Ezel is Gray

It was a bright day in Ivalice, and (although it's really hard to tell,) it was summer. Or whatever it is they call it.

Ezel decided to go and...get a tan. Unfortunately, there was a minor problem.

"Ezel, what are you doing?" Babus looked at Ezel like he was insane (which he most likely was).

"Don't be silly. I'm tanning!" Ezel, grinning widely, seemed oblivious to the fact that a nu mou looked just a little odd in a Speedo and sunglasses.

"But..." Babus gave up. "Never mind." He figured Ezel would figure it out. If not...that was his problem.

Marche had just gotten back from a mission (by some odd coincidence) and decided to take a 'happy walk' with Montblanc, which was cut short. He saw the single most tramautizing, most frightening sight ever.

It was Ezel. Marche picked up Montblanc, putting a hand over his eyes, although he wished he could do that to himself. "What are you doing?"

"Tanning." Ezel figured these guys were dumb, not to be able to tell what he was doing.

Marche, muttering something along the lines of "brainless idiot," put Montblanc down. "You know, you can't get a tan."

"Why not?"

"You're gray."

Okay, I know, really stupid/ pointless. It was fun, though...