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"It's time to party!" With that shout, Hector barged into Castle Ostia, with the rest of his motley army behind him. "It's costume time!" Hector rushed into a changing room where he could wear what he thought was the ultimate costume. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea that their costumes were the best. Hector decided to have a little costume judging to show everyone that his costume would beat everyone else's. That same thought ran through Eliwood's mind as he got ready for his entrance. With his giant costume sword strapped to his back and his hair styled the way he wanted it, he was certain that he would be the life of the party.

Fifteen minutes later, everyone had finished changing into their respective costumes. The first person out was Hector, dressed as the Hulk. He had left his axe behind in his dressing room, and had dyed his hair green as well. He began practicing his lines and stunts that he was going to perform. "HECTOR SMASH!" Hector karate chopped a board into two and watched as the pieces flew into the air.

"Hector smashes what? His chances of winning the costume party?" Leaning on a wall was Matthew, dressed as Sly Cooper, a raccoon thief. He had even put two fake raccoon ears on his head and a fake tail. The moment he said that however, a group of screaming girls ran through the castle and glomped him.

"He's so cute!"

"And so fuzzy!"

"Gah! Get off! Get off!" Matthew pushed them all away as the Ostian guards escorted the indignant girls out of the castle. "Phew….I thought I was a goner." He noticed Hector chuckling at him. "S-Shut up! That just proves that my costume is cuter than yours."

"But it's not as cool as mine!" Eliwood stepped out of his dressing room. He held a giant sword in one hand and had dyed his hair blond and spiked it. Matthew and Hector burst out laughing as they saw him. "Hey! What's so funny?"

"W-W-Who the he-he-heck are you supposed to be?" Hector managed to squeak out a question before collapsing in laughter.

"I'm Cloud! From FFVII!"

Hector stopped laughing long enough to voice a question. "Umm…Isn't Cloud supposed to be moody and gloomy?" Hector turned to Matthew, who nodded.

"Don't worry. I've got an idea." He turned to Eliwood, who was looking over his costume. "Hey Eliwood! How's your father?!"

Immediately, Eliwood slumped to the ground, covered by a deep cloud of gloom. He began crying until Fiora came up, dressed in her costume.

"There, there, Eliwood. Don't let that meanie Matthew hurt you. I'm here for you." Fiora had dressed up as Sylph from Tales of Symphonia, and had made some fake wings to put on her back. Her hair had been lightened to a teal-green and she also carried a curved sword, which she pointed at Matthew. "Do that again, and I'll sic Serra on you. I'll just tell you that you love her and she'll hug you until you die from lack of air."

Matthew blanched and shuddered. "I'll never do that again. I promise."

"Good Matthew. That's a good boy. Now go search through the garbage or something. You're a raccoon, right?"

"Hmph." Matthew stalked off, his fake tail swishing indignantly.

'How does he do that?' Fiora wondered as he watched Matthew leave. However, her attention was diverted by another costumed party member entering the main hall. Well, two costumed people. She couldn't help chuckle at one of them, who shook a fist at her.

"Don't laugh at my costume!" Raven, who was dressed as Brother from FFX, had protested against going to the costume party. Then, when he found out what costume Priscilla had wanted him to wear, he protested even more. Priscilla just called him a big baby and dragged him to the dressing room, where people heard sounds of screaming and shouts of "NO!" Now, looking at Raven's costume, Fiora realized that his protesting was well based.

For one thing, Raven's hair was now a mohawk. Second of all, it was blond. And finally, he had tattoos around his whole body and was wearing some suspender type gear. However, he had given in to all of this just to please his sister, who was beaming happily as they entered the grand hall of Castle Ostia. Priscilla was dressed as Yuna from FFX, so she could go with the whole 'brother and sister' theme even in their costumes. She had dyed her hair brown, and worn a summoner's costume that she had made out of a kimono. She had even worn contacts to make one eye look blue and one eye look green.

Fiora could tell that Priscilla loved costume parties. "Nice costume, Priscilla."

"You really mean it?! Hearing it from you just makes it more enjoyable! I'm really glad you like it!" Priscilla twirled around in her costume, her eyes twinkling with joy. Raven couldn't help glancing at his sister with pride. Then he started glaring at Hector, who had started to snicker.

"Don't ever laugh at my costume or you'll regret it." Raven shook his fist at Hector, who gulped and hid a shield behind his back for protection. Luckily for him, Raven's attention was diverted to another group of costumed people. Erk and Florina, who were already dressed up, entered the grand hall. Erk burst out laughing at the sight of Raven's costume while Florina, being more courteous and nice, complimented Raven and Priscilla on their superb costumes.

Priscilla jumped happily and started chatting with Florina over their costumes while Raven shook a fist at Erk and glared at him. Erk gave a nervous cough and tugged at the collar of the cloak he was wearing. He adjusted his fake glasses so he could see better, since he was dressed as that renowned boy, Harry Potter. Erk cut his hair a little shorter and had drawn a small lightning shaped scar on his forehead. He also was wearing a black wizard's hat and a Hogwarts uniform that Florina had sewn for him. He was inordinately proud of his costume, and had thanked Florina numerous times. She just blushed and accepted the thanks.

As for Florina, she was dressed as Fairess, another one of the Sylph sisters from Tales of Symphonia. Like Fairess, Florina had dyed her hair orange and borrowed the Delphi Shield from Fiora. She also managed to pick up a pink beret and wore it over her hair. Erk couldn't help looking at her since he thought she was so pretty. Raven noticed this and grinned at Erk, whose face burned with embarrassment. Erk coughed nervously and smoothed his hair with his hands. He had borrowed a Flux book from Canas and decorated it with symbols to look like a simple spellbook.

Next to enter the grand hall was Marcus, who had donned a Starship captain's outfit. Eliwood glanced at him and walked up, shaking his hand.

"Ah, my faithful retainer! What might you be dressed as?"

"My Lord Eliwood, I am dressed in the attire of Captain Antilles."

"Wedge Antilles?"

"No, the other Captain Antilles."

"Oh…Wait, wasn't he killed in like the first 10 minutes of the movie or something?"


"Nevermind. You fit the role of Captain Antilles very well! I will always know I have someone I can trust at the helm, my old friend!" With that, Eliwood clapped Marcus on the back and walked back to Fiora, where they soon got immersed in a conversation about their characters. Priscilla and Florina were still gushing over their costumes and Raven had pulled Erk aside to teach him some lessons he needed to know about girls.

"Okay. Rule number one. Always let the girl win the argument. They always win anyway. I remember when Priscilla and I were children…She always got the toys before I could! Just because she was a girl!" Raven clenched his hand into a fist and Erk looked nervously at it.

"Ahem. Rule number two. They are almost always more interested in you talking about them, than they are talking about yourself. That's kind of obvious. And finally, always buy them expensive things. They love expensive things. Trust me." Raven took a glance at Priscilla. "I know all about it." Raven gave Erk a quick pat on the back and hurried back to his sister.

'Wait…Raven was actually being nice?! Wow, that is so cool! But it's kind of creepy to…I guess that's why it's Halloween.' Erk followed behind Raven and went to Florina. Next to enter was Guy, who had dressed as a character well learned in the samurai arts. He dressed up as Samurai Jack. He had cut off part of his ponytail and dyed his hair jet black. He also obtained a basic, white kimono as well, and wore his favorite Killing Edge at his side. Since his costume required a weapon, Hector didn't take it away. Guy looked around the hall for someone to chat with, but found no one. Well, no one until a bucket of water dropped on his head.

"Who the hell did that?!" Guy flung the bucket of water off of his head and whirled around. Matthew, still dressed in his raccoon costume, was snickering at the angry expression on Guy's face. "Grr…Matthew!"

"Lighten up, Guy! It's just a party. Everyone plays a prank or two." Matthew grinned at Guy, who was trembling in rage.

"Then let's see how you like this trick!" Guy dragged Matthew to the entrance to the castle and tossed him out, where Matthew was immediately set upon the group of girls that had been escorted out of the castle. Guy chuckled as he heard muffled threats being aimed at him.

"Guy! Mmph…When I-Get off!-get my hands on you, I'm going to-Get offa me!-kill you!" Matthew was struggling under the group of girls who were busy hugging him and asking for his autograph. Guy laughed at Matthew's misfortune and felt at home with the party once again. As for Hector, he saw what Guy had done and couldn't help laughing at him henchman's predicament. Before he could rescue Matthew, he was distracted by Farina, who had entered the grand hall as well.

Like her sisters, Farina had dressed as one of the Sylph sisters, Yutis to be exact. Since her hair was already blue enough, she didn't bother to dye it any color. She had borrowed a bow from Rebecca and held it at her side, albeit awkwardly. She had also managed to make some fake wings like Fiora, and was wondering how she would get them to move when Hector stepped up to her.

"Nice costume Farina. I assumed you and your sisters came with a theme?"

Farina thought of just brushing the lord aside, but decided to answer his questions. "Yeah, we're the Summon, Slyph, from Tales of Symphonia."

"Ah…Okay. Well then…"

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, I just thought you were going to go as something a little more kiddy. You know…Like the Powerpuff girls or something. My mistake."

"…" Farina stared at Hector, and suddenly, her eye began to twitch. Then she balled her left hand into a fist and socked Hector in the mouth. Hector picked himself from the floor and rubbed his jaw.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"Well…I didn't punch you because you suggested it. It's just that it's really scary because that would be a good match. But I am never going as a Powerpuff girl as long as I live, got that?!" Farina glared at Hector, her eye still twitching dangerously. He held up his arms in truce and nodded.

"Sure, sure. Don't worry about it. Never mention it again. I promise. So...How'd you make your costume?" With that, Hector avoided more bodily harm to himself and had steered the conversation away from a very delicate topic. While he was chatting with Farina, Matthew was having a little trouble outside the gates. He had managed to escape the giggling group of girls, hey, it's alliteration! Anyway…He managed to escape the girls only to come across an entirely new obstacle, the castle guard. In the recent chaos, Lord Uther had hired a new guard and unfortunately for Matthew, she seemed very, very radical about raccoons. How did he know? Well, the fact that she started hugging him the moment she saw him helped a bit.

"Uh…Guard lady…I'm not a raccoon."

"Of course you are! Look at your cute, bushy tail! Oh, it's so cute!" She began hugging it and petting it. Taking a chance, Matthew grabbed his tail and ran for the entrance, the guard in hot pursuit. He finally made it in and slammed the door shut before the guard could catch him. Breathing heavily, he sword an oath to get revenge on Guy.

"When I get my hands on him, I'm going to make sure that I cash in on those favors he owes me. And boy…He will never like it, but it'll serve him right!" Matthew stalked to where Guy was standing, but he got detained by Marcus, who wanted to tell his stories of when he was just a recruit in the Pheraen army. Matthew saw Guy laughing at him again and tried to evade Marcus, but the elderly Paladin was just too strong and held Matthew down. Glaring at Guy, Matthew slowly slipped into a stupor as Marcus droned on and on about his exploits.

However, for Guy, he soon grew bored with the party again. Since most of the party-goers weren't here yet, he didn't have anything to do. Fiora and Eliwood were hugging each other in a corner and Hector and Farina were talking about their costumes. Erk was thanking Florina again for making his costume and Priscilla was trying to convince Raven to go dancing with her. Luckily for Guy, another person entered that captured all of his attention. Actually, the costume that she was wearing captured everyone's attention, especially the guys.

The moment Erk spotted the newcomer, he quickly turned and examined something in the curtains. Since he didn't want to feel disloyal to Florina, who had sewn his costume, he didn't want to spare another glance at the newcomer. As for Eliwood, he couldn't help staring and received a whack on the head by Fiora because of it. As he turned to apologize, he saw Hector also having trouble keeping his gaze on Farina. But Hector had more resilience, so he managed not to stare at the newcomer for that long.

As for Matthew, his eyes nearly went as wide as saucerplates when he saw what kind of costume the newcomer was wearing. So, roused out of his stupor, he spent the rest of Marcus's lecture staring at the newcomer. As for Marcus, well, he didn't notice a thing. Raven took a single glance and turned back to Priscilla, as if he experienced this thing every day in his life. As for Guy, his gaze kept getting pulled back to the newcomer, and his heart started to beat faster when he found out the newcomer was walking towards him.

Now, to finally solve the mystery of the newcomer. It was Lady Lyndis, dressed in her costume of Xena, Warrior Princess. No other explanation is needed, I think. Anyway, after the excitement of her entering the grand hall had vanished, everyone went back to what they were doing before. She sat down next to Guy, looking extremely nervous.

"Um…Guy? Do you think this costume is…a little too revealing? I'm just so nervous…We've never done anything like this on the plains." Lyn placed her hands on her lap and turned to Guy, who immediately flushed red.

"Ah…Um…Well…You see…It's…" Guy kept on stammering while his eyes kept roving downwards. He quickly brought them up to her face but they kept drifting downwards. Finally, he just looked at the floor, his face still a bright red. Lyn started to giggle at him and smiled.

"It's okay, Guy. I know my costume…is a little weird. And I know you can't help it. Come over here. Tell me about your costume." Guy's face brightened and he sat down next to Lyn, where he started to explain all he knew about Samurai Jack and about his costume.

Next to arrive was Serra, dressed as Starfire from Teen Titans. She had dyed her hair orange-red and put in green contacts. She also put her hair down and changed her outfit as well. She immediately ran to Erk and began to hug him.

"Hiya Erky! You're so cute! Who made your costume?"

"Uh…Florina did." Erk pointed to Florina, who was behind him. Serra immediately released her hold on Erk and began glaring at Florina. Florina started to get nervous under that stare and hid behind Erk, who was busy trying to ward off Serra. Serra continued to glare at Florina, even thought she was behind Erk. Maybe Serra could see through people, which is why she was able to keep a firm glare on Florina, without even seeing her.

"…and now here I am, the leader of the Pheraen knights, and retainer to the great Lord Eliwood!" Marcus finally finished his speech, but saw that Matthew had fallen asleep. Carrying Matthew by his cloak, he shook him awake.

"Zzz…Don't hurt me! Hey! Wha-? What's going on?" Matthew looked around dazedly and suddenly realized he was getting carried to the front gate again. Struggling against Marcus, he let out shouts of help. "Don't throw me out again! I promise to be good! Don't send me out there!"

"Nothing doing, young man! You need to learn to listen to your elder's stories!" With that, Marcus tossed Matthew outside, where he was immediately set upon by the hordes of screaming girls again. Letting out a huge scream of terror, Matthew promptly fled towards the castle, only to be detained by the castle guard again.

"Is the whole world against me?!" Matthew set up a wail while the guard started to glomp him again.

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