The sequel to Misery, which is the sequel to Unrequited. Got it? Good. Read on.



Zoro blinked and turned over on the couch, eyes falling on Luffy, standing there in rumpled lamb-print pajamas and looking like a little kid. Zoro was more than fully aware that Sanji was pretending that he wasn't watching the scene unfold.

"Zoro," Luffy said again guilelessly, "I'm warmer inside when I'm with you." and then pounced on the ersatz bed and wriggled under the sheets. Zoro's eyes flickered up to meet Sanji's. They held each other's gaze for a long moment.

Sanji turned away.

Zoro lifted an arm and Luffy tucked himself underneath it, cuddling into Zoro's warmth.

The moon seemed brighter that night.