Disclaimer: The story is mine. The characters are not. The insanity is mine. The participants are not.

Costumes are fun!

"Nakamori-kun?" Hakuba queried as his classmate entered the room dressed head to toe in a white traveling outfit plus cape.

"Oh, this? It's my costume," Aoko explained, giving a little twirl. "What do you think?"

"Am I right in guessing Amelia from Slayers?" Hakuba guessed with little enthusiasm.

Aoko beamed and nodded.

The sound of the door slamming against the wall drew their attention to the Kaito Kid standing in the doorway.

"Kid!" Hakuba yelled in a strange mix of rage and glee. He dove for the figure that let out a startled yelp and jumped over the detective to cower behind Aoko. "Get back here!" Hakuba demanded. He lunged for the Kid again, but was stopped by Aoko's out-stretched arm.

"Take a good look at him, Hakuba-kun," she ordered, her eyes promising pain and death if he didn't obey.

Wanting to survive a little while longer, Hakuba did as he was told. It was then that he noticed the Kid wore a dark blue button shirt and a black tie under a white suit with a cape. On his head was a white top hat. "Where's the monocle? And why are the colors different?" he demanded while his mind came up with a solution he would not accept.

"Jeez, Hakuba, what were you trying to do? Kill me?" The Kid asked instead, sounding very much like Kuroba Kaito.

Shocked, the detective took a closer look beneath the hat brim and found the face of his annoying classmate staring back at him. His own expression quickly changed to match the confused one on Kaito's face.

"I thought Kid wore a red tie," Aoko commented, ignoring the near death-match she had just stopped.

Kaito merely shrugged. "All I have is black. Sheesh, Hakuba! You're the one whose always going on about how much I look like Kaitou Kid. I thought you'd like my costume. After all, it is Halloween."