'Kay guys. This is just a little notice.

DAMN I haven't updated in awhile... sorry about that. I don't know how many fandoms I've went through in this... year and a half span of non-update-ation. Even if I didn't write about them. Heh.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you all, but this isn't a chapter. I think that's obvious by now.

I haven't actually been into DBZ for awhile... But there IS a chance I'll rewrite/tweak this story. It was popular with everyone, and I figure if I do get around to a revision, it'll be a lot more practical. Less jam-packed days and not so quick relationships, you know?

Plus I'm pretty sure I've become a better writer, and this time around I'm MUCH more open to critiques. I love crits now, especially on my artwork.

Reading over the first chapter made me not delete it though, like originally intended XD So, lucky you guys, I guess.

Umm. Right now I'm in my Transformers phase. How could I not be? That movie sparked my interest in it again!

Haha. Sparked. Ya know, spark? ...okay, no. That was lame.

But is it just me or does Starscream resemble a gorrilla?! He's not suppose to look like that...


Anywho... I dunno if I'll be writing anything soon, or what subject it'll be on. We'll see what happens.

Talk to you all later.