Meeting My Twin

By: Thought

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Summary: Tracy Vetter always thought that one only met their long lost twin in the movies.

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It was, when she thought back on it after the fact, one of the most surreal moments of her life. Admittedly, not as bad as some of the things she had encountered, vampires being the most noteworthy, however it was still unsettling in the extreme. After all, reflected Detective Tracy Vetter, people only met long lost twins in the movies.

It had been a warm June night, with the slightest hint of rain in the air. The streets were surprisingly quiet, and she had been expecting, née, hoping, for a nice quiet night at work. Of course, life being what it is, namely a complete and utter disappointment, she hadn't been inside the doors of the Precinct more than a minute when Nick appeared, and told her they had a case.

It was a rather brutal murder, though not the worste the two had ever tackled in their year of partnership. The four men had had their throats slit, and their bodies were flung about in disarray over the pavement, blood pooling around their lifeless forms. The streetlights cast a sickly puddle of gold on the scene, and the metallic stench of blood permeated the already foul smelling air of downtown Toronto's factory district. The obligatory red tape was in place to keep the curious citizen from accidentally disturbing the evidence, yet there were two people who seemed determined to get in.

Tracy didn't pay much attention to them, and after about ten minutes, the dark haired woman and the brown haired man left. After another twenty minutes of questioning the few witnesses, none f which were particularly helpful, she and Nick were about ready to head out. They were just exchanging some final words with Nat, when the voice of another medical examiner, one which Tracy knew well, floated to here ears.

"Wow, Trace, like the new look. This your new partner? What happened to that Knight guy? Did he finally snap?"

Tracy knew Neal Williams quite well, and had no idea how he could have mistaken someone else for her. She turned, ready to call out to her friend, and ran straight into herself. Or, to be more precise, a woman who could very easily be her twin. Just shorten the hair, take away the black leather and the jaded look in the eyes, and there you had an exact duplicate of Tracy Vetter.

"Hey, Boss, didn't realize you had a twin!" came a voice from off to her right. She turned marginally to see a young man with spiky blonde hair, staring at them with a huge grin.

"I'm just going to pretend I didn't ever meet you," the other woman decided. She backed away from the bemused detective, and surveyed the bodies.

"Well," she said, shrugging, "Not much here to see. I guess we just tell Tyr and Rommie to clean up their messes, in the future."

The man nodded, looking mildly sick. "Can we go, then?" he asked.

The woman nodded, brushing back her hair. They made their way to the edge of the scene, when the woman suddenly turned back

Looking directly at Tracy, she said, "Lose the pink." And then they were gone.