Harry Potter and the Fallen Alchemist: Year 6 at Hogwarts

In FMA, the story takes place right after Ed defeats Greed (Episode 34). Let's just pretend Winry isn't with them, they are called back to Central City, and Ed has no further leads to the Philosopher's Stone at the moment. SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING!! This fanfic may reveal implied information from up to episode 51 of the anime. I try not to state anything right out, but… there are just some things you just can't leave out. Keep in mind, I said implied not explicit.

For the Harry Potter part of the story, there are no spoilers if you've read all 5 books. How can there be spoilers! (If anyone has info about the real 6th book of Harry Potter, feel free to e-mail me). I do have to warn Harry Potter fans though. I love FMA much more than HP so there is a possibility that Harry might not act as cool and heroic as usual because Ed's the star of the fic. That's kind of why I put this fic in the FMA section.

And now, my first fanfic (I will try to update as soon as I can, but I am in college taking a full load of classes):

Two figures enter the main hall of a medieval church buried deep underground. One, a young woman, and the other, a man. The man had been a farmer a few days ago. One morning he was abducted by a tall beautiful woman in black and a stupid looking man with a fat belly. The tall woman could extend her fingers to sharp blades of any length and the farmer had been overpowered in a second. Starved for days, he was forcibly dragged out of his dungeon cell and brought to the feet of the young woman before him.

He couldn't understand it but the tall woman called Lust and the fat man called Gluttony obeyed the young feeble-looking woman without question. He could beat that woman if he wanted (Like his wife back at the farm). But something about that woman seemed dangerous to him. It was her eyes. Her uncaring eyes clouded with malice and some deep hidden power. He shouldn't mess with her.

The young woman walked forward to a strange looking circle drawn on the floor of the ancient church. She then brought forth jars containing many different substances and recited as she emptied the contents of the jars onto the middle of the great array:

"'35 liters of water… 25 kilograms of carbon… 4 liters of ammonia… 1.5 kilograms of lime… 800 grams of phosphorous… 250 grams of salt… 100 grams of saltpeter…. 80 grams of sulfur… 7.5 grams of fluorine… 5 grams of iron… 3 grams of silicon… and 15 other elements….' These are the components of a normal human body. But you will not be human. You will serve a different purpose, my purpose."

From her dress, she then produced a big velvet pouch. She loosened the string of the pouch to reveal a human skull. She then cried out, "To tie the ingredients to the one I want to resurrect, I present his skull," and placed the skull in the middle of the circle.

The man was becoming more and more frightened by the second. What was this woman doing? A circle? Jars? A HUMAN SKULL? Is she a witch?

The woman then stepped back, clapped her hands, and the room immediately filled with a great wind and light.

"I call upon the power of the gate. For toll, I present this farmer before me. A heart? Leg? Or Brain? Take whatever you will. Only bring me the one I desire."

The man was then screaming: "NOOOOOOO!!! Take me back! I know I was bad, but I do not deserve this! I DO NOT DESERVE THIS!!!...." Then there was silence.

The wind stopped and the chamber darkened. The man was choking as blood trickled down his lip then collected in a pool under his head. He was dying for his heart had been taken. His eyes then widened with shock as he beheld the creature the woman created.

In the middle of the alchemic array was a monster more despicable then any that yet walked the planet. The young woman then came forward to give the creature the red stone.

"You are now the new Greed. I brought you here for what you have done in your former life. Go to the foreign country of Scotland to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I believe there is one there who is able to create the philosopher's stone. Bring me the stone and I'll make you human."