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Chapter 12

Guilty Pleasures


Lizzie and Miranda are sitting at the table by themselves.

"So, did you tell him yet?" Miranda asked.

"No. What am I supposed to say?" Lizzie wondered.

"Just be yourself. Just say, hey Gordo I like you…" Miranda went on, until she was interrupted.

"What about me?" Gordo asked as he plopped down his tray and sat next to Lizzie.

"N-nothing," Lizzie stuttered.

"But I heard my name," Gordo said matter-of-factly.

Lizzie gave Miranda pleading eyes.

Animated Lizzie: "Now is so not the time to tell Gordo! At school, at lunch, over whatever this stuff is on our plate? No way!"

"Lizzie was just saying how much she likes your hair like that," Miranda lied.

Lizzie glanced over at Gordo. His hair was the same mop of curls that it had been for years. It had grown a little, but it was basically the same. Lizzie actually never noticed how pretty his hair was before…. But her thoughts were soon interrupted…

"This is how I always wear my hair," Gordo insisted.

"Oh really?" Lizzie asked innocently. "I guess just something looks different about it today," she said trying to patch up the story that Miranda made up.

"O-kay," he said giving them both questionable glances. Then he grabbed his fork and began to pick the broccoli off his plate.

Gordo Thoughts: "Chicks!"

Miranda looked over at Lizzie and just gave her a half-smile.

Animated Lizzie: "Even though Miranda almost let it slip, I still love her! She always knows how to get out of things!"

"So, your practice is tonight, right?" Gordo asked.

"Yes it is. Are you gonna be there?" Lizzie asked hopefully.

"I'll be there. With my camera," he responded.

"Coolie!" Lizzie exclaimed.

Then the bell rang for them all to return to class. They each got up and threw away their trash.

"I'll see ya'll tonight!" Lizzie hollered as the trio parted their ways to go to class.

Animated Lizzie: "Maybe tonight will finally be my chance to tell Gordo how I feel."


Gordo Thoughts: "And after practice tonight when we're alone, I'm going to make myself tell Lizzie I like her!"


Lizzie and Miranda showed everyone the lyrics they had come up with. The band loved them both, so they would audition with each song. They decided that Miranda's song would be a little more upbeat than Lizzie's. Now the boys just had to get the lyrics and write the music together. Miranda knew a little about writing music since she had been in the glee club. She could recognize a few notes and offer a bit of help. Lizzie, on the other hand, had absolutely no musical experience and had no idea how to write any of it. Mostly Troy and Hayden worked on it while Scott and Miranda offered ideas. Lizzie felt secluded, but stood in the corner with Gordo as he filmed "Behind the Scenes of Noise Candy" for his documentary. It was then that Lizzie realized that this was her chance.

Animated Lizzie: "We're not helping anyway. Maybe I can pull Gordo aside and tell him."

"Hey Gordo," Lizzie whispered into his ear. He could feel her sweet breath on him.

Gordo Thoughts: "She definitely used scented soap."

"What?" he whispered back.

"This is boring for us. I need to talk to you anyway," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him upstairs to her room.

"What is it Lizzie?" Gordo asked confused.

"Sit down," Lizzie said. Then she realized that he was already sitting down on her bed.

"Lizzie, I am sitting," Gordo said.

"Right," Lizzie replied flustered. Then she took the spot next to him.

"There are some things that I think you should know…" Lizzie started.

Gordo Thoughts: "Oh no! Does she know I like her?! Omigosh, I hope she doesn't want to end our friendship…"

"Gordo, I have…" she began, but was soon interrupted.

"Where have you guys been? Troy asked, standing in Lizzie's doorway. "We may need your help on this music."

"But we don't know anything about it," Lizzie said."

"Well that doesn't mean that you're not wanted down here," Troy said sincerely, his eyes meeting Lizzie's.

Lizzie glanced back at Gordo. Now was definitely not the time to tell him. "Gordo, I'll tell you later," Lizzie promised, patting his hand as she got up to go back downstairs.

Gordo just sat there awestruck for a minute. "What a dirk," he muffled under his breath as he trailed behind the two. He never did like Troy to begin with and now he had interrupted his time with Lizzie.

Gordo Thoughts: "I guess maybe nice guys really do finish last."

Once Lizzie got down to the basement she realized that the guys had pretty much wrapped up the music.

"Now we're going to practice; just the music first," Hayden said. He gave Miranda a little wink as he walked passed her to get set up. Her faced turned bright red; but she didn't care.

The boys practiced each song about five times and the music sounded really great. Lizzie and Miranda were both very stoked. Gordo just sat quietly in the corner taping.

"Alright, I guess that's about all for tonight," Troy announced. "Tomorrow we can start practicing with the vocals."

"You mean we have practice tomorrow too?" Scott groaned.

"Yeah dude," Hayden began, "we'll have practice everyday this week. Auditions are on Friday; we have to be ready."

"Sounds good to me!" Miranda agreed.

Animated Lizzie: "Miranda would agree to anything Hayden said. If he told her to jump off a cliff, she'd ask him which one."

"I'm out!" Scott said, as he ran upstairs to exit.

"I've gotta go too guys," Hayden added. "See you all tomorrow. Bye Miranda," he said making his way over to her and gave her a little hug."

"B-b-bye!" Miranda said, hardly spitting the words out of her mouth.

"Bye Troy. Lizzie I'm going upstairs to get a soda. Just meet me up here to start studying," Miranda said as she made her way up to the kitchen.

Gordo Thoughts: "There is no way I can stay down there with that slime ball!"

"Wait for me!" Gordo called, following Miranda.

"Well, I guess I'd better get going to," Troy said.

"Okay," Lizzie agreed.

"Hey Lizzie," Troy started, "Ummm… I…"

Animated Lizzie: "Is he nervous around me? Oh my gosh, that's so cute! Wait, what am I saying?"

Then Troy felt his courage come back. "Lizzie, I really like you. I know you've told me that you're not ready for a boyfriend, but you see, I…" and he stopped with that and pulled Lizzie into a deep kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and she felt his strength. In one way she really wanted it to continue, I mean, it was great, but then she remembered Gordo. He was the one she wanted to be with. She didn't want to screw up that chance with him, if it existed. As she began to pull away from Troy's grip to stop the kiss, she heard footsteps on the stairs. She turned around to see Gordo; but it was too late, he had already seen them in action and was on his way back upstairs to escape it.

Animated Lizzie: "Oh no! He saw! I didn't mean for it to happen! What am I going to do?! I have to tell him!"

It was then that Lizzie ran upstairs through the kitchen searching for Gordo. She spotted Miranda sitting at the kitchen bar eating cookies and studying her history book.

"Oh Lizzie there you are. Are you ready to study?" Miranda looked up and asked through a mouthful of crumbs.

Lizzie just completely ignored the question. "Miranda, have you seen Gordo?" she asked frantically.

"Yeah he just grabbed his camera and ran out the door. He seemed to be in a hurry," Miranda replied nonchalantly.

"I have to go find him!" Lizzie exclaimed as she raced out the door.

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