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And thanks to DB Sommer for allowing me to use Ai Konjou and the Furinkan Combat Cheerleaders.

Wild Like You

Yappa paa yappa paa

don't know what to do

My heart is not a game-

It's mah-jongg to you

Yappa paa Yappa paa

feel like such a shrew

Who needs boys?

Don't you dare

make me wild like you

Before you,

boys got their knees

Ranma, Ranma-

its me you always tease

Since the day I ran into you

Ranma, Ranma you

stole my heart and you

don't you dare go and

make me wild like you

Somebody tell why it's so hard

To say those three words, "I Love You"

If I let myself give into you

I'll become just as

wild as you

Before you come in like a breeze

Won't you stop and ring the bell, please

Before you make my heart a home

Why not let me love you on my own?

I'd be better off without you

but just tonight it'll be alright

Until tomorrow, all right

Every time your eyes turn to me

Ranma, Ranma

You make me feel dizzy

Someday we may be more than "friends"

Ranma, Ranma you've

Gone and done it's true

Can't you see that you've

made me wild as you