Because I totally needed a happy fic. :D

Making Sex
Luffy has made yet another kitchen raid, and Zoro doesn't mind playing along.

"LUFFY!" The angry roar seemed to make the entire ship vibrate, but only just managed to rouse Zoro—still shirtless from his previous workout—from his nap. Blinking sleepily, he opened his mouth to roar right back at the shitty cook for waking him up when a small form bounded forth, tackling him.

"Ahhh, Zoro! Help me!" Luffy, his arms full of meat, climbed off of Zoro and shoved the bundle under an unused piece of canvas. Zoro sighed, but shifted so that he was lying on the covered pile.

"Luffy!" the bellow was closer now.

"He's gonna find it," Luffy whined; indeed, the smell of meat was faint, but most certainly there. "Oh!"

Luffy dived on top of Zoro for the second time just as Sanji stormed up from the galley.

"We're making sex!" Luffy declared stoutly, hugging Zoro. "Come back later!"

There was a stunned silence, in which Sanji and Zoro had the exact same expression: bewilderment. Zoro recovered first.

"Shove off, asshole. We're busy here."

"He—stole—fuck you!" Sanji lit his cigarette and puffed on it irritably, looking from Zoro's discarded shirt to Luffy's face, flustered. "Whatever, but if you make one mention about the lack of meat at dinner, I'll kick your face in, shithead!"

"As if you could, princess!"

"You wanna start something?!"

"Luffy and I have already started something," Zoro drawled, carefully pulling a corner of canvas over a protruding chicken leg. Sanji flushed and stomped off, muttering darkly.

Luffy grinned in victory and rolled off, digging out half a turkey from the considerable stash, leaning back on his swordsman. Zoro chewed contentedly on the chicken leg, and listened to the banging pots and pans from the galley.