax. It's just me…" he said, beginning to wrap her ribs tighter and tighter. "This might hurt."

Rosette was getting used to it, she just sighed again and waited for him to finish. A few minutes later he patted her back, showing that he had done his job. Rosette put her arms back in to the sleeves of her shirt and pulled it up with Chrono's help. He buttoned it back up and stood up, brushing of his shorts; he walked over the fire and sat across from Rosette. He brought his knees up to his chest and held them there with his arms and rested his chin on his knees.

Really Rosette felt very odd being touched by Chrono, but not in a bad way…not at all. He just usually let her handle things that required that kind of contact. She shook her head and with that, the thought flew out of her mind.

"You hungry?" she asked him kindly.

He looked up at her and nodded. "Yes."

"Me too…" she said in a deadened voice.

Chrono turned and looked at the entrance to the small cave; he watched the rain pour heavily. "I guess we should get some sleep." He said. "Maybe the rain will have stopped when we wake up…"

"Sounds good to me." Rosette said slowly lowering her self back down; she closed her eyes and sat there listening to the fire. It was warm but her body was cold, she kept her feet by the fir so they would stay decently warmer then the rest of her and besides, it's not like she could move anyway. Her brow furrowed as she realized slowly she was shaking from the cold. Hearing a rustle, she ignored it and brought her arms up and crossed them on her chest. Feeling something fall onto her body, she opened her blue eyes to see Chrono kneeling over her, putting his coat on her. He smiled and stood up.

"There, now you won't be as cold." He said kindly.

Rosette pulled it up to her face. "What about you?"

"I'll be fine." He turned.

Rosette made a face and grabbed his ankle. "Sit down." She said in an aggravated voice.

He did, she raised an eyebrow. "Closer then that dumb ass!"

Awkwardly he scooted closer to her, his hip nearly touching hers, sitting as he usually did.

"If you get cold and I'm asleep just lay down close to me. Body heat and all that." With that she closed her eyes and turned her head away.

Chrono stared at her with wide eyes; she was being unusually kind to him.

How odd...


Whose voice was that…? She thought slowly, barley opening her eyes.

The sun was shining as the wind blew gently; causing the tall grass she was laying in to sway gently in a rhythmic way. She was lying on a soft blanket made of cotton of the lightest blue. Hearing something breathe, she turned and looked down to see Chrono sleeping soundly with a cute expression on his face, he was close to her, as if they had been snuggling…

She sighed and smiled embarrassedly; glad that he wasn't awake to see, although all he would do is smile his smile at her, it didn't matter…he would know. Closing her eyes she sighed happily, the warm summer breeze caressed her face, she imagined Chrono suddenly and blushed madly shaking that out of her head quickly.

She glanced back and Chrono and then looked away, she snorted and did a double take and she recoiled slightly sliding backward away from him. He was lying in a large pool of blood, slowly absorbing all of the cotton blue blanket and turning it a dark crimson. His eyes were just slits, there was nothing behind them, he was crying terribly hard, tears pouring down his pale white face and his eyes were bleeding as if he was sobbing those out as well. She clapped a hand to her mouth, fighting the urge to vomit. She scanned his whole body; his chest had a large bullet hole, spouting large amounts of blood and what seemed to be water.

Holy water.

Rosette new immediately what it was that was in the bullet and she knew only one person who had that type.


He was coughing terribly hard, blood protruding harshly from his mouth, draining wildly down his cheeks and chin. His arms had been slashed; no skin was showing there was so much blood. His right arm even looked broken; it scared her to see him like this. His legs were the same situation. It seemed to be sword cuts, or maybe claws… it was hard to say. His tight black pants he wore under his red shorts where ripped and torn, reviling numerous large cuts bleeding profusely. He was staring at her with the look of saddened sympathy, his eyes tired and dilated, he was trying to smile… it was too much to bear; he was straining just to do that...

Rosette closed her eyes tightly, hoping it would all just go away…be a horrible dream or something.

It was a dream. But it had become a Nightmare.

Opening her eyes, the sun had been swallowed by a dark swoop of the midnight sky. The grass seemed to be burned away and the wind was now overbearing and hurt. She looked down at Chrono, seeing that somehow he was falling down, through the ground. She tried to reach out to him, but she was being pulled away, she was being pulled down too. Watching him, he fell backward into nothing ness and landed suddenly with a sickening thump that made her want to throw up again, he was lying on his stomach, a figure was straddling Chrono's hips and puling his head back by his hair, forcing him to look at something.

They were looking in to a thick mud puddle, it was moving strangely. She tried to move closer, but she was bound by the ever closing darkness.

Chrono cried out so suddenly it made her stomach drop and her heart stop. He was sobbing hysterically, tears pouring down his blood covered face. She peered, intent on knowing exactly what it was. There was a figure of a woman, her arms wrapped around a man's hips; she was kissing him sweetly…that woman looks like…

'Me…' she mouthed, no words could escape her closed throat. How could it be her…she's a nun?

She shuddered as Chrono let out another wail, she didn't want to listen. But the words had to get to her. There were three…three simple words.

I told you.

Her eyes slammed open as she suddenly awoke in warm cave with a dying fire, next to a sweet looking, sleepy Chrono…who was not covered in blood. He had snuggled up next to her, like she said he could if he needed to. She lifted up his arms and grabbed one of his legs and hauled it over hers and inspected it, nothing was wrong with him.

'Was that just a dream…?' she thought. 'It felt so real.'

Chrono stirred silently and stretched cutely, rolling over he went back to sleep, he was holding her nun's veil snugly with a sweetly dreaming smile.

Chrono awoke to the bright morning sun hitting his face; he opened his eyes slightly and peered out. Stretching his legs out, he realized what happened last night, he had laid down next to Rosette. He glanced behind himself, she wasn't there and he made a face and sat up. His coat feel off him and remembered putting it on Rosette, she must have put it on him when she got up that morning. He rubbed his eyes and looked out of the cave entrance. She was squatting next to the river by a berry bush, picking many and throwing then in her nun's veil. She turned and looked up at him, he smiled and waved and she did the same. Grabbing them in a bundle, she carried the berries up the small hill and sat down next to Chrono.

"Look," She exclaimed. "I found some berries!"

Chrono made a face as she grabbed a hand full and shoved them in her mouth.

"Um…" he started.

Rosette looked at him with an interested look With her eyebrows raised she swallowed.

"…Those are the bad kinds…" he said slowly, not wanting to evoke her wrath.

She paused.

"They are!?" she screamed, causing Chrono to cup one of his pointed ears.

She conked him hard on the head with her fist and made a gagging sound. "Ugh…that's so disgusting…"

Chrono had pained tears in his eyes and he threw his arms up to his head and made a whimper. Rosette looked at him and sighed frustrated and patted his shoulder lightly. He looked up at her and looked away, still rubbing the large bump on his head.

Rosette cupped her mouth suddenly and ran out of the cave, Chrono watched, knowing what was wrong with her. She returned slowly a few minutes later whipping her eyes and coughing slightly.

"Feel any better?" Chrono asked.

"A lot better now that I vomited all that up." She said plopping down next to him.

"Well that's good, at least you feel better. Thanks to you I have head ache." He said cockily over to her, throwing her a glare.

"Yeah sorry, you know how I am," she paused, waving her hand. "…Impulse Hitting."

Chrono made a face and stopped rubbing his head. He stood up rather abruptly and grabbed his now dried coat and shook it clean, putting it on, he fastened its button and turned away.

"We should get back." He said curtly.


"She said I've gotta be honest 'you're wasting your time if you're fishing 'round here…'"

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