Damn Shame

Summary: "And it's a damn shame if you ask me."

Couples: LH, NH.

AU: Kind of half AU-ish- just the characters more than the storyline.

Haley's feelings were all described in Marion's words.

And it's a damn shame if you ask me.

It was a damn shame. Haley knew this. She was ready to have sex, she had been for a while, since before Nathan even came into her life. It wasn't about saving herself until marriage, or any of that shit.

It was the fact that she didn't want to give it up to him.

But faced with the fact of Lucas would never even consider being the person to take away her 'innocence,' her virginity, or the fact that she would have never asked him. She decided to take off her shirt to Nathan because of this. Hell- if you can't have one Scott brother you can settle for the other. And Haley said that taking her shirt off was okay because it just was. It was okay because Lucas was leaving. Leaving her.

And it was because Lucas didn't care about her anymore, she thought. Now that I have Nathan, Lucas thinks I'm fine alone.

So when Nathan proposed, she said yes. Lucas was never coming back and that was that.

But then he showed up on her doorstep, admiring her wedding ring, she gasped.

" I guess I missed you all here too much." And he hugged her. She hugged him back, breathing into his shoulder. "Especially you." Lucas stepped back. He leaned in again, this time softly kissing her lips." I realized that I need you in my life. Everyone always leaves me, but you were there."

Her mind was made up. She would forget about her feelings for Lucas and concentrate on the man in front of her. Nathan loved her and in a strange way, Haley loved him too. He would always be there. Lucas was a wishy-washy man who slept with one girl, kissed another, and had sex with another. Nathan was gonna be there- he wouldn't cheat, sleep around, or hurt her- mainly because he loved her too much.

But Haley still loved Lucas. She didn't want him anymore- Nathan had already done the deed with her- but she still loved her best friend. She would never feel the same again. She settled for Nathan- and he loved her.

" It's a damn shame you didn't come earlier- because I would have accepted." Haley closed the door in his face. "It's a damn shame, Lucas Scott."

AN: Hey, sorry if I botched this up, Laley and Naley lovers. This was written a while back, but I wrote it really quickly. I know I repeat a lot of the same ideas, but that's because I'm stressing them. If no one likes this, I'll remove it and forget I ever wrote it.