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Pieces of Her Challenge:

When Buffy stabbed Faith and she went into a coma, Faith was pregnant. Several months later, the doctors at whichever hospital she was in, realize that she's carrying a very healthy baby that has very good chances of living.


Either the Initiative or The Council must try get the baby.
The Council or Initiative must take the child out of Faith before it is born and she wakes from her coma.
Buffy and/or Giles must find out sooner or later and feel obligated to look after the child while Faith is in a coma.
Have Faith not wake from her coma for several years, long enough for Buffy to be called Mommy by the child.
Faith and Buffy fighting over the child.
Have Faith put into the parental role.

Have the child know about Faith all along.
Have the Xander not be the biological father.

Instead of having Buffy and Giles and the Scoobys raise the child, have it be raised by Angel and the Fang Gang.

Use the same dynamics as the one with Buffy and Giles.
The child must have been given to either Angel or Wes.

Chapter 1

Daddy's favorite girl

Daddy's favorite girl

Dressed up in your Momma's pearls

Serve him breakfast in his bed

Earn a little kiss on the forehead

You are sugar, you are spice

You are growing up so nice

Paint your nails, paint your face

Paint around the empty space

"I'm sorry," Buffy Summers stated, touching her enemies cheek. Faith was bruised and battered, but even after being stabbed in the stomach; she still looked strong. She still had on the face of a warrior; even if she was in a coma. A shattered little girl; left all alone. Buffy didn't want to pity her. She wanted to hate her. Hate her with every ounce of herself; simply for betraying her. Simply for ruining the life she had started to finally rebuild. But she couldn't. She suspected it was because she was such a good person that she couldn't. And at that moment; she wished she wasn't the Slayer. She wished she could kill Faith. And most of all, she wished she didn't care that Faith might die. She pressed a gentle kiss to her once friend's forehead, silently praying for her. Buffy, the now only conscious slayer, walked out of the room. It was time to save the world, again. There was not time to think of shattered little girls; not now, not whenever the world was at stake. It was then that Buffy Summers thought only of others.

"Mayor Wilkins," The doctor's voice was meek and Wilkins' almost didn't hear it. Almost. He didn't want to know. He didn't want to know what would become of his little girl. She was just a little girl. Too young to die.

"Yes," He didn't turn to look at the frail doctor, rather sat on the side of Faith's bed; looking at her and stroking her hand.

"Faith has been unconscious for two days now. The chances of her waking up decrease with every passing hour. The wound in her stomach wasn't to serious, it didn't puncture any of the internal organs but she lost a bit of blood," He consulted his chart.


"With that kind of wound, sir, it's very doubtful…"

"Is it still alive," His voice rang throughout the private room he had had Faith placed in and the doctor flinched.

"I don't believe so. With that kind of wound, it's very doubtful,"

"Then what do we do?" He pushed his tears back, vowing to avenge his almost daughter.

"Wait for a miscarriage. Pray that the baby some how survived the wound," Mayor Wilkins' nodded, and heard the doctor quietly close the door.

"The baby will be ok, Faith. I promise. And so will you," He leaned down and kissed her forehead, in the exact spot that Buffy had the day before. "I promise,"

Eight Months later

"Mr. Angel, come this way," Angel followed the stout nurse threw the halls of Sunnydale hospital, looking around cautiously. Buffy had called him the week before, stating that they were in some big trouble. He hadn't wanted to come, but the second she mentioned Faith's name he rushed over. As he entered the bedroom, his eyes widened considerably. Bruises had faded, wounds had healed, and Faith looked a lot more pregnant then she did eight month's prior.

"She's pregnant," His voice was a croak, barely understandable. She nodded; slightly surprised that he was unaware of that. "Oh god," He ran a hand threw his hair, slightly distressed at the thought. Last thing he needed was a mini-slayer running around with Faith's attitude. He smiled, though slightly terrified. He didn't understand why Buffy had chosen him for this task. Something about the Council being after the baby, and her not being able to play Mommy. He rolled his eyes, and quickly looked around to make sure no one noticed his cool façade falter for a moment. The loudspeaker came on, announcing a bunch of "medical hubbub" as Lorne would call it and the nurse quickly left. Angel settled himself in the chair next to the bed, and sighed once more. Exactly what he was to do was beyond him. Hesitantly, he rested his hand on her stomach. He jumped back when the baby kicked. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and fumbled with it. Once he got the number dialed, he groaned as Cordelia picked up. Things were definitely going to get interesting

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