-A Chrono and Rosette Story-

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-As Lovers Go-

Act Five: Winter Festivals and Diamond Earrings.

Point of View: 3rd

Rosette changed into a cotton night gown that flowed to her calves and was lined with lace. It was long sleeved and had a rather low dipping neck. She stared at it through her rooms mirror, it was cute to her. Her bloomers seemed a little long for the dress. Sighing she turned around and looked at the back of it. It laced at her waist with a soft pink ribbon. Her clothes had been taken by Steiner to be washed and ready for her tomorrow. She was a little worried, for once, what if Sister Kate found out she was staying with Chrono? It might make the situation worse.

Opening her door she walked down the hall to Satella's room, knocking she heard her voice.

"Come in." Rosette opened the door and peered in. "Come in, come in Rosette."

"Um, Satella. I need a little reassurance, what makes you think this'll work?" she asked.

"Listen…I called the order and told them we are having a girl's night, best friend stuff. A sleep over, they got the idea and ran with it. Suspected nothing. After all, no one there knows where Chrono is staying." She brushed her hair lightly with a smirk be for she laughed manically.

"Well…one person knows there…" Rosette said quietly.

Satella craned her head around, her face white. "…who?"

Rosette jumped. "Oh no one to worry about, just Father Remington…he told me and he keeps everything hush, hush…"

"You sure?"




Satella examined Rosette for a few moments, her eyes got to her rather long bloomers. "Wow child. You defiantly need something else to wear under that."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't want Chrono seeing them do you?" she asked slyly.

"He sees them all the time…" she froze, realizing what she had just said and how wrong it sounded. "Not in that way…"

"Oh-ho-ho! Does he?" she raised her hand to her mouth and her eye brow went up cunningly. "I had no idea you two had that sort of relationship, or that you could for that matter…"

Rosette's eyes narrowed and her fits clenched at her side. "Shut…up…Satella!"

"Relax short fuse, a jokes a joke." She commented throwing her a pair of panties in a plastic wrap.

She caught it and examined it. Satella booted her out saying she needed sleep.

Rosette wondered back to her room and un-wrapped the panties. She stared at them, they were cute…glancing around, she quickly put them on. It wouldn't be a sin to wear them. Leaving her room once more she went down a different hall way, the one leading to Chrono. She knocked on his door and tapped her foot on the soft carpet, a few seconds passed before Chrono opened his door. His red eyes looked up at Rosette and he smiled.

"Hello Rosette." He said opening his door to let her in.

"Hey Chrono, nice…uh. Pajama's." She said trying not to laugh.

"Yeah…" he said looking down at his sailor looking ones. "She likes me wearing Sailor suits so this is all she gives me…"
He sighed and closed the door. He saw Rosette jump on to his plush bed and roll into a ball. "Your bed is a lot better then mine…" she mused.

His sheets were soft cotton; his bed had a canopy of red. The comforter was stuffed full of cotton and you sunk into it. She blinked a couple times and stuck her hand under the covers and made a face.
"Your bed is heated!" she yelled.

"It is?" Chrono said blankly.

"You knew it was you butt." She glared.

Chrono laughed nervously.

He sat in the bay window across the room and held his knees. He glanced around the room then to Rosette. Who had been watching him, her head hanging off the side of the bed toward him. "What's wrong?"

He looked up at her, his red eyes seeming to glow in the moons light that hit the back of him. "Nothing. I just…feel out of place."

"What do you mean?" She said rolling on to her stomach.

"I don't know." He paused. "I guess it because Sister Kate….no matter what I do I can't seem to prove to her that I'm not bad as she thinks I am."

"Chrono. She doesn't trust anyone really." Rosette said. "Besides, remember how long it took her to like me?"

She laughed, Chrono just stared.

"I guess. But it's been the same four years and she looks at me the same she did back then….like…I'm going to go ballistic and kill everyone."

Rosette looked at him deeply, then sat up and crawled off the large bed. She walked toward him and sat down next to him, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"You shouldn't dwell on it too much….I mean, as long as you know your not bad, and I know your not bad…and Azmaria and Satella know that you aren't, then its okay right?"

He looked up at her, his eyes slightly lidded. "I guess….but I didn't prove her wrong very well by taking the blame."

"True…that was a stupid idea."

"But who knows what she would have done to you if you had gone in there and told her the truth."

Rosette looked in to space. "Yeah….It probably would have been similar to this…"

"Yeah," he said quietly. He yawned and looked up at Rosette. "I'm tired."

"How can you be!" she glanced at the clock. "It's only 10:30!"

He moaned tiredly as she picked him up and threw him on the bed.

His body hit and bounced slightly on the soft comforter. He rolled over too see Rosette hopping toward him. He yelped as she landed on him.

"I know your weakness…" she graveled. Her fingers twitched.

"Rosette…no….You know how much I hate that!" He made a sadly pathetic face and pleaded with her. "I'll do anything!"

"Why Chrono." She smirked and attacked.

Her fingers hit his sides quickly and she began tickling him non stop. He kicked and squirmed but couldn't stop laughing. Rosette poked him and laughed as she watched Chrono's face turn red from embarrassment.

"Please stop!" he breathed out.

"Okay, okay..." she said nicely and lifted her hand and stared down at the winded Chrono laying in front her.

He blinked tiredly and yawned again, but smiled at her none the less.

They sat in silence. "You tired?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah…" he replied.

She got up softly from the bed and Chrono rolled over away from her, into a small ball. Walking back to the window she hummed softly. The night life was wonderful looking. People out and about, lights, cars, food. Sighing she sat on the ledge.

"You want to go?" Chrono's voice sounded from behind her.

"….hmm…" she said. "Yes."

"Then why don't we? Let's go." Chrono said smiling slightly.

"But you're tired…"

"No I'm not."

"You are too! You just said you were!" Rosette began to yell.

"Well…I'm not anymore… Besides I can't sleep with you in here" Chrono said lightly.

"….aaaand what's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing! Sheesh!"

Chrono shoved her out of the room so he could get changed. She waited patiently tapping her foot lightly.

"Chrooonooo hurry up!"

He opened the door and looked at her. "You could have gone and gotten changed you know…"
His hair was down and his headband off his head in his hand with the yellow ribbon. He wore his normal shoes and black tight pants, but his shorts where different. They looked like his red ones only slightly shorter, a light blue. His black sash of a belt was on and a white button up shirt. He grabbed a black pea coat and a red scarf and walked down the hall with Rosette to her room.

Opening her door, Chrono immediately could tell it was her room besides the fact she was leading. It was a complete mess, clothes everywhere, covers thrown around, basically the worst you can imagine. His jaw dropped as he stayed at her door, she jogged to her bathroom to change. Her room was a soft blue, with a white, fluffy comforter on her bed. It was spacious and warm, even though it was a complete mess.
Rosette walked out dressed in a new dress that Satella provided as usual when they are visiting. It was a long sleeved winter dress, dark blue in color. With a low, mid-evil type cut front, lined with white lace. She grabbed a long black pea coat and threw it on and looked at Chrono.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well what?" Chrono mused.

She made a face, narrowing her eyes.

"I'm kidding…you look wonderful." Chrono said kindly.

She smiled cockily and watched him start to put his head band on his head.

"Will you braid my hair again?" he asked her, fixing the head bands position.

She walked behind him and ran her fingers though his hair. "I think…you should leave it down for tonight."

"Really? Why?"

"Oh, I don't know, it's always braided; why not let your hair down?"

"But doesn't it look funny…?" He said arching an eyebrow.

"You look fine to me, that's all that matters, now come on!" She grabbed his wrist and whipped him around and out the door.

It was snowing big fluffy snowflakes in the street. There seemed to be a small festival going on, Chrono and Rosette walked down the middle of the street, passing other civilians and examining what was happening.

"Oh, it must be a nightly type thing…" Rosette said quietly to Chrono, who nodded.

"Look, the shops are all open and serving food!" Chrono smiled and ran over to a small coffee shop. Rosette walked over to him, watching him move. Having his hair down reminded her of four years ago when they first met, she braided and cut his hair. Now she told him to keep it down, he sure listens. He came back to Rosette carrying two hot cocoa's with marshmallows and whipped cream. He handed her one with a smile.

"Oh…thank you…" she said quietly, her cheeks feeling slightly warm.

They sat is a silence as they sipped their cocoa, they walked down the street. Smiling and greeted by shop keepers and other people enjoying the winter festival.

Rosette walked up to a small table in front of a jewelry store. A kind older woman smiled at her.

"Can I help you Miss?" she asked kindly.

"Oh, I'm not sure. I just love to look at jewelry." She smiled back at the woman.

"Oh me too. I prefer diamonds that are rounded, like these." She pointed to a small set of earrings.

Chrono stood behind her, watching her look. She shivered a bit and held up the earrings. "What do you think?" she asked.

"I like them." He replied.

"Really? Do you think they would look good on me?" she looked at them closely.

"Yes of course." He said looking over her arm at them. "Satella would like them on you too."

"Bah. I don't care if she would. Only you." She said roughly.

"You only care about my opinion?" he said shocked.

"What's with the face…?" she narrowed her eyes at him again.

"N…nothing! I'm just surprised to hear you say that."

"I think I'm going to get them."

"You should." He looked around quickly and tapped her shoulder. "Will you do me a favor and throw this away for me?"

"What…!" she held her money in her hand and glared at him.

"Please? I'll get them for you." He grabbed her money and gave her his cup.

"Fine…" She sauntered over slowly to the trash can and threw his away, taking a sip of hers.

Meanwhile Chrono dug in his pocket and gave the confused woman some of his money. He winked at her and she understood. She wrapped the ear rings and gave them to him with a smile. "How cute." She said to him.

"Get them?" Rosette said to him. He handed her the box and slipped her money back in her coat pocket.

He glanced back at the woman and she waved.
They walked even more down the street. Rosette was going on about her purchase and how she couldn't wait to shove them in Satella's face.

"Are you cold?" Chrono asked.

"What..? Well...kinda but not too bad. Don't worry about me." She said reassuring him. She watched him take off his scarf and give it to her.

"You can wear it."

"What..? But...it's yours."

"Oh don't worry about it. You can have it." He smiled at her and kept walking.

She put it on and sighed; it smelled like him and was warm from him.

"Thank you Chrono."

"No problem."

Rosette began thinking of her feelings, she felt something deep towards Chrono, but wasn't sure what. She paused. 'Is it …love? Do I like him!' she thought. 'No! I can't! I'm a nun for Christ sake! Oh! My apologizes Lord…' She looked down at Chrono. His neck now exposed to the cold air, his hair blowing. Snow falling around them both.

'Oh man…' she sighed. 'I can't have these thoughts.'


"Ack! Y...yeah?" She stammered.

"What's wrong? You look lost in thought."

"I...uh…nothing Chrono! It's nothing." She laughed nervously and scratched the back of her head.

"You sure…?"

"I'm sure!"



Azmaria paced in her room. Rosette still wasn't back yet. Soon the night watch would be around to check to make sure everyone who was supposed to be here was…and Rosette still is gone. She looked out her window toward the city lights.

"Something's going on down there." She said quietly. "A festival?"

She glanced around her room; she ran to her door and stuck her head out her door. No one was around and it was 11:00PM, she had fifteen minutes before the night watch would be here. Grabbing her light pink coat she put on her shoes and closed her door quietly. Tip-toeing around the second floor of the convent, she got to the stairs and ran down them.

Azmaria saw the exit and ran as fast as she could out of it. She slipped slightly in the snow and almost fell. She shoved open the gate and closed it, surprised it wasn't locked yet. Perhaps Father Remington was not back yet either.

"I hope she's down here!" She whispered as she ran to the town.

She entered the festival and fought her way threw the new crowd. She jumped up and down to see over the heads of the bustling people.

"Excuse me…excuse me…" she was winded from running.

Panting her way down the street she neared the shop that Chrono bought ear rings for Rosette from. Hearing a laugh that sounded ironically like Rosette, she turned sharply and saw her sitting on a small bench with...Chrono!

"Rosette!" Azmaria called out. "Rosette! Chrono!"

Chrono turned around; he jumped slightly and turned to her. "Az?"

"Azmaria! What are you doing here?" Rosette yelled.

"It's…it's…" she panted, stopping in front of them. She put her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. "It's almost time…for ...the…"

"…" Chrono and Rosette stared at her.

"The NIGHTWATCH!" They yelled in unison.

"Shit, shit, shit…" Rosette ranted her hands to her forehead. "I'm screwed!"

"You're screwed! What about Azmaria? And if they found out you were with me, they'll be even more pissed off!" Chrono yelled back.

"Oh no..!" Rosette mentally slapped her self. Azmaria watched the two of them.

"It's nice to see you again Chrono." She said.

Chrono paused and smiled. "Aw… you too Az."

"Oookaaay! Enough with the tender moment! Azmaria! We have to go!"


"Rosette!" Chrono tried to say as she grabbed Azmaria's hand and pulled her away from him.

"Bye Chrono!" She yelled to him, not even turning to look at him.

Azmaria managed to look back at him, she saw his fallen face. His hand lowered and his chest raised then fell. He looked worried, or sad. She felt bad, maybe it wasn't a good idea to get Rosette and she tore her away from Chrono. They seemed to be having a good time.

Chrono watched them run fast away from him. His hair blew in the cold wind. 'Why did I call out…?' he asked himself. 'Was I expecting a goodbye?' He thought to himself, maybe all he wanted was a hug...or something. He sat down on the bench and looked at his feet. His eye traveled to a small box by his foot.

"Oh no…! She dropped it…" He picked it up and stood up. He turned and headed back to Satella's.

"Quick Azmaria!" Rosette yelled windily.


"How much time do we have?"



"Two minutes…"

"Oh crap…!"

They neared the convent, opening the gates and bolting to the door. Bursting in Azmaria tripped and fell, knocking Rosette down as well. Right at the feet of Sister Kate.

"Ah…" Azmaria said noticing the feet.

"Well, well. How do you explain this Rosette?" she said.

"Sister Kate!" rosette said sitting up.

"It's my fault!" Azmaria spoke up. "All mine, I wanted to go to the winter festival."

"Really?" Sister Kate was slightly surprised at Azmaria's sudden confession.

"Y...yeah! She wanted me to come, you know. Girl's night out?" Rosette said.

"That true Azmaria?"


"…I'm to tired to deal with you Rosette…you two just get to bed."

"Yes Sister!"

Rosette grabbed Azmaria's hand and pulled her back to Rosette's room. They fell on to her bed and breathed deeply before bursting out with laughter.

"Wow Azmaria! That was surprising seeing you out there!" Rosette said, propping herself up on her elbows.

"Well, you weren't back yet! I was worried. I didn't know where you went."
she sat up. "Although I was surprised in a way to see you with Chrono, I thought you couldn't see him?"

"I can't. But you think Sister Kate's going to stop me? Ha!"

"It's sweet that you're willing to get in trouble just to see him." She smiled.

"What...no! It's nothing like that!" Rosette stammered.

Azmaria smiled at her. Rosette knew she saw threw her. "Yeah…okay."

"Oh!" Want to see what I got?" Rosette perked up.

"Yes!" Azmaria kicked off her shoes.

Rosette threw off her shoes as well and fixed her poofy dress. Digging in her pocket she pulled out the money that Chrono slipped back in there.


"What's wrong Rosette?"

"That's why he asked me to throw away his trash…"


"I was going to buy some ear rings with my money and Chrono made me throw away his trash so he could buy them for me…" She showed Azmaria the money that she was going to pay with. "See? I was going to pay with this…"

"But that's cute!" Azmaria smiled sweetly.

"I lost the earrings…they must have fell out of my pocket when you surprised me."

"I'm sorry…maybe Chrono found them?"

"I hope so…"

Rosette yawned and fell back.

"I suppose I should get back to my room." Azmaria said tiredly.

"Naw…just stay here." Rosette knocked her over and ran her fingers threw her hair.

Soon after they fell asleep.


" You've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion but I swear that you've got me all wrong…"

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