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4:09 p.m. -- Sam's house

(The girls and I are sitting on Sam's couch in front of her TV with the money spread on the floor in front of us.)

Clover: So, how did you lovebirds do?

Sam: We won the $5,000, but on the first pull, Mathew let me pull first, I reached in, we needed a 17 to get that vacation package, and I pulled out an 18 instead.

Alex: Oh man! That sure is painful, Sammy.

Sam: I know, Alex. But the good thing was that we got 11 balls before the pulling. So that's $1100.

Clover: When did you get the win?

On the 6th pull. We pulled out a 53 for the win.

Clover: Although you 2 did get the win, that sure is painful, Sam.

Sam: I know, Clover. I thought about splitting the money between the four of us.

Alex: How much do we get?

If I'm not mistaken, I think we each get $625 each.

Sam: You know what, I think Mathew's right.

(The four of us take to the floor to split the money amongst us.)

Alex: Thanks you 2.

No problem, Alex.

Sam: That's just to show how all 4 of us need to have an equal share if some of us win a lot of money.

(The girls and I join in a group hug.)

Clover: Come on guys. Let's see what's on TV.

Sam: Just what I was gonna say, Clover. Let's go.

Alex: Sounds good.

Perfect idea.

Sam: Shall I make us some popcorn?

Sounds great, Sammy.

(Sam goes into her kitchen and prepares some popcorn.)

Clover: Hey, Sam. Nothing good is on.

I know what we can watch.

(I switch the channel to OLN to find a show called "MX Hour" from Ft. Worth, TX on.) A/n: "MX Hour" is a 1 hour long show on the Outdoor Life Network every weekend at 10 p.m. where I live. It is either Arenacross or Freestyle Motocross. It is actually off-road motorcycle racing in which the tracks are at least 30 seconds long.

Sam: (comes back holding a huge bowl of popcorn in her hands) What is this show?

"MX Hour" on OLN. It's another one of my personal favorite shows.

Sam: Maybe I'll watch it and see how I like it.

Thanks for giving my shows a chance, Sam.

Sam: No problem, Mathew.

(We enjoy our popcorn while watching another one of my personal favorite shows.)


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