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Anyways, the basic plot line is that, after Ran finds out about Shinichi, the agency finds a lead about the Black Organization. Heiji and Kid might help out, and maybe the organization would be taken down. You know I'm not going to tell you exactly what happened. Please have a little patience and wait for the story. Until then, chow!

The more comprehensive teaser is below.


Chapter One

'Shinichi!' She bolted out of bed, gasping for breath. She had a most peculiar dream last night. Well, maybe not that peculiar… She'd wished for her suspicions to be proven correct… Where Conan would finally admit, without any distractions, that he was really Shinichi… Her heart sank as she looked around the room. It was plain and ordinary, like her room… Nope, didn't go anywhere last night… Except…

'Oh man, why did I ever tell her? You idiot! Now the Black Organization will come and destroy her, too! Go to hell, Kudo!' He was awake, lying in his own bed, silently debating with himself about the consequences of last night's confessions. He would have liked to kick the soccer ball, but… Well, Ran was sleeping in the next room… And it might not be such a good idea to wake her in this hour of morning… Good thing it was Saturday. Now they got the weekend to discuss last night. 'Great. Just what I always wanted… Getting pounded to a pulp by Ran…'

She noiselessly made her way through the hall, heart hammering in her chest. Could it be? Was he really…Shinichi? Can last night be real? She dared not to hope. There was just too much to take in. What were the chances that her suspicions were confirmed? And yet… She didn't have the window in that corner of her room! She paused at the next door. "Shinich?"

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