(Here's another fanfic. Thanks to Sailor Evanescence (a.k.a. Bryan), and capm for reviewing chapter 3 in my "Who will Win it?" story. This one is a reference to the game show "Lingo" with host Chuck Woolery and his judge Stacy.)

(A/n: The letters in blue means that the letter is out of place, the ones left alone – in black means that it is correct, and the ones that are red means the letter is not in the word. The x's in the boards mean that the number has either been marked off or been pulled out.)

Stacy: This is "Lingo." And now, your host, Chuck Woolery.

Chuck: (walks out with Stacy next to him.) Hello everybody and welcome to a special teen episode of "Lingo." We have two teams today playing for $5,000 and a fabulous Harrah's vacation package. And Stacy is going to introduce our players.

Stacy: Thank you, Chuck. On our yellow team, we have a cute couple who like to spend a lot of quality time together.

Hello, I'm Mathew and I'm a junior at Beverly High School. (A/n: I really go to Kailua High School in the real world, but in this thing, I'm at Beverly High.)

Sam: I'm Sam and I'm also a junior at Beverly High.

Stacy: And on our red team we have 2 best friends who go to the mall together.

Clover: Hi, I'm Clover and I'm a junior at Beverly High.

Alex: I'm Alex and I'm also a junior at Beverly High.

Chuck: Okay, welcome to the game and here's how we play Lingo: the team in control gets up to five chances to guess a mystery word, and our board will indicate if that letter is in the puzzle. A correct answer is worth 25 points, but if at any time you give us a word that doesn't fit, isn't a real word, or you take too long, our judge Stacy will let you know and control passes to the next team and they get a chance at that mystery word. When the word is correct, you will get to draw 2 lingo balls in order to complete your Lingo card. All you have to do is get create a line of 5 across, up and down, or diagonally. Each Lingo is worth 50 points and a free letter during Bonus Lingo. That's basically how you play the game and Mathew and Sam won the toss backstage so we're gonna give them their Lingo board. Do it, Stacy.

Stacy: Of course, Chuck. Here we go. And we remove ten numbers.

Board: 10 21 33 49 60

X 19 X X 66

4 X 31 44 X

6 16 X X 70

X X X 52 59

Chuck: Now for Clover and Alex.

Stacy: Once again, and we remove 10 numbers.

Board: 13 23 34 43 65

X 19 X 57 X

X X 30 60 72

5 X X X 69

2 24 X X 73

Chuck: Okay, Mathew and Sam, here is your first puzzle. It's an S.

Puzzle: S

Split, s-p-l-i-t.

Puzzle: Spi.

Chuck: P and I fall in, L out of place.

Spoil, s-p-o-i-l.

Puzzle: Spoil.

Chuck: Wow! Way to go, Mathew. I would never have thought of spoil. Anyway, reach in and get your 2 lingo balls.

(I reach my hand in and pull out a ball.)


Board: 10 21 33 49 60

X 19 X X 66

4 X X 44 X

6 16 X X 70

X X X 52 59

Stacy: 33 will give you a Lingo.

(Sam reaches her hand in for a ball and pulls it out.)

Sam: (looks at the ball) 16.

Board: 10 21 33 49 60

X 19 X X 66

4 X X 44 X

6 X X X 70

X X X 52 59

Chuck: Okay, score is 25-0. Mathew and Sam are still in control, and Stacy is gonna give you your next puzzle.

Stacy: Okay. We have a T.

Puzzle: T

Torso -- t-o-r-s-o.

Chuck: Torso? Is that a word? (turns to Stacy.)

Stacy: Torso is the trunk of the human body.

Puzzle: Torso.

Chuck: And that's the mystery word?! Mathew, you come up with the strangest words, but they happen to be the correct one. How do you do it?

I don't know I just feel that imaginary smack in the face that tells me to try the word.

Chuck: That's amazing. Reach in and get your next 2 Lingo balls.

(I reach in to pull out a ball.)

Stacy: 33 or 60 will give you a Lingo.

(I pull out my hand and look at the ball.) 70.

Board: 10 21 33 49 60

X 19 X X 66

4 X X 44 X

6 X X X X

X X X 52 59

(Sam reaches in for a ball.)

Stacy: 33, 60, or 6 for a Lingo.

Sam: (pulls out her hand and takes a look at the ball.) Oooh, 60.

Chuck: That's it! There's your Lingo.

Board: 10 21 33 49 X

X 19 X X 66

4 X X 44 X

6 X X X X

X X X 52 59

Chuck: Score is now 75-nothing. We're gonna take a break before we go on with round 1. We'll be back.

(The show goes to commercial.)

(That's it. Will Sam and I be in the lead going into round 2? Will Clover and Alex stage a comeback? Leave about 2 reviews or so in the chapter and I'll try to update as soon as I can. By the way, "Lingo" is another one of my favorite game shows. Good- bye for now, and please review, which means, NO FLAMES PLEASE.)