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Wes sighed, staring at the road ahead of him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign. 'Hell, sweet hell' He thought, looking at the other occupants of the car. Cordelia sat in the passenger seat, staring out the window and no doubt lost in memories. Gunn and Fred were sitting next to each other, playing poker and laughing at their whispered secrets. Lorne, who after being told no one in the car wanted to listen to Faith Hill, had resorted to his Walkman and was singing under his breath. Wesley pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, taking a deep breath. Angel hadn't been clear about what was going on, only that it had something to do with Faith. Despite all the pain the rogue slayer had put Wesley threw, he still couldn't shake the feelings of respect he had for her.

They found the vampire leaning against a wall, his eyes closed and a Styrofoam cup in hand. From the steam rising from it, it was clear that it was coffee. "Now you want to tell us what the hell we're doing here?" Cordy demanded, a little to harshly. Angel opened his eyes, looked around at everyone, and took a deep sip of coffee.

"See for yourself," He stated, opening the door and walking into the room. Cordy looked at Faith, raking her eyes down her body. Dark hair, small nose, frown, pregnant, bitchy even in her sleep- same old Faith.

"She looks…Holy crap," She did a double take, staring at the slayer's bulging stomach. Angel hid a small smile.

"She's pregnant," Wes whispered, reaching a hand out to touch the woman's stomach. As Faith's hand clasped around his wrist, his eyes widened.

"Reflexes," Angel explained, carefully prying her hand away.

"Is she not supposed to be pregnant?" Gunn asked, leaning against the wall.

"How did this happen?!" Cordy demanded, her voice horse.

"Well when a man and a woman…" Fred started.

"Fred, I know that. I just don't understand how she could be pregnant!"

"Wilkins' knew," Angel whispered, turning away from the slayer and towards the seer.

"Well that might explain…absolutely nothing. How do you know he knew?"

"The nurses have him down as her father,"

"Who is its father?" Wes asked, slightly baffled by the entire thing.

"Well, I don't know…but I kind of told them it was me," At the groups wide eyed looks he continued, "They wont tell me anything if I tell them I was the reason she's here in the first place!"

"You stabbed her?" Fred asked, having been filled in as to why Faith was in the hospital.

"No, Buffy did. But she did for me; so I wouldn't die…even though I'm dead…forget it. We have to figure out what to do,"

"Why can't we let Buffy deal with it?" Gunn asked, wondering momentarily where Lorne had gone.

"She won't. Either I keep it or it goes up for adoption,"

"Well, that's settled then. Let's go," Cordy said, grabbing Angels arm and starting to pull him out of the room.

"No," Fred stated, turning towards the fallen slayer. "We'll keep it…we have to,"

"Fred's right, we can't let Faith's child be raised by a stranger," Wes agreed, smiling at the Texan.

"As opposed to being raised by this group? Yeah, that kid isn't going to be screwed up," Cordy whipped around as Faith screamed out, tears rolling down her cheeks. Doctors rushed in, ushering the fang gang from the room and stating that Faith had gone into premature labor.

"So, what do we do?" Gunn asked as they sat in the waiting room.

"We raise it until Faith wakes up," Angel said firmly, his voice just daring Cordelia to argue with him. She simply sighed and turned back to Lorne, who had recently been found in the children's ward.

"Mr. Angel," Angel looked up at the doctor, fear evident in his dark eyes. "You can see them now," Angel smiled and followed the man into the room. Faith lay on the bed in the same position as before, her cheeks flushed and her eyes closed. Angel turned to the set of basinets in the corner and took a deep unneeded breath. Set of basinets. Not one. Two. Two basinets. Two. As in two babies. As in they had to raise two babies. "We only saw one of the children in the sonogram, but after we delivered the first the second appeared. You're the proud father of two little girls," The doctor smiled and walked out of the room, leaving Angel to stare at the basinets.

Soft gurgling sounds came from them, and he walked over slowly. He carefully lifted one of the babies into his arms, smiling as she clamped into his finger and looked at his with already darkening eyes. Fred walked past him, scooping the other into her own arms, the rest of the group following behind her.

"There are two?" Cordy sighed out the question, before falling to the charms of the two babies.

"What are we going to name them?" Lorne asked, taking the baby Fred was holding from her and rocking her.

"Mandy," Angel stated.

"No," Cordy automatically said, before thinking for a moment. "How about Mona Amanda Angel,"

"Kaelina," Fred whispered, looking at the baby in her arms. "Kaelina Faith Angel. Kaeli and Mona,"

Wes smiled, knowing instantly that no matter what everything would work out. His eyes drifted to Faith…what would happen when she woke up?

"Wes, come hold her," He instantly banished the thought and rushed to Cordelia's side.

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