Paved with Good Intentions
by surefall and aishuu
Disclaimer: Based on Prince of Tennis, by Konomi.
Part 19 and 20 Summary: In Which the authors heave a sigh of relief for actually FINISHING.

Epilogue: Where Are They Now?

Ibu Shinji ran into Mizuki during the latter's Ranting About God (the name the class had given his moments of eloquence on the subject) in a study group and was converted to Christianity in the span of three hours. He then joined AA, said goodbye to Oishi, had a whirlwind romance with a girl from Tokyo, and became a professional mumbler.

Kamio Akira managed to pass math class with a D due to judicious amounts of make-up tests. Amazingly happy, he proposed to An on the same day his grades came in. After marrying and having the requisite two children, he had a mental breakdown before finally admitting he had been in love with Tachibana all along. He's now in the middle of a messy divorce which promises to leave him completely broke.

Fuji Yuuta was reborn, as expected, a couple years later to Ryuuzaki Sakuno by her husband Kentarou Aoi. This was not expected. Sakuno was a buxom miko with the powers of the divine who lived in a temple (but was unable to even pay a delivery man due to her incredible shyness). Yuuta grew up in a peaceful, demon-less existence, pestered by his older sister Tomoko (the miko to be), and playing with the poncy French boy from down the road.

Mizuki Hajime spent the next few years of his life preaching the wonders of God and warning that the end was near. Not surprisingly, he fostered a surprisingly large cult devoted to him, and all were nearly insoluble when the elevator he was in plunged ten stories, killing him instantly. Rumor has it his reincarnation was born somewhere in France.

The Kisarazu twins, Atsushi and Ryou, finally admitted they had the hots for each other. Atsushi dumped his trophy girl and Ryou dumped his trophy boy. Their parents were not pleased by the statement of their love, but since they had a daughter, they're hoping the Kisarazu line might manage to survive. Especially if there's more incest.

Hanamura Aoi is still screwing the prettiest boys in all of her classes, and now screws the pretty girls as well. Even though she's approaching fifty, she doesn't look any older, due to lots of plastic surgery and collagen injections. Those breasts weren't natural to start with, so it doesn't make that big a difference.

Saeki Koujirou never settled down. He jumped from lover to lover (occasionally sharing with Hanamura) and from sport to sport, becoming especially adept at parachuting, skyscraper-climbing, shark-diving, and just about anything that can kill you until the shark-diving did kill him when he was accidentally speared by a P.E.T.A. Rebel. He's now serving as a low level demon in Hell. Occasionally he and Sengoku do lunch.

Tachibana Kippei went on to rescue Mizuki's distraught followers after they lost their leader. He converted them to the concept of "Senism," the belief that everything had its place in the world. A devote pacifist, Tachibana earned the Nobel Peace Prize three times before he was forty for averting a nasty war between Japan and Argentine, finding the cure for cancer and solving the waiting line problems in DMVs.

Sanada Genichirou scored a perfect ten on his performance sheets for ten years running before deciding the katana was out and switching to a sawed off shot gun. The use of guns on earth has increased by 25 in response.

Yukimura Seiichi never did recover enough to make it back down to Earth. Instead, he continued to use Sanada as his bitch and delightedly foiled plans of Fuji's time and again.

Echizen Ryouma's powers were stolen by Nanjirou while he was dead. Nanjirou has made quite the wake in Hell at his return, while Ryouma still waits for reincarnation. Not that he'll REMEMBER that his powers were stolen, but no doubt it'll irk his karma.

Atobe Keigo is currently trying to pick up the slack Sengoku left since transferring to Purgatory, and having a frustrating time of it. His visits to Earth lately have all been interrupted by Fuji, who seems to have taken a more hands-on approach to his affairs. After casting a few lightening bolts at the devil and missing, Atobe has decided the best thing he can do is ignore Fuji... which doesn't seem to be working.

Dan Taichi has been doing the things that all children who also happen to be lordlings of hell do: annoy his underlings, get scraped knees, play tiddlywinks with Jin, and giggle at Kirihara while begging to play. He also plans to go to Disney World next year and teach little children the secret of the REAL magic kingdom.

Oishi Syuichirou has gotten over his failure with Shinji, but has been transferred out of the guardian angel division. He now works with Tezuka on "special projects." The work seems to involve a lot of nudity. Occasionally he sends Kikumaru friendly text-messages on his new cellphone.

Kikumaru Eiji hasn't gotten over his failure with Oishi and is now working to get Oishi to send him nude pictures via the cellphone while using very bad l33t to convince Oishi to ditch Tezuka. When he doesn't want to throw it into the wall after having blasted him with Oishi's angelic cheerfulness. He works part time as the sweet thang of President of the United States and hopes to cause a war that will put the Trojan one to shame.

Inui Sadaharu's fame as a badfic! writer has spread, earning multiple Web sites full of hate directed at him. Delighted, he has now expanded to trolling and other versions of wank creation. Yanagi Renji, originally suspicious of his counterpart's motives, has become an internet lawyer, threatening to sue anyone who posts questionable material. Needless to say, they show up on Fandom Wank weekly in some identity or other.

Tezuka Kunimitsu has been having the (restrained) time of his life with Oishi, enjoying the distinct thrill that comes of slipping through loopholes. He has also been known to crack a smile now and again. On Sundays he plays chess with Atobe and makes an effort not to say anything at all about Fuji's advances, but there's a suspicion that he's smirking.

Shishido Ryou and Ohtori Choutarou are still looking through the books. They're going to be looking for a while, since Sengoku keeps swiping the ones they are looking for and replacing them with copies of The Gay Kama Sutra. Sadly, Ohtori hasn't gotten the hint and is still a virgin - much to Shishido's frustration.

Akutagawa Jirou managed to sleep through Yuuta's death AND the showdown of the century and is still asleep today ... in a alley behind a supermarket in Italy, under a cardboard box and covered with newspapers. He's Rome's most famous homeless man, has been blessed by the pope, and pilgrims come daily to pay homage and take pictures.

Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi are still bumming around The Library since Niou is rather sure Fuji isn't that happy with them. They delight in talking to Shishido about their sexual exploits, and have even demonstrated a few positions Ohtori has been curious about after reading the replaced books. They have tentative plans to move into a nice little place in Purgatory sometime next century.

Mukahi Gakuto and Oshitari Yuushi have made themselves reasonably scarce (or reasonably anonymous) after having been caught having sex on Fuji's bed during the final battle by Dan and a reluctant Kaidou. They're not sure exactly why they're creeping around in a state of suspense, but it makes for good sex, so they aren't knocking it.

Fuji Syuusuke is happily running Hell his way. He's decided that seducing Tezuka can wait another millennium or so and is currently pursuing Atobe, who he sees as an easier target. Currently he is racking up huge tabs on flowers, bills that will make Yagyuu cry when he comes back. He has located Yuuta's current incarnation, and since he's not into pedophilia, is waiting a decade or two before messing with him.

Akutsu Jin is sitting around in Purgatory, manning Sengoku's office as he has done practically since the day he first fell and then decided to rise (not three weeks later). With Sengoku and Kirihara running around on earth, he's been left in complete control of Purgatory, which under his rule has become a pretty good place to be ... a place where you can put your feet up, smoke a smoke, and laugh at that boss who thought he could tell you what to do. Every businessman wants to die and go there.

A group of divine secretaries has formed a support group. Led by Kabaji Munehiro, they meet every Thursday in Purgatory for poker games and to gripe about their bosses. Hiyoshi Wakashi, Momoshiro Takeshi, Jackal Kuwahara, Kaidou Kaoru and Akutsu Jin are all regular attendants. Akutsu usually wins, but not even the other demons have figured out how he's cheating.

Sengoku Kiyosumi decided to ditch Purgatory one day on the theory that there was too much, yanno, work. Naturally, Kirihara Akaya wasn't going to let him dump it all on him and declared that somewhere had the watch the moron before chasing after him. They're somewhere on earth, mostly incognito (Kirihara has a problem with subtlety and Sengoku has a problem about NOT egging him on), causing havoc or miracles at their discretion while having more incredible sex than two beings should be allowed to have.