Author's Note: I am not, nor have I ever been a Draco/Hermione shipper. So please take that into consideration when you read my story. My friend is, and this is her Birthday Present. Enjoy (I guess)

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Ron sat there, staring at her, mouth hanging open. Harry sat next to him, face going red, pressing his lips together in a fantastic mimic of McGonagall. He began trembling with rage, as she continued talking, well, babbling is more like it.

"And really, he's the only the way he is because he's been raised like that, he doesn't know a better way. I've talked to him about it and he say's he's gonna try his best to do better because he knows it would make me happy-"

"Hermione!" Harry seemed unable to contain his rage, "Your talking about MALFOY! Death Eater in training! The boy who..." Really, Hermione thought as Harry began reciting all of Malfoy's faults and crimes, I almost feel sorry for the Dark Lord. For indeed Harry looked like revenge embodied.

"I know all of that Harry!" she broke in, anger filling her, "I was there! He insulted me just as much as he insulted you!"

"So why are you dating him!?"

"He's not really like that! He's really smart, and actually very sweet and-"

"Hermione?" Ron looked very pitiful sitting there, looking at her like Neville looked at the twins, "This is a joke right? Your not really dating him. You should go in with the twins. They would never have thought of something this shocking..."

Hermione sighed, "Yes Ron, I'm really dating him. I don't expect to stop anytime soon."

Harry sat back down, "Your really serious about this aren't you? You love him." She nodded.

"With all my heart." They sat there in the common room, staring at the ground.

Ron spoke, "So, where do we go from here?"

Hermione tentatively looked up at him, "Well, I'd really like it if you talked to him. He's just out side"

Harry stood up and looked at them. "I'll see him. You two need to talk" And he promptly walked toward the Portrait hole.

As Harry stepped outside, he immediately saw Malfoy leaning against the wall. When he saw Harry he straitened, a disinterested look on his face, though his eyes betrayed a trace of fear.

Harry wasted no time, "Are you on our side now?"

He nodded, "I've already spoke to Dumbledore"

Harry nodded, then looked strait at Malfoy, "Do you love her?"

Malfoy wasted no time in answering "More than anything" Harry looked at him, then extended his hand.

'Welcome to the family" noticing the shocked look on Draco's face he continued, "In all the years I've known her, Hermione's never been wrong. If she trusts you then I do to." Smiling, looking very relieved Draco took it. At that moment the portrait opened, and Ron and Hermione came out looking exhausted. Draco went over and took Hermione's hand, while Ron looked at him and said,

"Hurt her and we'll kill you".

Draco nodded, "Fair enough," and the four stood there, looking at each other and thinking the same thing i What the hell am I gonna tell my house???!!!! /i