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Any dialogue from actual episodes (Gone, Hell's Bells) belong to the writers of those episodes, not me. Most of it changes anyway. If you haven't seen Hell's Bells it might be a bit confusing, as I didn't want to just type in all of the stuff about Xander and the old man.

Pairings: Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya

Rating: PG-13

Willow paced uneasily in her room, worrying again about the state of her relationship with Tara. Two nights ago they had fought about her use of magic, and she had almost cast a forget spell on Tara. That was when it hit her that maybe her girlfriend was right. She had been too stunned by this thought to perform the spell but it had been weighing on her mind ever since. The singing and dancing demon and Buffy's revelation had temporarily distracted her but she couldn't get it out of her mind. She really wasn't sure how to know whether her use of magic had gone too far. That brought her to this point, standing in front of her dresser with a different spell in front of her. The spell was in Latin, and the translation was unfortunately rather vague, promising to let the caster see from "the opposite perspective." Willow wasn't sure if it would help her situation but she was ready to try anything, even though she wasn't sure if using a spell to help her out would just compound the problem. Making up her mind, she uttered a few words in Latin and dropped the final spell ingredient into the mixture in front of her, causing a small poof of smoke to issue from it. Willow collapsed to the floor, unconscious.


Tara was just draining pasta for dinner when she heard a thump from upstairs. In this house that was usually not good, so she left the pot in the sink and ran up to discover the cause. Finding Willow slumped on the floor of their shared room a small cry escaped her mouth.

"Baby? Are you…" she felt for a pulse, and finding a strong one, she calmed down and looked up to see what could have caused her girlfriend to pass out.

"Oh Willow, another spell?" Tara was disappointed and annoyed even as she was concerned about the redhead.

Willow started to stir, hearing her girlfriend's voice.

"What? What happened?"

"I don't know, did you do a spell? You must have passed out. Probably an effect of the spell." Tara said disapprovingly.

"Oh…that's right. It's to give me a different perspective….I was thinking, and maybe you're right about the magic. I thought maybe with a different perspective I could…" Willow's eyes suddenly went wide and she stopped mid-sentence. Something was not right. Her body felt not right somehow, like it wasn't hers. Had the spell gone wrong?

Tara looked skeptical. "Do you really think it's a good idea to use magic to help you decide if you use magic too much?" she asked, but privately she hoped that the spell would work and a new perspective would show her girlfriend the error of her ways.

"Er, I thought about that but I decided this one was worth it." Willow said distractedly.

"Are you okay? Maybe you should lie down? Are you going to pass out again?" Tara wondered.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom…I feel fine, really." Willow was starting to get an idea of what the spell might have done, and she in reality was feeling anything but fine. She had to find out, but she couldn't do that here.

Tara watched her girlfriend walk into the bathroom and close the door. She sat down on the bed, wondering if Willow would be able to understand the dangers of what she had been doing. Suddenly, she heard a scream from the bathroom. Without a second thought she jumped up and burst in, since Willow had not locked the door. Her eyes went wide at the sight in front of her.

"Ack! No! Go away! I mean, I'm fine!" Willow tried frantically to cover up her naked body, but she knew it was too late.

"What did you DO!" Tara asked, walking into the bathroom and pulling Willow's hands away from her body.

"You're a MAN! Willow! Why are you a MAN!" She yelled.

Willow winced. "Don't yell so loud, maybe I can avoid having the whole neighborhood know. I guess um, it was a side effect of the spell. A way to see things from a, er, different…well…perspective…" Willow said frantically. This was not what she had thought would happen at all!

Tara just stared at her…at Willow. She started to laugh despite herself. "Well, do you have a new perspective?"

Willow hung her head. "Yeah…I think I need help. Weird how I realize that once I turn into a guy, huh? You'd think it would be the other way…I must not be a real guy." She grinned. Then her smile faded, remembering her problem again. "Tara, what am I gonna do? What do you think I should do? How do I stop? I can't just stop totally!"

Tara thought for a minute. "Well, why don't you try not doing any spells for a week. Of course, if there's like a life or death situation or something, we can work around that. Obviously you should use a spell then. But for a week…no magic unless you absolutely have to. Do you think you could do that?" she asked, privately doubting that the redhead could do it.

Willow nodded. "If you help me." She said in a small voice that was surprisingly low.

Tara started to giggle despite the seriousness of the situation. "Um, do you think you could put some clothes on? It's kinda wigging me out…"

"Oh!" Willow's whole body turned red as she blushed remembering her body. She quickly put her clothes back on, having a moment of confusion when she got to her bra. "Um…" she held it in her hand staring at it.

"Maybe you should wear it, stuff it or something…unless you want to explain to the gang." Tara said, starting to giggle again.

"No way! Xander NEVER finds out about this!" Willow turned even redder, picturing her best friend's reaction. She put the bra on, stuffed it with kleenex, and followed it with her shirt.

"So how do you reverse it?" Tara asked.

"Reverse it?"

"Turn you back? Isn't there a reversal spell?"

"Um…I think it's one of those that wear off on their own." She said weakly.

Tara raised her eyebrows. "So how long do we give it before we start to panic?"


All through dinner with Buffy and Dawn the witches kept sneaking glances at each other and giggling. Tara had no idea why, but she just found the situation hilarious. She knew she should be more angry with Willow for doing a spell without knowing exactly what it would do, but after all she had agreed to try and go a week without doing magic, so it had a good result. She was a bit worried about why her girlfriend hadn't turned back into a woman yet, but she was hoping that was just to make sure she was serious about not using magic. Maybe it would take a few days, or even the promised week, of not doing magic. If at that point she was still a man, Tara would find a way to reverse the spell.

For her part Willow was mortified and freaked out by her body, but Tara's giggles were contagious. After dinner they watched TV with Buffy until the slayer announced she was going on patrol. They had barely talked about her revelation that she was in heaven, but somehow she seemed to be feeling better, happier. It seemed that getting it off her chest had helped.

Willow and Tara went up to their room after Buffy left.

"So…do you have homework or do you want to go to bed early?" Tara said.

Willow's eyes suddenly opened wide and she looked down at her crotch. "Ack! What is it…oh my god nevermind I know what it's doing…" she trailed off, turning red. "Wow that's really annoying." She said, squirming a little to try to ease her sudden erection. "She didn't mean go to bed like that!" she told her crotch, annoyed.

Tara couldn't control herself anymore, and she collapsed on the bed in a full-blown laughing fit.

Willow put her hands on her slightly less pronounced hips. "What? It's not my fault, it seems to have a mind of its own! Why not talk to it?" the absurdity of what she was saying kicked in and she joined her girlfriend on the bed, cracking up. "I really am a guy! I just talked to my penis!" she chortled.

After a few minutes, they settled down. Tara rolled over onto her side and looked at her girlfriend. She thought for a minute.

"Hey, um, do you…I mean, are you still…" she blushed, not being able to finish her sentence. Willow's eyes went wide when she realized what Tara was trying to ask.

"You want to have sex with me like this?" she asked incredulously. "But…I'm a boy!"

Tara blushed even redder. "Well not really. You're you, you're still Willow, my girlfriend." She said simply.

Willow seemed surprised, but Tara did have a point. "I guess so…well um…if you want to I'm sure it could be talked into it." She joked.

Tara smiled and stood to turn off the lights. When it was dark she walked back towards the bed and lay down beside Willow. Neither made a move for a full minute.

"Um…I think we should just act normally, and see what happens." Tara offered weakly.

Willow thought about that. "Okay."

She rolled over so that she was half on top of Tara and propping herself up on her elbows gently kissed her girlfriend. Tara quickly responded and they were soon in a full-blown makeout session. Removing their clothes was a bit awkward, but the whole experience was less weird than the couple expected.

A short while later, a satisfied Willow rolled off of her girlfriend but cuddled up to her.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Tara smiled. "No, it wasn't. I definitely want my regular Willow back, but it was kinda fun for a change."

They lay in silence for a few moments.

After a minute Willow turned her head up to Tara's. She pushed herself up enough to press her lips to her girlfriend's. "I love you." She said, pulling away.

"I love you too." Tara murmured.

"I just…I mean I'm sure that wasn't the greatest for you, being a lesbian and all…but you wanted to anyway cuz it was me, and that's so…Tara I'm sorry, I've been completely unfair to you lately. With the magic, and everything…you mean so much to me, I could give up magic forever if it was for you." She said pensively. "I know lately I haven't shown it as much…but that's going to change, okay? I promise. Starting right now." She finished her little speech, and looked deeply into Tara's eyes, desperate for a reaction.

Tara's eyes started to tear up as she gazed into her girlfriend's eyes. "Oh baby, it's okay. You don't have to give magic up, I just want you to be more careful okay? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think that little spell of yours did just what it was supposed to." She teased slightly.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Couldn't it have done that without turning me into a man?"

"Well, probably, but it was funnier this way." Tara giggled. She tightened her hold on her girlfriend and made a strange face.

"What?" Willow asked.

"Feel for yourself." She guided Willow's hand up to her own chest, where Willow felt small but definite breasts again. She quickly reached between her own legs and let out a cheer when she realized she was back to normal.

Tara smiled. "I guess that means you really did learn your lesson."

"The spell seemed to think so." Willow agreed. "And I was serious. I'd do anything for you. I love you so much." She slid over and on top of the blonde witch and kissed her.

"What do you say we reaffirm our lesbian identities?" she whispered huskily into Tara's ear, following it with a gentle kiss on her earlobe.


A week after the spell gone awry, Willow had amazingly enough managed to not do any spells. She hadn't even had to invoke the life-or-death clause, because it had been rather quiet in Sunnydale. Despite this good news, Tara awoke feeling cranky. She went into the bathroom and soon Willow heard a groan similar to the ones she'd heard the past few days.

"I guess that means it didn't come today either." Willow mused, rolling over in bed. She knew Tara was cranky because she was late. Usually the couple got their periods together, which they liked because it maximized "snuggle-time." Whenever one of them got off cycle due to stress or whatever weird forces controlled that, it was frustrating. Willow had started hers four days earlier, and it was now almost over, but Tara's was still missing in action.