I suppose you could consider this the sequel to Transformation, but it could be taken as a standalone, too. Warning: deals with character death.

As You and I Go Down

Sometimes, when the wind blows just the right way, Zoro can hear Luffy's laughter again and convince himself that it's not just the wind rustling through the chimes on the ship's cabin door. And when the sprays hits him, he can imagine it's Luffy's touch, the Gum-Gum man throwing an arm around his shoulder again. And sometimes Zoro can see Luffy, sitting beside him and looking at him, as if asking why Zoro looks so sad.

But when Zoro reaches out to touch him, he's never there.

Zoro knows he's crazy. He knows he's been crazy for the past year and a half, but it's really hard to care, because sanity is cold and cruel and unforgiving, but most of all, it's lonely, because at least in insanity Luffy is with him there.

He wonders if there's a place after death. He wonders, if there is, is Luffy there with Kuina right now? Are they both looking down at him, glaring at him for still being weak? For not being good enough, strong enough, to save them?

No. Luffy wouldn't.

"Zoro..." and his name is only a sigh on the breeze, the creation of a battered mind, but Zoro shivers and rubs his thumb along the edge of the blood-spattered straw hat, and looks up at the sky as if asking for some kind of forgiveness. Which is inane, because Luffy never would have blamed him in the first place.

But he needs to know he's forgiven.

"Zoro..." and Zoro closes his eyes and breathes in, as if maybe he can breathe in whatever's left of Luffy that still floats around him now, as if he can breathe him in and keep him safe somewhere inside his own soul.

The wind howls. The waters crash. And Luffy is blinking up at him with those big, childish eyes. And smiling.

"I miss you, Zoro. Come back with me."

"Zoro!" that sounds like Nami, but Zoro's already tumbling forward, into Luffy's arms and the arms of the ocean.

I don't... don't want to be alone, damn you. Don't leave me again.

The water is cold, but Luffy isn't, and he breathes in again. In the creeping darkness, Luffy is smiling still, grinning, and. It's okay.

"I've missed you, Zoro. What took you so long?"

The ocean/Luffy pulls the straw hat from his weakened grasp, blood flaking off as it floats away. Cleaning it.

"Thanks for keeping it safe." There are voices above him, so faint, though Luffy's is more important. But his voice, too, is fading.

No! Don't...

"Don't worry, Zoro,"
Luffy smiles, and pulls him deeper. Darkness blooms around him.

"I'll be here when you wake."