Lightning Strikes Twice

The Kaitou Kid laughed as he was followed by the Kaitou Kid taskforce and a few choice words from Inspector Nakamori. He was still laughing when he rounded a corner and crashed into someone running the opposite way. They rebounded and Kid managed to stay on his feet. The other person wasn't so lucky. Kaitou Kid looked down to see who it was and was met with the sight of a blond, British boy cursing as he stood up.

"Kid?!!" The confused detective asked.

"Why hello detective. Didn't expect you to be here." Kid said, smiling. "Thought you'd missed my heist for sure."

"WHAT?!!" the teenager shot back. He didn't know that there had been a heist that night. Usually his father or Inspector Nakamori told him about it.

"So, you going to ch...." The Kaitou's words trailed off as he stared at something behind the detective. Instinctively, Hakuba turned around and was treated to something that he hadn't expected. Standing under a light post, holding hands with Nakamori Aoko was none other than Kuroba Kaito. Hakuba had always thought that Kaito was the Kid, but now after TWO times of being in the same place, but as different people, he wasn't so sure.

"K...Kuroba? What're you doing here?" He asked, hopping that someone else was playing Kaito.

Kuroba stared at Kid. "Hello again Kid-san! I didn't expect you to be here."

Kid laughed. "Nor did I. I'm leaving, so good-bye Kuroba-san, Nakamori-san, Hakuba-san!" He threw down a bomb that went off, leaving a cloud of pink smoke. When the smoke was gone, the Kaitou had disappeared. Darn that thief. Why does he always use pink smoke? Hakuba thought furiously.

"Kuroba, where the heck have you been? I'm not for sure if you're you!" The detective angrily told the magician.

What surprised him was that Aoko came to his rescue instead. "Hakuba! How dare you insult Kaito. He's been with me the entire evening. He didn't even know that there was going to be a heist tonight." She said, grabbing a nearby mop. "If you even think about trying something I'll ..." She didn't need to finish the sentence for Hakuba to get the answer. 'Aoko would make his life miserable' was what she implied. He quickly shut up his mouth and headed home.

Kudo Shinichi laughed as he reached his home. That night had gone very well, even with meeting Kaito and Hakuba like that. While he was opening up his front door, his cell phone rang.

"Moshi Moshi?" He said, answering it.

"Doing our own heists now, aren't we?" Kaito's voice came over the line.

"Yeah, though you gotta admit. The look on Hakuba-san's face was worth it." Shinichi's remark was met with more laughter.