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CHAPTER 1: Things are Seldom What they Seem

Lucas Hayes slipped deftly out his room's window on the dahabeeya. He heard a faint noise and stopped himself. His heart started to beat faster, until it registered in his tired brain that it was only one of the crewmen, snoring.

"That damned woman is making me paranoid." he thought angrily to himself, as he sat down in a small rowboat at the side of the Philae. "One might actually think she was psychic. And that man, Emerson. There was something sinister about him too." He lowered the boat into the calm, moonlit water and started to row quietly to the other dahabeeya, moored just a short distance away.

Suddenly, a light appeared on deck. Lucas froze and watched, horrified as the form holding it turned towards him. His breath came faster and he was sure that he would see the face of Amelia Peabody, her silvery eyes shining eerily in the night.

The form turned and, not noticing the boat, continued on his rounds. Lucas mentally berated himself for not noticing that the form was distinctly male, and for being so affraid. He was half expecting her to pop up somewhere and place a curse on him for his evil deeds. He felt sure she knew. Her terrifying eyes seemed to gaze right into his soul.

Lucas crossed himself just to be safe. Despite the fact that his acts were criminal he fully expected to be forgiven by God when his time came.

Reaching his own dahabeeya he climbed cautiously out of the boat and into the salon. He gazed around, then jumped as he noticed a shadowy form sitting on one of the chairs.

The form reached out and turned on a lamp, momentarily blinding Lucas.

"You're late." the man said in gruff tones.

Lucas recalled the day that his granfather had died, leaving him penniless. He had stormed out of the room and cursed loudly to himself. "After all that trouble, he didnt even leave me anything! Now what am I going to do?!"

A light cough from behind him made him realize he was not alone. He turned around to see a tall thin man with jet black hair and pale blue eyes. "Excuse me Mr. Hayes," the man had said "I can help you get that money!"

"How would you do that?" Lucas had asked, not sure whether he should trust this mysterious stranger.

The man shrugged negligently. "I have my ways." he said mysteriously.

Lucas thought that this was his kind of man. One who didn't mince words or give away everything about himself to a perfect stranger. Someone completely dissimilar to him. Lucas glanced at the man suspiciously. "What would you want in return for such a favour?"

The man grinned "Only your cooperation and a quarter of what you get form the inheritance."

Lucas grinned as well. He couldn't believe his luck! "It's a deal then Mr...."

"Just call me Jack."

It had been Jack's planning that had gotten them so far. Lucas was here to update the man on the events that evening. He related to Jack what had happened with Alberto's mummy disguise.

"And she still didn't accept your proposal?" Jack said incredulously.

Lucas grimaced "Its the damned companions fault. Shes convinced Evelyn that shes too good for me."

"What is the companion's name?" Jack asked.

"Amelia Peabody." Lucas said angrily.

A look of almost astonishment crossed Jack's face. He started muttering, "I cannot believe... but of course it is... should have known... certainly typical..."

Lucas mumbled nervously "Do you uh... um... know her sir?"

Jack laughed bitterly "Oh come now" he said "did you never know that she was my sister?"


Michael Bedawee watched these two men carefully. He had never suspected that this man was to blame for the mysterious happenings at their camp. He was glad now that the Father of Curses had warned him that his proprietress and her friend might be in danger from this man.

He had made himself scarce, on the Father of Curses orders so that Lucas Hayes would forget about him. He had been watching on the boat when the mummy appeared, and had seen Lucas crawl out of the window. Michael owed his child's life to the Sitt Hakim so he had followed.

Now it seemed that this other man was the Sitt's brother! Perhaps he could pretect them from this strange supernatural force.


Jack was furious with this man before him.

"Why did you never mention that my sister was one of the inhabitants of the camp?!"

Lucas stepped back. "I- I'm sorry sir, I never thought-"

"Of course you didn't!" Jack yelled "Do you ever think, you bumbling idiot of an Italian!"

"I hope this will not make you go back on your agreement." Lucas said nervously, slowly backing up.

"Go back on it!" Jack said surprised "No, no, this merely complicates matters." He thought for a moment. "Yes there is nothing else for it! You will have to get rid of her."

"Get rid of her!" Lucas repeated "What... what do you mean by that?"

Jack got out of his seat and went into a corner of the room. He picked up a huge box and brought it over. He took off the covering, and inside Lucas could see a hooded cobra, its pale body slithering in the dim light and its demon like eyes glittering like rubies in its head.

"This is what I mean."


Outside Michael saw the deadly reptile and his blood froze in horror. This man was going to kill the Sitt Hakim! Even though she was his own flesh and blood!

Abandoning stealth in his terror, he ran down the deck to his boat. He had to warn the Father of Curses!


Lucas sat, staring hypnotised into the eyes of the deadly serpent when the sounds of footsteps broke into his clouded brain.

"Someone was here!" Jack shouted and ran in persuit.

Lucas followed after and saw him wrestling with the form of a small native.

"That is Amelia dragoman, Michael Bedawee!" he said pleased at this reognition. Jack nodded "You had best leave now Mr. Hayes. I'll take care of him."

Lucas nodded, pleased at any excuse to get away.

As his boat started at the dahabeeya, he heard muffled screams that indeed proved the inquisitive servant was being "taken care of ".


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